25 Best Caribbean Beaches

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Palm Beach

Orient Beach


Orient Beach is located in the safest and most beautiful area of Jamaica. Located in the Parish of Portland, the beach is only a few minutes from Cruz Bay.

St. Ann’s Bay is a perfect lagoon that is framed by the mountains and has a clear view of the blue Atlantic Ocean. With beautiful white sand that's very fine and soft, you get the feeling of being on a family-oriented beach.

The town of Orient Beach was originally inhabited by the Carib Indians.

Located in Jamaica, the local residential areas of the town of Careening Bay, Seaview, and Spring Hill are located in the parish of Portland. This paradise of the Caribbean coast has a wonderful history of a long and prosperous Diasporan life for many years.

There are many beautiful spots to visit in the town of Orient Beach including the marine turtle nesting beach, and a beautiful swimming spot where you can cool off in the shallow of the Caribbean Sea.

There are lots of activities to enjoy including diving and fishing, but don’t forget to see the nature around you.

When you visit Orient Beach, you can choose a site next to a tree for sun bathing, or go into the clear water and snorkeling on the coral reef.

This destination is definitely well worth a visit.

Punta Cana

Dominican Republic".

If you are looking for pure relaxation, then head to the Punta Cana region of the Dominican Republic. You can book your stay at a vacation rental and enjoy some wonderful beaches and a lot of quality time.

The Marriott Punta Cana Resort sits in the middle of this and is the most renowned of the luxury hotels in the area. A few other well-known properties worth mentioning here are the Rosewood Grand Mariner and Renaissance Papagayo Beach Resort.

The beaches are really popular, so be prepared to get a bit of a crowd. You can take some time out at one of the nearby parks and enjoy the view while you are there.

Horseshoe Bay

British Virgin Islands
Sitting along the infamous Road Town Bay, Horseshoe Bay offers a bit of beachside relaxation for those looking for a bit of respite from island life.

Located on the northeastern coast of Tortola, Horseshoe Bay is perhaps most famous for its fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water.

This beach is absolutely perfect for families. With the protection of the island’s reef system, the calm waters make it an ideal swimming spot for beginners. The southern end of the beach boasts an array of amenities, including the scenic Dunn’s River Falls. Hotels and resorts line the bay’s northern end and a wide path leads to a small pool for parents to sit while their children play in deeper waters.

Those looking for something beyond a calm, serene beach experience may want to consider heading to Stingray City, located just a short distance from the beach. This unique cultural attraction allows visitors to swim with the world’s largest (and occasionally rare) species of oceanic rays. Each pool has its own unique brand of rays that interact with and rise above the surface in different ways.

Although Stingray City boasts a great experience for visitors, the best part is that you don’t have to get wet to enjoy it.

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is Playa del Carmen beach resort area located in the Municipality of Solidaridad of the State of Quintana Roo in the Caribbean Sea. The beach is divided between what is known as Playa Paraiso Norte and Playa Paraiso Sur, with the northern portion having a consistent whitish sand and where the beaches are usually less crowded. The southern portion is more pristine in nature, with a large offshore reef to the north, and it is often much less crowded due to this fact. Check pricing and availability

Due to the environmental protection area to the south side of the reef, it is not recommended for visitors to swim there. However, snorkeling is possible in the area, with the exception of the western shore where the reef is becoming more lush and overgrown. It is important to note that the northern portion of the beach, Paraiso Norte, is a little more protected, with clear waters. Check pricing and availability

The beach resort area has numerous facilities for visitors, including restaurants, bars, water sport rental and a large shopping area. The area is also known for its wide array of shopping possibilities, with several shops catering to international tastes.

Reduit Beach


This is one of my favorite beaches. You can lie in the sand and watch the ocean and the sky. Located in the island of Mustique, just off the coast of Grenada, Reduit beach is one of the calmest and very beautiful beaches.

You can hear the ocean waves crashing on the pebble beach. This beach is not appropriate for swimming because of a notorious undertow, but it is perfect for snorkeling and lounging.

Mustique is basically the sybaritic playground of the Caribbean elite, the island is surrounded by 28 miles of white sand beaches, while most of the island is inaccessible by road, a reason for the rich and famous to escape the busy cities.

This is about the only beach on the island that is not a private area for the rich and that is why you can come here for a day on the beach.

Sainte Anne Beach

Saint Anne Parish (Dominica).

Bordered by an imposing volcanic mountain, it is no surprise that St. Anne is the country’s baroque jewel box. Queenie’s Beach is less than 1km to the north of the town, combining both the best of the beach and the village. It has beautiful white sand and clear waters ideal for swimming.

Pigeon Point Beach, British Virgin Islands

Known for its great diving, the British Virgin Islands are also surprisingly idyllic. At Pigeon Point, golden sand dunes are visited by the island’s magnificent frigate birds, which are renowned for their intricate mating dances.

