16 Best Cities to Visit in Canada

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Map of cities in Canada

{1}. Lethbridge 28,869
{2}. Saskatoon 176,632
{3}. Sudbury 189,984
{4}. Regina 229,721
{5}. Red Deer 301,444
{6}. Saskatoon 807,532
{7}. Edmonton 453,024
{8}. Winnipeg 308,044
{9}. Halifax 55,331

Middle of Canada

Montreal 621,665.

{1}. Vancouver 2,070
{2}. London 284,033
{3}. Regina 113,487
{4}. Victoria 340,937
{5}. Guelph 120,880

Far East, Northern Canada.

Thunder Bay 99,811.

Calgary 515,215



Like many other large cities in Canada, the Yukon capital is surprisingly underpopulated. This is largely because they offer something that the larger metropolises can’t offer: wilderness.

Whitehorse is built at the -mark that marks the beginning of the Yukon Territory. Nestled in the center of the territory is the capital, a city with long winters, glorious summers, and open terrain.

Beyond the breathtaking scenery, Whitehorse offers a variety of activities.

You can go mountain biking, learn to fly fish, or go for a stroll through museums. The Yukon Cultural Centre is the perfect place to learn about their cultural heritage and it’s also an ideal venue for events such as concerts and exhibitions.

Whitehorse offers something for everyone. For a place in the wilderness, you can even get your hands on a llama.

Whitehorse is one of the best cities to visit in Canada because of its astounding and eclectic range of activities and diversions. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway far from the hustle and bustle of most major cities, Whitehorse is the place for you.




Regina is a beautiful city located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is Saskatchewan's second largest city, with a population of 190,428 people. Regina is referred to as "the Hub" for Central and Southern Saskatchewan.


Regina is a beautiful city located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan on the south bank of the South Saskatchewan River. In 1883 the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed connecting the Canadian Prairies to the American Midwest and it quickly developed into a major distribution, banking, and retail centre. In 1888 the Hudson’s Bay Company relocated from their post at Fort Edmonton (present-day Alberta) to the South Saskatchewan River bank. The site was chosen because of the natural ford which occurred regularly at the site, crossing the river on foot or horseback was convenient and the winters were much milder than the northern Saskatchewan region.


Today Regina is Canada’s second largest city in both population and economy and the major contributor of North American based production numbers for the music industry.

Regina currently holds the Canadian Beef Export record, the sale of an entire year’s worth of Canadian Beef to Japan. Regina’s largest employer is the packing plant and distribution facility located at Fort Meat.


Toronto has a knack for being one of the most exciting and popular places in the world to visit. Listed as one of the top 10 most diverse cities in the world, Toronto is a magnet for travellers from around the globe.

The city is also home to the world-famous Toronto International Film Festival, the largest film festival in the world after the Cannes Film Festival. The Toronto International Film Festival attracts more than 300,000 people each year during the festival.

Toronto is also a retail mecca with some of Canada’s largest shopping malls.

Canada’s largest city also has everything else one can desire in a great city. Visitors can swim in Lake Ontario, movie hop at the annual Toronto International Film Festival, ride the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), or even golf at one of many area courses.

For families, the Toronto Zoo is a definite must-see, while the Toronto Islands are a great place for kids to get in touch with nature.

A high-traffic area is Eglinton Avenue, especially in the vicinity of Yonge Street and Davisville Avenue. The City is working with the affected landowners to remove buildings and structures, without compromising the heritage of the area.


British Columbia.

A trip to Victoria, British Columbia will reward you with an abundance of things to see and things to do. The magnificent scenery along the west coast is spectacular, with breath-taking views and oceanfront parks that make for romantic getaway weekends.

Shopping is a pleasure, and Victoria is home to most of the major Canadian retailers, with several department stores and a downtown shopping mall.

Keep in mind that Victoria is a popular destination for Hollywood stars who love the scenery and are looking for a getaway.

During the summer months (March to November), the weather is ideal for all activities, with warm ocean waters and mild temperatures that range between 70 degrees F in the winter and 78 degrees F in the summer.

The city itself is colorful and lively, with fountains that keep the downtown area well populated with locals and tourists.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is home to an abundance of ways to spend your time in Canada. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens and neighboring museums, or are looking to enjoy a lively night out on the town, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy.


Known as “the City of Champions,” Calgary has grown into one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Alberta and Canada. Now the largest city in the province, Calgary is also the fifth largest in all of Canada. With that growth, Calgary has developed into one of Canada’s most vibrant and culturally diverse cities.

