10 Best Beaches in Honduras

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Sambo Creek

Sambo Creek is a beach located within the Mosquito Lagoon. It is surrounded by coral reefs and on clear days offers a great view of Roatan, Honduras. This beach has a shallow lagoon that is great for swimming and snorkeling and is the perfect place to relax, get away from the city, and let nature have its way with you.

Because this beach resides within the Mosquito Lagoon, it is highly susceptible to rise in pollution and low water levels. Sambo Creek has been known to experience low water levels during the rainy season. During these times of low water levels, Sambo Creek has been known to become inaccessible, although small patches will occasionally remain. If you are lucky enough to encounter Sambo Creek when it is low, the depth is enough for wading, although this is not recommended. Also, swimming is highly discouraged as the water is too murky.

This beach is a fantastic place to enjoy some peace and quiet and spend time with family and friends. If you are looking to pay Sambo Creek a visit, the best approach is to situate yourself on the beach early in the morning before the crowds have already gathered. Also, make sure to bring plenty of water.


Conveniently located about two hours north of Tegucigalpa, or three hours south of San Pedro Sula, you could easily drive this area’s beaches if you wanted to.

Boat rides can also be had if you’re up for a bit of sport. Omoa is the base for several dolphin tours, though, like other areas, the beaches in Omoa offer the opportunity for a different type of sea experience.


Omoa’s name comes from the Olmec civilization, a pre-Spanish tribe that lived in the area.

The area mixes its history with its modern day surroundings. Hanging signs along the beach highlight the area’s archaeological past.

Another good way to connect the past to the present is via the local fishing industry. The fishermen catch the seafood that are sold on the stalls and restaurants around the beach.

Around the Beach

Aside from tourism, Omoa’s economy relies on agriculture.

The road through and around town is lined with tropical fruit trees and fields that produce sugar cane.



Tela Bay is located in Tela, Honduras. This is one of the best beaches in Honduras because its has a micro-climate that is ideal for having nice weather all around the year.

Moreover, it is one of the most accessible beaches of the country due to the fact that it is located in the middle of the city. This makes it suitable for tourists who want to visit it while they explore the town.

Moreover, Tela Bay has plenty of activities where you can spend some time. No matter if you don’t like the beach or you like to have a rest, you can get entertained in many ways.

Bonito Bay:

Bonito Bay is very close to the coast and it is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It offers a handful of tourist attractions that will definitely attract any tourist in Honduras.

Through its archeological benefits, one can find evidences of the influences of the ante-classic, classic, colonial and post-colonial eras. Moreover, the access roads to the beach are well maintained and one can also find some seaside hotels.

Bahia de Honduras:

Bahia de Honduras is located in the Bay Islands, so it is one of best beaches in Honduras. In addition to being such a picturesque place, it is also interesting because it offers a wide range of tourist activities.

Guanaja Beaches

Guanaja is the safest haven for those seeking to experience unspoiled beaches and a true sense of the Caribbean. From beaches to mangroves, to hiking trails and caves, Guanaja is a place of natural beauty. The Caribbean coast of Honduras is a recommended getaway vacation spot for those seeking to escape civilization and enjoy the beach in peace and quiet.

The Caribbean Coast of Honduras is part of Central America and features an impressive 370 kilometers (224 miles) of sand. Guanaja’s best beaches are met with turquoise waters and an easy access to monuments and caves that are rich in history.

Seven of the ten best beaches in Guanaja are known for their natural beauty and the other three are known for their steeper natural rock formations. Guanaja’s natural beauty is a perfect combination of tranquil views and good waves. Local culture provides you with excellent options for dining and relaxing. The main islands of Guanaja and Roatan are separated by 20 kilometers (12 miles) of ocean.

Playa Santa Fe, Guanaja

Playa Santa Fe is the number one beach in Guanaja and features golden sand and crystal blue water. One of the best features of Playa Santa Fe is that no roadways are required to get to the beach. The beach is accessible to the public with the annual party that takes place during Christmas and New Years.

Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos & Ikkil are both some of the most sought after and least visited beaches in Honduras – the fact that they…are not on the Caribbean coast is probably the cause.

Cayos Cochinos, or “Cocky” Islands, are located near the town of Cayo Norte, in the Bay Islands region of Honduras.

You can get to them via a flight from La Ceiba or with a 16-hour boat ride from San Pedro Sula. Once there, you’ll want to stay at the best hotels in the area – usually run by the locals. The most famous is Ikel Beach Resort.

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Ikel, as it’s commonly called, is a collection of full-time hand-built chalets, some of the best in Honduras.

It’s located on Ikkil beach and features rooms that are all one to three rooms each. Most have their own kitchens, while some share a kitchen with others.

The food here is also the best…that’s if you like fish, that is. They’ll even bring you a few pounds of it in the morning on your way to the beach!

Mahogany Bay, Roatan

Island – Roatan, Bay Islands.

An exclusive beach and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Mahogany Bay has a spectacular clean water that makes snorkeling and diving easy and enjoyable. Believed to have been a hiding place for pirates back in the day, it still has that kind of feel, but is now a tourist attraction and is much safer than it was when pirates were around. The beach, while not having a large expanse of sand, is still usually crowded with beachgoers looking to enjoy the beach, play in the crystal clear water, and grab a drink from some of the beach bars located along the beach. The bay offers beautiful views of the nearby island Mayaguana and the underwater ruins off the coast of the bay.

Trujillo Beaches

(Uluburun, Hicacos y Manati)

There isn’t a lot of surfing, but this is the best spot to go if you want to have a lazy beach day with good food, water, and cool people. If you go in the late afternoon, you might get some snorkeling as well.

Normal life here has been disrupted by the poor condition of the beaches, and it can be fun to watch people’s reactions to the dirtiness of the sand. You might end up walking up and down the same stretch of beach several times before finding a clean section.

Though the waves are small and walkable, the waves are good for surfing if you come later in the day. This is a popular spot for local tourists, and you’re likely to find a roving band of people trying to draw you in.

Be careful to avoid the group of people sitting around a dank fire that bleeds through the water, the beachcombers selling jewelry and paintings, and especially any local employees who will try to get you to buy their local dish using guilt-inducing tactics.


About an hour’s drive from the Honduran capital of Tegus, Chachahuate is considered one of the nicest beaches in Honduras for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Chachahuate is a small community about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Tegus, on the Caribbean-side of Honduras. Chachahuate is located on the very southern part of Honduras and is considered one of the best beaches in the country.

The name Chachahuate is derived from a few people who used to live in a little huts near the beach called Chacha. Some say the word ․chachahuate‥ means ․indigo‥ as the water is the most indigo color you will find on a beach along the Honduran coast.

Those who have been to Chachahuate say that the beach below looks like a large pink bow. The water is a beautiful blue color at a depth of about 10 feet, with an indigo color 20 feet under the surface. This beach is also known for having the cleanest and safest water in Honduras.

Water Cay, Utila

West Bay Beach, Roatan