10 Best Beaches in Ecuador

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Ayangue Beach

Ayangue is found in the Province of Esmeraldas in Ecuador. This beach is a great example of southern Ecuador and its beaches. The secluded waters are ideal for snorkeling while the nearby town of Tena has all kinds of shops, services and restaurants for all price ranges.

In addition to the gorgeous water, the beach is host to a variety of wildlife, including deer, herons, eagles and other fascinating creatures that live in the dense forest that surrounds the beach.

If you want to have a more private beach, this is no problem. Follow the path that leads you around the cliff just off to the side of the water and up into the lush, green canopy of trees. The walk up will be short and sweet.

This wonderful beach is located in the city of Esmeraldas and is great for a weekend activity or for a day trip while traveling in the province of Esmeraldas.


Tonsupa lies at the Ecuadorean coast, specifically in Guayaquil, which is the most important city of the country.

You can choose to go the beach just to have a relaxing day or take a trip, as Ton supa is more than the waves of the sea and the pretty sands.

This beach has Canyoning, an adventure sport that allows you to climb and descend the rocks by a river of water full of tumbles and jumps.

It is not just the adventure sport and the beach that offers you to have a perfect day, but it also offers you a huge choice for restaurants and bars where you can love a delicious dish of Ecuadorian cuisine or a cold beverage or a cigar.

If you are a fisherman, this is the beach for you.

Tonsupa has a wide variety of fish, that are definitely worth enjoying.

If you go to this beach, you will not just enjoy its adventure sports, you will also visit a spectacular scenery with the sunset.

The Pudgy penguins are part of this beach too.

Watch them playing and enjoy the wildlife of this point.

Canoa Beach

Canoa is an ecological beach that faces the Ecuadorian coastline. Its beauty is comparable to that of a place in Europe with bright blue water and white sand. The beach faces the Pacific Ocean and allows sun bathing between March and October.

You will find cupped, heart-shaped basins of black sand between the white sand, which is over 100 years old and well taken care of. This is the only place where you can find a hotel and a restaurant nearby.

The area is very protected by a barrier island where two floating islands make this beach one of the picturesque places of Ecuador. Our favorite activity at this beach is swimming in the ocean and having a picnic under a thatched roof while watching the sunset.

Canoa is the biggest beach in the area and one of the most beautiful in Ecuador. The beach was named after the nearby river.

The road to the beach is very narrow and hilly but the isolated part of the beach is great for snorkeling, particularly at the mouth of the river.

This beach is a 10-minute drive from Lomas de San Benito and 30 minutes from Quito.

For more information, check out Canoa Beach Ecuador.

Olon Beach

Olon Beach is located in one of the most beautiful places in Ecuador, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It is a great place for snorkeling and jungle excursions, as well as sunbathing and surfing. It's located at the end of Ecuador and is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It has some nice hotels, restaurants, shopping and great nightlife.

The best place to rent a boat is right on the town's beach.

Playa Puerto Lopez


Montanita is a small beach town of 15,000 year-round residents. It's a historic fishing village on the northern coast of Ecuador where you can relax and enjoy the ocean activities. Montanita has a beautiful scenery, it is composed of white sand beaches, rocky coast and calm turquoise water. When visiting Montanita, you can dive, surf, fish and enjoy the colorful fish you'll see in the shallow waters.

Surfing in Montanita is one of the best activities to do in Ecuador. There are two main surfing beaches, Playa La Gloria and Playa Montanita.


Tena is an unspoiled place made up of high, dry mountains that overlook a cloud forest and the Andean plains. This combination of forests and swamps makes for a beautiful landscape that will make you forget your worries, as well as the altitude.

The high altitude combined with the humidity and the rain, makes swimming a different experience here. Being that it is also a protected reserve, it is also a great place for bird-watching.

This is one of the best beaches in Ecuador, and it is one of the number one destinations for ecotourism. The number one reason is because it’s located in the north.

Being more exposed to the sun during the summer months, it’s a perfect place for sun-bathing and swimming.

This small beach also has a very macho feeling to it, which is exactly what you want on vacation. It’s the kind of place that allows you to get away and just forget about everything else.

The sun and the sea seem to wash away the worries and stress from the day, and it is one of those sights that reminds you that there’s still life in the universe, even in the depths of the Andes.

Tortuga Bay Beach


Tortuga Bay is a beautiful beach located on the mainland right on the Caribbean Sea. From the beach, it is easily possible to walk the mangrove lagoons if you decide to explore the surroundings. It is only two kilometers to the entrance of the Gulf of Morano, which will reward you with the finest snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities in the country.

Tortuga Bay is situated on the northern side of Manta, the second largest city in Ecuador. It is located an hour drive from the airport and naturally suitable for jet-setters on vacation.

It is known as a place for sunbathing and snorkeling. Tortuga Bay provides the best natural cover from strong winds, making it perfect for families of all ages.

Punta Carabe, as the area is referred to, offers beachgoers an unforgettable place to relax and unwind. There are four hotels in the area, which offer great diving and snorkeling experiences.

Playa de San Lorenzo

This beach is located in 14 – 56 km (8.83 – 34 miles) from Guayaquil. The city is easy to access from this in a few hours. The temperature on this beach is around 27 degrees. There are services available like bathrooms, frozen drinks and a food court.

This beach is ideal for swimming. The sea has a calm sea. The hotel is located close to the beach and many people come here for different types of water sports. A friendly staff is available to help you have a good time.

Protected Area

This seaside is one of the few marine protected areas in Ecuador, where people are allowed to surf and bathe. It is free to visit and get acquainted with whales, dolphins and sea lions. A large boardwalk protects the marine area. The national park is located between Quebrada ’Arenas Negras to the south, and the Caribbean Sea to the north. You can easily find a board that you want, and enjoy life in these places.

Infrastructure at Playa San Lorenzo

The beach is well equipped with all kinds of facilities like bathrooms, natural lighting, showers, health, lifeguards and everything that exists in the hotel and restaurant.

Los Frailes Beach