9 Best Day Tours in Argentina

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Full Day Tour to Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu falls are a spectacular sight to see and are one of the top ten attractions in the country.

You will cross the border into Argentina flying to Iguazu from Brazil and you are able to see the falls from the Argentine side as well.

The Iguazu Falls are impressive from any angle, but what makes the view of the Iguazu Falls so interesting and so captivating is that this spectacular waterfall is surrounded by breathtaking waterfalls situated in the shape of a horseshoe.

The water from these falls cascades for about ten beautiful miles, as they crash into the termite hill at the bottom of the falls.

One of the best ways to experience the falls is aboard a wildlife boat tour.

The boat is full of other tourists and wildlife so you are guaranteed to catch the best view of the Falls.

So get out and start planning your time in this incredible paradise.

Day Trip from El Calafate to Perito Moreno Glacier

The first sight of the Perito Moreno Glacier is equally impressive. From the viewpoint of this mountain it is possible to appreciate the view of the glacier from The Porter.

Perito Moreno is the largest glacier in Patagonia and is one of the most visited destinations in the country. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come here, many of whom enjoy the magnificent view it offers.

The nearest railway is located in El Chaltén, where you can board a special train that will take you to Perito Moreno. Depending on the type of carriage you choose, the trip takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours.

To see the glacier you have to get off the bus and traverse approximately 2 kilometers on foot. The main touristic routes are divided into several zones, starting with Zone A. These days Zone A only includes the lake with a natural color and frozen formation called Lacada.

In Zone B, the sights are exceptional, such as the glacier, the entrance to the dark valley where the glacier rests, and the crevices split by glaciers. The colors of rocks are ineteresting. It must be noted that these crevices are created by the glaciers and are a rarely seen phenomenon the majority of the time.

Day Trip from El Calafate to Torres del Paine National Park

Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta is the place to be if you love to swim in the fresh water of the Parana Delta.

This area is home to many species of birds and animals. The best part is the fact that you can see all of this from a boat that will sail you by all the different spots.

You can even swim in the small islands and spot the colorful birds living there.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, try this one.

The tour begins at Tigre Delta, located approximately 4 hours south of Buenos Aires. The boat ride is great as you can enjoy the gorgeous nature without getting tired on the long journey.

Once you arrive, you will start with a tour of the wetlands. You will see all kinds of bird species that are right next to the boat. The guide will explain the food chain and other interesting facts. Go out on the small islands and spot the pink flamingoes.

Then, you will go on a walk in the wetlands with a local guide and see the plants and animals that inhabit it. You can go out on the boat and look for even more birds or swim right in the water.

Once you are tired, go back to Buenos Aires.

As this tour will not take you out into the ocean, it is great for people who are not, or cannot, swim.

Buenos Aires Sightseeing Tour

One of the best day tours in or around the city of Buenos Aires is the sightseeing around Buenos Aires tour. One of the stops on the tour is Casa Rosada, the Argentine government house. With a tour guide on your bedside, you will learn a lot about the country’s history. On the walk from the hotel to Casa Rosada, you get a chance to learn about the design of some of the beautiful buildings in the city.

Lake Argentina Tour

A good way of seeing some of the beautiful nature of Argentina is in Lake Argentina. One can see all kinds of birds and fish in the Lake. There is also a boat ride on a cruise to give you a complete picture of the beauty of the place.

Patio de Lorca

Patio de Lorca is a large square on the Powter River where you can have an amazing view of a museum, national monument and the Cathedral. To reach the square after disembarking in the morning, you can walk along the waterfront promenade on a walkway that leads to the square.

Patio de Los Arcos

Patio de los Arcos is a large square on the Powter River only steps away from Plaza de Mayo. The Patio is a wonderful place to rest and relax.

Day Trip from Bariloche to Cerro Tronador

There are many reasons why a visit to the Desolados National Park is an excellent choice. Not only is it home to the longest-running epic fight in the world, it is one of the most biologically diverse areas in southern South America, being home to the largest population of the critically endangered species of sea-lion known as the pied-billed grebe.

If nature’s your thing, then the Desolados National Park is a spectacular site. The park is protected by the forest fires which raged against it for more than five centuries and the park’s distinctive feature is the absence of trees in its coastal zone.

The park’s desert and sub-desert areas contain three separate vegetation types: grass, thorny shrubs and deciduous trees. There are also more than a hundred different species of plants in the park, all of which are native to southern South America.

Cerro Tronador has the dubious distinction of being the site of the longest-running, non-stop face-to-face confrontation in history. Nariokotome Boy and Turkana Boy fought to a stalemate of up to 30 years, until the older Turkana Boy died.

Day Trip from Buenos Aires to Estancia Santa Susana

The Route of the Emigration, the Padre Massa Trail and the Route of the Colonists are three important routes that led to la cuarta del sur, which is Argentina’s southern region.

They are all in the Entre Rios Province. Estancia Santa Susana is also in the province of Entre Rios.

You could spend a day (or an entire weekend) traveling along these routes and end up with a rewarding experience and a fantastic feast.

During the eighteenth century, Estancia Santa Susana was important for the supply of food to the country.

The Route of the Emigration was established by the avejones (immigrants) who were looking for new opportunities in their southern cousins’ country.

This route was made up of communal spaces that provided storage, lodging, railroad transportation and the ability to buy food in a central location.

At first, these immigrants were dependent on cattle, which they raised in the pastures; subsequently, they became agricultural producers.

Today, there are still a number of families that live in this region. As with the ones who stayed behind, many of them have ended up migrating to other countries, such as the United States, Australia, Venezuela, Germany, Italy and Japan. {

Day Tour from Ushuaia to Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego is world famous for its landscape of water, wind, fog, and snow…and the definitive national park for visitors to Ushuaia is no exception. Tierra del Fuego National Park is the largest south-facing national park in the world, spanning 700 miles of dramatic coastline¦a full 18% of the world’s southernmost maritime visitable park.

The old saying goes, if you can make it to Ushuaia, you can make it anywhere. In Peninsula Valdes, the Magellan Strait separates the big landmass of South America from the smaller land mass of Antarctica. The trip into the wind is a 24-hour adventure from Ushuaia to the end of the Strait of Magellan, with a stop along the way to explore Lago Argentina. Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the world’s most important wildlife areas, with an abundance of penguins, orcas, sea lions, sea birds, and whales. One of the most spectacular aspects of the park is the abundance of albatrosses (vulnerable and endangered species), which nest in the park and forage along the coastline.

Andes Day Trip from Mendoza

Perhaps the most well-known day trip from Mendoza is the Andes trek in the Purmamarca Valley. This valley is often called the “Valley of the Witches” and the entire area is the ultimate hiking destination for Mendoza. A trek to “Naranjo de Caballeros” takes about two to three hours and is a short easy hike. The main attraction is the Purmamarca waterfall, which is an impossible-to-miss sight on the trek in the area. The Purmamarca Valley is the perfect starting point for a two-day trek, which will include the renowned “9 Chimneys” trek through the Andes Desert and the “Parador” trek up to ”La Cumbre”.