10 Best Party Islands around the World

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Ios, in Greece, is famous for its party scene. On Ios, you can find beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and upbeat nightlife at any time of the year. What you may not know is that your best friend can be found on the island of Ios. One of the most popular animals on Ios is the dog. The dog population on Ios is high, and it can be found walking about the streets or beach. Locals dress their dogs up for photo opportunities. You have everything you need to party, but you’ll have a hard time finding something to do other than dance with one of your favorites.

Saint Lucia


Out of all the islands in the Caribbean, this one is at the heart of the party islands. Disco is a favorite sport on this beachside island. From beach parties to nightclubs to backyard BBQ parties with friends, you can get your party on here.

People come here for the music, the nightlife and the beach. In the winter time, you can search out the famous freshwater waterfall in the middle of the island. It’s popular with families during the day, but it’s a hotspot for nightlife as well.

Fast forward to the summer and you’ll see the island filled with relaxing hammocks, swaying palm trees and open topless activities. This island has huge resorts that are popular with extended families. Jecure is a game you can play on the beach that people are known to play for hours on end.

The little party islands are some of the best to party on.

Beachcomber Island


Florianopolis is a beautiful city in the state of Santa Catarina in the Southern Region of Brazil. This wonderful town has many stunning coastal views and beaches, which means it’s a popular spot for incredible holidays and celebrations. The city has a culture of art and is a great place for those who like to party.

You’ll find some incredibly exotic locations in this town, which will make your trip feel remarkably different than any other.

Florianopolis is well-known for its great weather and modern attractions, which makes the area a great choice for a holiday or a vacation. The city is a popular tourist destination because it has several attractions. These attractions are:

Bijagua Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florianopolis. One of the means to enjoy this beach is by canoe, and they’re very cheap to hire. This is the perfect beach to visit for a picnic or to do some water sports.



Barbados is a small country with a big personality. With all of the great islands in the Caribbean, it seems unlikely that one would stand out. However, the best parties on the planet all happen on Barbados!

Whether you like your parties on the beach, by water or on the hillside, Barbados has it all on the best islands for the biggest night of your life!

Best Party Island

The Island is defined by its blend of inclusivity, hospitality, and celebration. This gives birth to a culture that is often described as carefree and familial. The idyllic lifestyle results in a vibrant and often-celebratory culture.

The island is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the Slave Fortifications, Rose Inn, Bridgetown, Mount Gay Rum Distillery, and the Cul-de-Sac, which all showcase the impeccable architectural style for which they are now famous.

The island is home to numerous National Monuments that contribute to the environment and culture. For instance, the oldest city in the Western Hemisphere is the Barbados National Museum; the grave of Samuel Sharpe, considered the Father of Public Education in the Western Hemisphere, is located in the National Garvey Memorial; and the tomb of Farrell’s Bluff is a unique site for pilgrims who come to pay respect.




On the scenic island of Mykonos, you can dance in clubs with Greek bands and enjoy an endless flow of alcohol on the beaches.

Mykonos is not prepared to disappoint the party-going party-goers. From raging parties to private gigs, Mykonos has rave party all year long.

If you are the cool type, and happen to be a DJ, you can even “host” a party on the island itself. Speaking of DJs, Mykonos even boasts its own club, Twist, where you can party till the early morning hour.

On the other hand, you can dance the night away on some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Take a dip in the turquoise water and cool off with some sugary cocktails.

Bringing the party to Mykonos is not all that’s offered in the island; there are some top-notch “night-life” options for those who want to experience more of the island.

You can opt for a horse-drawn carriage tour, where you can experience the electric energy of the island at a slower pace.

Ko Phangan


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Many people are introduced to the world of partying in Ibiza after they graduate, but there is great entertainment available for all ages.

In 2007, the Spanish Government designated as a “Mediterranean Action Area,” making the Spanish island-nation a tourist destination accessible by all Europeans.

Sites for entertainment for the whole family include the Africa Dock in front of the nightclub Area32 and Club Goya, a five-star hotel and restaurant complex. There is also a pirate-themed amusement park and a water park on the island.

The adult entertainment industry in Ibiza is huge, providing three dozen strip clubs and 20 sex clubs. The largest and most popular is the Pacha nightclub, which is one of the top five clubs in the world and earned the No. 8 spot on the 2005 DJ Poll for top clubs in the world.

The nightclub draws people from all parts of the world and is a very important part of the island’s economy.

Ibiza is one of the five islands that make up the Balearic Islands, which make up the largest Spanish government-owned island chain.

The island is 15 miles off the coast of Spain and is well known for being a party island offering a loose set of rules for its visitors.