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this area is temperate by Canadian standards with temperatures traditionally being a little warmer than in other Canadian cities.

Visitors can enjoy the many awe-inspiring attractions, such as a national park filled with majestic mountain ranges, pristine valleys and an abundance of wildlife.

The city’s rich population of First Nations has put their marks on Calgary’s history. The city even has an annual Calgary Stampede, an event that follows the Calgary Stampede Rodeo and was inspired by the annual Calgary Stampede show in the city’s famed Stampede Park. Even if you’re not a Stampede fan, the annual stampede is one of the more unique annual events in the area.


As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is a relatively young city that’s known as one of the best places to visit in Canada, as well as an interesting city to live in. In addition to the many attractions in the city, there are many nearby attractions to visit such as Moraine Lake and the Sand Dunes as well.

The “Capital of Canada” is surrounded by over 40 kilometers of rivers and has a beautiful, modern city center. People love visiting Ottawa because of the free admission to attractions such as National Gallery and Canadian Museum of Civilization in addition to the museums of Natural History and War Museum. Another great attraction is going to a hockey game at the Canadian Tire Center at Lansdowne Park.

The Ottawa is also home to the best provincial parks in Canada, including Madawaska Refugee Settlement, Prince of Wales Island National Historic Site, and the Killbear Wilderness Management Area. The city has many festivals that you should visit such as the 4th of July Celebrations and Entertainment Day, the Nepean River Festival, Canada Day Celebrations, Oktoberfest, Mardis Gras, and many more.

Natures' Observatory, on the Ottawa River in Ottawa,.

That Allows Visitors to Look at Stars from a Rooftop




Saskatchewan 7.

Saskatoon is a city with a bit of blight. Old industrial buildings sit next to newer office buildings. Speculation, the "bad" part of development, is ever present in the skyline. On the bike trail, tall new buildings echo down the hills along a gentler slope of the city, while in town itself, there are tall and grand old buildings and households of significant size. The overall feeling of the city is unlike the rest of Canada, but has a similar flair of the American south.

St. John's

Newfoundland is a great city to visit because:

It is a beautiful city on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. A city in southern region of Canada, St. John's has a land area of 118 square kilometers and a population of 185,700. Situated at the mouth of the St. John's River, St. John's is a major tourist center. It is a great place to visit in Canada which has many historical sites to visit. One of the popular sites that one can visit is the historic Newfoundland Brewery.

The climate of St. John’s is characterized by mild temperatures with little humidity and receives an average annual precipitation of 1,100mm. Winters are mild all around the year, while summers are warm and humid. The average temperature of the coldest month in St. John's is -5 degrees Celsius while the hottest month is 22 degrees Celsius.

The people in St. John’s are very friendly. Life in St. John’s is easy going so, you get to spend the whole day at the tourist center without any restrictions.

The best time to visit St. John’s is in December so that you can enjoy a spectacular view of aurora borealis.

It’s a great place to visit in Canada.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Niagara Falls are a set of falls on the river Niagara, in the province of Ontario, Canada. They are located between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, approximately north of the Skyway bridge.

Niagara Falls is the largest waterfalls by volume, both in the United States and the world, while it is the largest single waterfall by volume on the North American continent and North America's largest waterfall by overall surface area.

The Horseshoe Falls are located on the Niagara River which flows northward down Niagara Falls, whereas the American Falls are on the Niagara River, which flows southward.

The river below Niagara Falls, by volume, is the fourth largest in the world if the contiguous United States are excluded; the waterfalls rank ninth largest in the world by water volume.

The largest above-water waterfall in Niagara Falls is the Bridal Veil Falls. At 279 feet (85 m) tall, it is slightly smaller than the Horseshoe Falls, but more picturesque.

In a cold climate, frost often hovers on the Niagara River just above the falls, making the plunge into the American part of the river dangerous for swimmers.

Prior to the existence of the current locks, the Niagara River was said to possess a whirlpool at the base of these falls, and before that, a deadly one.



ON, Canada.

Ontario hosts some of the greatest cities and towns in Canada. London is also a lovely place to visit and live in for many people. If you could live anywhere in Ontario, this is where you would want to live.

The beauty of this town is that you can easily get around despite the size. Fortunately, London is not a cold place at all.