Scorpion Pond Bay Beach, Dominica

Scorpion Pond is the most popular beach on the island of Dominica. Scorpions laze in the sun along this sliver of beach while the waves lap at its edges.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Baths is a gorgeous bay on the northern end of Virgin Gorda on the British Virgin Islands. The boat dock is overflowing with sport fishers and the lazy days of yore.

Ponta do Sol, Santiago Island, Cape Verde

Seven Mile Beach

Shoal Bay

Palm Island

Grace Bay

Virgin Gorda.

While the beaches on Virgin Gorda are all gorgeous, I have rated this one as one of the best because the water around this beach is the most beautiful turquoise blue I have ever seen.

There are rock formations all along this beach, which make for some interesting pictures, but also provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling.

The beach is also protected by the island’s only coral barrier, called Haulover Reef. The reef is home to a variety of beautiful fish, both small and large. Don’t forget to feed the fish!

The bottom of this beach is made up of white, very fine sand, making it a great beach to explore on foot. It’s a big, wide beach and offers excellent protection from the wind.

This beach is only a short boat ride from the port town of Prospect Town on the western part of the island.

Make sure to check out the view of the island from the top of the cliff on the eastern side of the beach, which is one of the best hikes on the island.

Amenities: Restaurant, cafe, gift shop, hotel, water sports, good snorkeling

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Beach, Belize.

The only official beach in Placencia can be found on the west end of town. It’s one of the few beaches that’s not a manmade resort, so you are truly getting the feel of a true Caribbean beach experience. You can expect that Placencia Beach is pretty busy, but it’s still an amazing place to explore for a day.

A beautiful hard-packed sand beach that’s great for wading. There are some caves near shore that make for fun exploration. A number of caves have been mapped out and all are partially explored, but it’s always a new adventure to discover something new.

For a more natural experience, you should check out the sea turtles that pass by the west end of the beach before heading out to the sea.

Half Moon Bay Beach


Located on the beautiful island of Nevis in the Caribbean, Half Moon Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find in the world.

This beach is a favorite of honeymooners, couples and anyone in search of a tropical vacation can find a private retreat at this beach.

Don’t expect to get your feet wet, though, as you will find yourself waist deep in warm, crystal clear, sparkling water.

Photo by:Megan_Meik

Pink Beach

4 min. by boat from Nassau, Pink Beach is one of two beaches that make up the pink sands stretch. Shades of pink fill the foreshore of this beach that you could easily mistake it for a picture. Careful though. The coral reefs are well off shore and water currents could easily drag you in.

Pink Beach has been running for almost 70 years and has been awarded as the 2nd best beach in the world by the Watch List of International Tourism researches.

It’s a national park, but don’t just expect to find a national park. It’s one of the busiest and most beautiful beaches in Nassau. It’s a family activity, and around back are the Turtle Preservation Society’s enclosures. They are the only place where visitors can see green turtles in the wild.

Then there is the community pool where visitors can swim with the locals and a waterfall that constantly flows into the ocean.

The snorkelling and diving activities are not that great. But if you’re looking for an easy to get to beach with a few activities, then this beach is for you.

Los Roques

Located off the coast of Venezuela, these stunning remote beaches are considered amongst the most beautiful in the Caribbean, and are often referred to as the islands of the dawn.​


Varadero Beach is located in a bay between Cabañas Beach and Covadonga Beach in the beautiful city of Varadero, Cuba. Varadero is considered a popular place for beach hopping, so it’s conveniently located very near Cabañas and Covadonga.

The best day to visit Varadero is during the summer, from February until October. In the winter Varadero is quite cold. Luckily, there are always entrances to the warm Caribbean waters nearby, so when it’s cold here in Varadero, you can just enjoy some warm waters.

Varadero was the main destination for a vacation to Cuba. Even today, it remains a popular place for vacation. In Varadero there are many shops, bars, restaurants, and even a casino.

There is a small beach at the end of a pedestrian shopping street. This is called Cabana Beach. This is a very nice little beach with clear water and white sand.

One of the most interesting places in Varadero is a natural lagoon called Playa Solano. This is a beautiful beach with impressive rock formations and clear blue water. There is a small fortress at the entrance of the lagoon that offers some nice views over the coast.

Flamenco Beach

Dominican Republic.

The only stretch of beach on the island, Flamenco Beach is surrounded by both thick, lush vegetation and neighboring white-sands beaches, making it a haven for surfers and sunbathers alike. The beach is near one of the island's best resorts, so it can get crowded; Friday through Sunday nights it's closed off to non-guests.

White Bay

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is an oasis of calm tucked between luxury resorts and the hustle of downtown Kingston. The best place to check out Crane Beach is the stretch of virgin white sand which appears about 60 steps down the gentle hill near the Benque Viejo location of Crane Beach Resort and Spa.

The beauty of the beach is that it is rarely over populated …and at this beach, it’s even rarer to see people brave the rocky coastline. The beach is sheltered by the land, as it takes a sharp left out of the resort before widening into a sandy crescent.

