12 Best Cities to Visit in Denmark

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Map of cities in Denmark

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Are you planning a vacation to Denmark?

We have selected 12 of the best cities to visit in Denmark, as well as a map of the 12 cities on google maps and a link on yandex maps.

We hope this information will help you with your decision.

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Herening is known as the little Copenhagen.

Herening’s location next to the water gives it natural calmness.

It also has a walkable urban center, making it ideal for a weekend getaway.

While in Herening, enjoy the many festivals that are held during the summer.

There are over 20 different festivals and the festivities range from jazz, theater, and literature to motorcycle freaks.

Another great option is the rare opportunity to explore the old German streets throughout Herening, which dates back to the early 17th century.

Finally, for art lovers, there is a museum that showcases the culture and history of the city through the eyes of the locals.



Many visitors come to help see the coastal city of Helsinge. Lies just 1 hour from central Copenhagen, with many attractions to see on the way. The area has a rich history with its large Scandinavian Royal Palace Helsingor Castle.

The palace stretches itself along the coast of the island of Sanne. The area was the royal par that has been surrounded by water for centuries.

You can enjoy the castle with the inland areas of the enjoyable city of Helsinge. Check out the Danish Vamlinge brewery for a n enjoyable local experience.

Secure bicycle parking are available for all to and from the city.

The area is just 11 kilometers from the Helsinge Motor Park. The sprawling park has biking and walking trails to entertain your year.

Shopping is available at the popular Copenhagen outlet area.

Incredible nature is close at hand with the Helsinge Botanical Gardens.

The city is a tourist draw in Denmark with many different cuisines available in variety of establishments in the area.


To do: Rent a bicycle or test drive a car


To do: Rent a bicycle or test drive a car

If you’re planning to walk around more places while on vacation, Sonderborg is the perfect cruise since it’s located only 1 1/2 hour from Copenhagen.

It has a lovely old town, where there are plenty of stores selling souvenirs, candy, and other unique items. You can also enjoy the charming architecture in detail, such as the 15th century medieval church St. Servatius.

For you to stay still for a while, you can go to the Vanemuine Museum, which features local art, are trophies and old equipment and tools from the area.

There are many bike trails available, and you can hire a bicycle for a discounted price. It’s ideal for renting a van and exploring the nearby national parks.


Esbjerg is a very charming Danish city and it is considered to be one of the most photogenic places in Denmark. The city is also well renowned for its historical architecture and wonderful city parks.

It is a particularly popular destination in the summer months with its beaches being a very popular area. There are many activities that can be enjoyed here as a couple such as a bike ride on the leisure paths that are located across the city.

In the Hanseatic Museum, you will find many old boats which are used by the Tourist Information for the city tours. The Danish Maritime Museum is another must see with a particular highlight being a ship which is at least 250 years old.

In the summer months, there are many feasts to be enjoyed at the numerous open air events. In the evenings you will be able to see the locals dining out in the various cafes and restaurants found in the area.

Similarly, the restaurants also do a fantastic array of dishes that is well worth trying. The seafood offered in the city is always very fresh and of the highest quality. There are popular fish markets in the area that offer a variety of local fish dishes.

A great city for both couples and families to visit, Esbjerg is an important part of Danish history. It can be an enjoyable and relaxing city but also vibrant and exciting.

Esbjerg has many top attractions that can be enjoyed.




Skagen also refers to the full, larger town, which lies on a small peninsula. It has made an international reputation for itself in recent years for its art galleries. Originally the town was a fishing town but after the 20th century it has turned into a popular tourist destination.

There are beautiful and fascinating art galleries and museums in the tiny town, but you can also spend time admiring the public art installations, which is an effective way of capturing people’s imagination. You can then meet up with children in the beautiful parks for an afternoon of running around and jumping in the fountains.


When thinking of the United Nations’ city, Copenhagen probably comes to mind. However, it’s worth noting that there is a town in Denmark that shares the same name. Frederiksberg is located in the northern parts of Copenhagen.

This city is a little different than the rest of Denmark and Copenhagen since it is considered a borough rather than a city. This means it has the same government structure. It is a part of the Copenhagen Municipality.

Frederiksberg is a wealthy municipality. This means that the houses and apartments are more expensive. Some parts of the municipality have also been home to many famous individuals. Some of these famous residents include actors and musicians. The Ville Marie part of Frederiksberg ‘ The Pedregal part of Frederiksburg

To walk around Frederiksberg is like taking a step back in time. Some of the main attractions of this city are the botanical garden, Frederiksberg Palace and the Queen’s Gardens.

If you are looking to enjoy Danish culture in its traditional form, you will enjoy visiting the royal grave field of Frederik VII and Marie Grub.


Primarily a student town, Aalborg is at the northern tip of the Jutland Peninsula. The city sits on the shore of Aalborger Fjord and can be accessed by the Aalborg “Crocodile,” a train that takes you across the bridge that connects the city to the island of Fyn.

Aalborg is most well known for its nightlife, with places like the Shipwreck, the Laemmle, Camelot, and the Royal Garden Inn all attracting travelers on the way to and from the county. The city is also home to a number of festivals and other major events throughout the year, making it an even more attractive destination to visit.

The site of the first ever demonstration for women’s right to vote in 1848, the city has a long history of progressive actions. The nearby city of Kolding can offer so many attractions for history buffs, such as a door-to-door museum of Greenlandic culture, the Statue of Hans Christian Andersen, and a number of medieval and Viking era remains.



Things to Do in Aarhus:

The Ark, Aarhus “ In a perfect world you would live in a city with a lot of open green space and activity. Aarhus is a great city to live in because it’s surrounded by green-space, and it’s a fun city to go to day or night.

The Ark is a world-class museum that mashes up all things European including art and culture. The Ark can be visited all year round, and it recently renovated the galleries inside, so expect a large array of art pieces that take you on a European journey.

Tivoli, Aarhus “ Tivoli is a large amusement park located in Aarhus. There are several different rides and attractions to entertain you for a good long time. Tivoli’s main attractions include the “Heart of Darkness” rollercoaster, a wooden slide with animals climbing on the side, a jungle and lots of carnival games. If you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping, Tivoli is definitely a great destination to visit.


Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark and its capital city. Danish and Scandinavian influence has made Copenhagen into a cultural and artistic hub. It’s one of the top destinations of Europe with many parks, museums, and galleries.

Topping the list is the Little Mermaid – one of the most awaited sites in the city, which serves as a reminder to those who are interested to visit this busy city.

There are many places of interest in Copenhagen. Whether you are looking to visit a museum or take a walk in the park, there are numerous places you can visit. These places are full of various craftwork that is usually done by the hands of the locals.

This makes the place more interesting and very different from other places around the world. It might sound a bit boring to visit these places if you are not familiar with Danish arts and crafts, but nonetheless, you can always make your own judgement.

If you want to go to the center of the city, you can take the street car. The street car allows you to visit all the historical places and the museums and also enjoy the view. There are many options to visit the city as it is very well connected. You can take a train or a bus to meet the destinations of the city.