Ambitious residents also enjoy outfitting their homes with copper roofing and beautiful floors made of reclaimed wood, which leaves a direct imprint on the overall look of the city.

This place is quite amazing, and there are a lot of things to do and see in the city. To be specific, there are several sports teams that play here, like the London Knights, London Lightning, and London Lightning.

People all over the city love to watch the hockey team play, which is a professional team that competes in the Ontario Hockey League. Of course, the city also hosts a great athletics program that brings you live entertainment. You can also enjoy great music and other performance art.

These many sports and performances are just the beginning of what makes Ontario city an interesting place to be in. During your travels here, you can also experience Amish country, For your further enjoyment, do not forget to visit Niagara Falls.



Restaurants: Hip and trendy, fit for all of the competition shows you’ve ever seen, that’s Winnipeg. The city boasts over 300 restaurants and is home to the country’s most prolific chefs.

Why spend your vacation watching from the sidelines when you can be in the game? Winnipeg offers some seriously delicious fare for all of the aficionados of cuisine, whether you’re fussy, price conscious or on a budget.

There’s no better place to sample each of the country’s flavors than in this all Canadian city. There are seven distinct ethnic groups, each contributing their own unique cuisine to the city’s dining scene.

The Capital of Culture Festival is the perfect place to see what all of the fuss is about. On the first weekend in September, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ hosts the festival that highlights the best of everything Winnipeg. The festivities include countless free events, like movies, yoga, and dance.

The city also takes advantage of an amazing climate to enjoy some of the country’s best patio dining. Toronto is perhaps the pioneer of this dining style, but it’s Winnipeg where you’ll get the cool breeze and even cooler alfresco dining experience.


Canada’s second largest city and it is so much fun. There is always something to do in Montreal.

You can enjoy historical attractions in the Old Town, check out the exhibits in the National Art Gallery of Canada, go shopping in Old Montreal, enjoy great food, or stroll through the picturesque promenades and bike lanes. Montrèal is a city where you can enjoy historic sites in the old city while having great food and shopping options, as well as take in the views from a bike path along the Saint Lawrence River. Be sure to see the Notre Dame Basilica and Mont Royal.

You’ll like the way you look in this city too. Be sure to take your time and enjoy many first-class hotels and many restaurants. You’ll find that almost every city in Canada is gorgeous, and Montrèal is no exception.

The exterior of the Olympic Stadium looks like a glassy blue bird with the green background of the St. Lawrence River. The best part is that you can see it from almost anywhere – you can watch this bird in the distance, flying past the beautiful city of Montreal.

Montreal is a place of walking streets, trendy cafés, people-watching, and good restaurants.

Quebec City

I am picky about food, so I hope you are too. Still, you need to try crepes. I am talking about the intense French Canadian kind like Montreal has and not those bagels you find in New York that can use a good slap in the face.

One of the best places in Quebec to get a hearty meal, a nice beer, and a savory crepe is La Banquise on metro de la Gare. Here you can get some of the best dishes that the French imagine in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The gargantuan plate of crepes that you instantly become jealous of the first time you try them will undoubtedly be the most delicious thing you eat at La Banquise. Do not be afraid; they are simply the biggest and baddest crepes you will ever taste.

La Banquise is a must eat. Even if you are afraid of crepes and only sip the lemonade, order the most expensive dish on the menu, cause you will never regret it.

But don’t stop there! You want to leave Montreal with memories of the best crepes ever. Stay and enjoy the hockey game, an exhibition by the WHA (the world’s first ice hockey league, from the 70s), and have a drink from the extensive beer menu, which includes the best craft beers in the province.


For a city that’s relatively new and has a small population of about 2 million people, it seems like Vancouver has captured the world’s attention.

Although the prime reason for tourists coming to Vancouver is the city’s ski resort area, Vancouver has a lot more to offer than just that. First, the city is located in a beautiful location: on English Bay, a point on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The temperature in Vancouver is mild year-round, and at times is even cool enough for snow and rain in the winter. It’s also known for having a great food scene.

Its lighthouse is located on the Stanley Park Seawall, which stretches nearly a mile long and is the city’s namesake. It’s a great place to have a picnic or just enjoy the scenery.

Furthermore, Vancouver has excellent transportation. There are two main rapid transit systems, the SkyTrain and the bus. They both have several stops around the city.

Another great thing about Vancouver is its accessibility. It’s located less than a 4 hour drive from not just main cities in Canada, but here in the US as well.