Crane Beach features an electrifying sunset and is a great place to check out when you’re craving an alternative to the other beaches that often outnumber this secluded piece of paradise.

Les Salines

Floral Garden surrounded by warm and luminous sunbathed sand surrounded by soft waters of the Caribbean Sea, the unique atmosphere of this resort will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the middle of the perfect harmony of the coast.

Cost: Price varies depending on the season

Inter-Continental Resort and Spa – Barbados

The Inter-Continental Resort and Spa Barbados is the epitome of a stunning luxury oceanfront hotel resort in the Caribbean.

On the inter-continental resort, from a private terrace, you can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which together form the spectacular scenery in the island of Barbados.

Cost: Price varies depending on the season

Serenity Bay – Saint Martin

You are here for a fabulous and unique life experience. Just a 20 minutes… drive to the west of the islands popliteas Sea, the massive mangroves that form the coastal fringe of the beach remind you that you are in the Caribbean.

Cost: Price varies depending on the season

The Ritz – Barbados

Grand Anse

Beach, Soufriere (St. Vincent)

Located on the southwestern coast of St. Vincent and part of the “Soufriere Hills,” they’re stretching from the northeast tip of St. Vincent, to Martinique. This crater in the earth is a top 5 for beaches in the world. The water is a gorgeous turquoise color. When the sun sets in St. Vincent, the sand takes on a contrast of orange. Once you’ve seen this beach, you’ll understand why so many people have come to St. Vincent just to visit it. The turquoise color of the water is rare. In fact, it’s so rare that it’s referred to as cobalt blue. It’s an experienced divers’ dream. It looks like a postcard sitting there in the Caribbean. The cliff that is the backdrop is stunning with its deep green vegetation that changes colors with the sea and lighting. There are two travel companies that take visitors to St. Vincent to see the Great Soufriere Hills and Grand Anse Beach. Those two companies are Air Grenada and JetBlue.

Pink Sand Beach

The Baths

Of Cayo Iguana, Jamaica – There is a section within the Caribbean region nearly as stunning as Bali, but slightly different. With the rolling hills, pristine beaches, and turquoise water, one may expect this small section of land to stand out, and do just that.

The island has inspired many artists in the past, including Bob Marley, and writers, giving its people an exotic flare. Cayo Iguana is not just a place for charmers, however. Scientists also study the small section of land to better understand our planet.

Flamingo Reef Bahamas

With narrow bays and islands, Flamingo Reef provides a small section of beach surrounded by water, making it a perfect getaway. The turquoise water provides a new perspective on our Caribbean nature.

Grand Cayman Jamaica

Grand Cayman is located on the Caribbean Sea; thus the clear turquoise water can be seen in the distance. The beaches are secluded and calm. Large fins revolve around the coral reef in the National Park on the island.

Paradise Island Bahamas

Paradise Island is a small island in the Bahamas on the Caribbean Sea. The turquoise water attracts many visitors, making it a great place for a quick getaway.

Lighthouse beach Cayman Isles

Englishman's Bay


The beach at Englishman's Bay is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from it all. Located in the sheltered southern coast, this small white-sand beach is idyllic.

This private beach is truly isolated, creating a setting that is personal and peaceful.

Englishman's Bay is not only a beach for relaxation; it’s the perfect place to learn to surf. Beginners can get lessons from the many local surf schools, while other short-term visitors can visit the nearby Pipeline Surf School.

Visitors have the option of staying in a long-term guesthouse hotel, or in a room at one of the many B&Bs in the area. Almost every place to stay on the beach offers a website with detailed information about the accommodations.

Englishman’s Bay is a mere 30 minutes away from Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. This makes it an excellent destination for any type of holiday.

There are four areas that are considered to be two-tiers of accommodation. These include the Maison d’Hote (also known as The House of a Hundred Rooms), the Comfort Lodge, the Pavilion, and the Ithuse Hotel. All of the accommodations offer verandas with hammocks, as well as a spacious lounge area where visitors can relax and soak up the sun.

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay beach in Jamaica can be a great beach to go to if you are a beach lover. It is found in the North Coast of Jamaica. It is covered in a beautiful black sand beach. It is actually also a rockier beach than the rest of the coast. It has a black sand beach that is dotted with horseshoe shaped white sand beaches.

It has a few natural formations, including a deep crater that is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are some coral heads that are small enough to see from the shore, so playing in the water is the perfect way to complete a Sunday afternoon in Jamaica.

If you want to get a glimpse of the underwater world, there are also boats available around the coast that allow you to snorkel and dive in the clear water.

Though this beach is great for all ages, it is mainly good for adults. This is because of the difficulty of snorkeling and the shallow coastline. There is a caretaker who takes care of the land, but there isn’t much information about snorkeling and diving, so you should make sure you’re a strong swimmer before tackling the water. Recreational activities are available for all ages.