10 Best Beaches in Italy

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Isola Bella, Sicily

Isola Bella is a peninsula on the Mediterranean that stretches for a few kilometers. This is home to the most beautiful sand beaches in Sicily. The best for swimming are the ones to the south of the peninsula. They are formed by three large rocks that are connected by sandy swells. Here you can swim freely and enjoy the sea.

There is a kiosk just for changing and you can find a snack in there too. It’s always open so don’t be alarmed when you see someone there alone. Usually this is the owner going on a cigarette break.

There is a free parking lot that is close to the sea. If you want to make the trip, it’s an easy one by motorbike. If you ride your motorbike to the peninsula in the evening, you’ll have it all to yourself.

Camogli Beach, Liguria


This scenic beach with its postcard-perfect views and moored fishing boats makes a good destination to have a picnic or to take a stroll around the tiny village. If you are looking for some more adrenaline, you can play mini-golf or test your mettle on a jet skiing course.

The beach is about 1km long, so take your time to do a little walking around and take in the breathtaking views of the sea. If you are here during the dry season, you can see the landscape become hard as the water recedes. The rainy season is the best time to enjoy this beach, which is why it seems as though everyone in Italy, including the local residents, flock to Camogli Beach in the spring.

One of the best things about this beach is that it is only accessible by boat. This means that you can feel free to spend a day or two relaxing like a local, without having to worry about getting there or finding a place to stay. Additionally, you can enjoy some traditional Italian food, try to win prizes at the local beachside bar and maybe even meet a pretty Italian girl or two.

Travel Tip: Only reach this beach via boat. There are no cars allowed on the premises.

Cavoli Beach, Elba

Located on the isle of Elba, Cavoli beach is great for strolling, playing volleyball and swimming in the cove that the beach occupies.

Cruising the serene waters of the Mediterranean to the sandy shores of Elba is a solo or breath-taking experience. Its idyllic Mediterranean beauty inspires visitors to go for a spa and masseuse packages to reboot and restore the mind-blowing experience.

The island capital town of Portoferraio welcomes visitors with its baroque and neoclassical architecture as well as open-air concerts at Piazza Duomo.

It is then that Elba Island and the entire Italian coast is visited by tourists, both locals and foreigners. In fact, Elba is one of the few Italian islands that is delves into the waters of the sea. The island consists of a length of 8 miles and a width of 5 miles. The mountains that surround the island is also a source of fascination.

Elba Island may not be a designated UNESCO world heritage site, but it is a world of a fascinating natural beauty. It is the ideal place for honeymoons and romantic getaways without the hustle and bustle of large cities.

Cala Rossa, Favignana, Sicily

Italian beach status symbols go by a few different criteria depending on who you’re talking to. Some will tell you if the beach has a sandy beach. Some will say if it’s privatestyle. But one criteria that’s often used, and not just in Italy, is that a beach should have a good sunset.

Sicily happens to have a lot of beaches that fit that description because of the amount of time that the sun is above the horizon here. You might not want to swim in the water because of a stray jellyfish, but if you can brave the rays, you will end up with an amazing view at sunset.

Marasusa Beach, Tropea, Calabria

Marasusa Beach is nestled in the National Park of Pollino, in the epicenter of the small town of Tropea. A small, 2-kilometer-long stretch of white sand is the perfect destination for travelers who enjoy italian summer sun, ocean views and the most tranquil beach in Italy, all under just 30 kilometers from Naples. There are no streetlights here. A few hundred meters offshore, though, the area is crowded by tourists, who come to visit the remains of ancient city-states along the coast. The beach I come to isn't technically a private beach, but I always agree to pay an entry fee to enter any beach I visit in Italy.

The best time to visit Marasusa Beach is at the end of October through the first week of November, the height of the tourist season in the region. The water is calm from late spring through at least September, when the waters are warmest. These are the months to come. Wear a bathing suit and bring a towel.

Just steps from the beach, you'll find a few beach restaurants. You can also rent a sun umbrella and chairs on the beach if you plan to stay awhile.

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia

Italy: At just under 9 miles away, this was easy to reach by boat, or, if you have your own private boat, then probably easy by car as well.

This beach of black volcanic sand also gets good waves and is great for surfing. There are a few different spots to park as well, with parking permitting and a cafe and bar nearby.

If you're coming from the mainland, it might be a little challenging to get here. Also, it does get crowded this time of year, which means that you might want to go on a weekday. However, with the abundance of things to do here, you'll probably enjoy yourself no matter when you arrive.

Tip: If you bring your own boat, don't forget to take the water out of the engine reservoir. With the salt water, you'd be surprised the damage the water can do, and this is especially important if you live in an area classified as saline.

Exploring all the beaches of Sardinia in order to find your favorite beach is one way to have a great destination vacation. If you'd

Like to try this, you can take a private yacht to Sardinia or even to the Mediterranean. There are many companies offering

These services across the globe. You can also camp out on any of the beaches of Europe or Italy for a simpler vacation.

Spiaggia del Fornillo, Positano


Positano is one of the most famous Italian beaches. This is why the locals and tourists flock to the tiny the village in the summer months. That includes Jay Leno, who loves this little stretch of sand so much that he owns a house there!

A popular attraction is the Blue Grotto, also known as the Cave of the Friars. This is a well-known cave that’s open for tours and is featured on Google’s Street View. The legend tells how the local religious order spent so much time exploring the cave that they lost their way and only found their way out on Positano’s beaches.

In addition to the Blue Grotto, this beach is a very popular hangout for visitors. There are many restaurants and bars surrounding the beach, so it’s very easy to enjoy a drink of cold water while watching the sunset.

The beach is actually made up of three bays; Capo D’Argento, Capo Milano, and Cape Spartivento. See this map:

Take a look at TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants in Positano and make your own decision on which ones to visit:

La Pelosa, Stintino

Cala Granara, Spargi

Church and monastery perched high on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where the road runs by the beach, and a footpath runs further along the narrow coastal path. Far below you see the sea crashing against rock pools and the ruins of an ancient Genoese stronghold. There is nothing for miles except narrow-leaved plants and the coast and the Mediterranean Sea stretching away into the horizon.

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa, Sicily

Spiaggia dei Conigli is best visited as part of a package that includes one of the nearby Isole Egadi islands. The beaches that make up Medusa and Favignana are claimed the second and third best beaches in Italy.

The town of Porto Lavino is the best place to stay. The local restaurant La Bella Luna (The Beautiful Moon) is among the most famous in Sicily.

The rocky beach is interrupted by small coves that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Unfortunately, the beaches are dominated by foreigners from Europe and the USA. The presence of tourists reduces the privacy that you may feel in other areas.

Also, due to the fact that there are many accommodations, there is a potential for misunderstandings related to smoking on the beach.

In addition, the shallow waters can make it difficult to adapt to the island’s currents.