7 Best Places to Stay in Bocas del Toro

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Faro del Colibri

Bocas del Toro.

The Faro del Colibri is the highest hotel and second only to the Bull Frog Hotel located in Bocas Town. Unlike the Bull Frog, the Faro del Colibri does not have a view of the ocean, but the price tag is much lower and offers better views of the countryside.

Bocas Condos Rentals

Bocas del Toro features a wide expanse of white sand beaches, which then separate into small coves and bays. The country is short on space, so the people of Bocas del Toro are quick to build large homes on the water. The coves and bays remain relatively undeveloped, undisturbed by the onrush of hotels. The only thing Bocas del Toro lacks, in fact, are golf courses.

Bocas del Toro is known mostly as a destination for those on holiday. The large homestays are attractive to vacationers. Original homes with traditional kitchens are designed for everyone from two people to multiple families.

Those who prefer more creature comforts will find that Bocas del Toro has much in the way of resorts and hotels. There are many second-home owners in the area who have built hotels and resorts on their own properties. The lower priced properties, known as chalets, are perfect for a family with small children. Competitive suppliers in the USA and Latin America are well supplied.

Perhaps just as important as the infrastructure is the quality of the local water. Bocas del Toro is one of the few places on earth where, during the rainy season, the shallow rivers and streams turn into powerful waterfalls. With fresh water to play with all year round, there are almost no limitations in terms of the designs that oceanfront home designers can create.

Urraca Private Island

Are you looking to spend a week relaxing on an island…with a beach, hammock on the veranda, in your own private bungalow? Then Urraca should be on your list.

Out here, you won’t experience any crowds. A big part of the island is not even accessible by car, so there is very little impact from tourism.

The staff, including the chef, comes to your bungalow each day to cook your meals. They work a lot harder than they have to and it makes them happy to be your host.

There are 4 types of bungalows available, one of them is a Tree House, allowing you to get closer to nature.

After a good day of sunning, snorkeling, hiking and swimming, you can retreat to your picnic lunches and hammocks.

The rooms are spacious, with high ceilings, mosquito screens, one queen bed or two twin beds, a large mosquito net and a fan, fridge, sink, mini bar and bathroom.

The bungalow also includes a deck with a porch, ideal to enjoy the sun or talk to your server about the day’s adventure.

Hotel Palma Royale

Hotel Bocas del Toro

Hotel Bocas del Toro is located in the downtown area. It has a beautiful architectural design, with a wood finish, arches, and brick accents. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and have a nice layout. The hotel has different themed rooms, including bungalows and suites. It also has a lobby with a pool and playroom for the kids. There are also common areas for guests to meet and a restaurant on the ground floor. In the ocean front area of town, the hotel is an easy walk to the town square, Bocas Towncenter, and other shops.

Hotel Bocas del Toro is very popular with expats living in the area. It offers a variety of services, including English lessons and a gym. In addition to the on-site restaurant, there is an additional restaurant within walking distance. Guests can dine in style or enjoy a night out while the kids can play in the hotel’s playroom, splash in the pool, or simply relax in the hammocks.

The Hotel Bocas del Toro also has transportation around the island. It offers boat service to Bocas Towncenter, the nearest city, while also providing access to the airport and ferries. Guests can also request a ride to San Carlos or Coronado Islands.

Red Frog Beach Island Resort

Seeing the islands from this lush-green water might make you want to do more than just sit back and relax. The island of Bocas del Toro provides a nature lover’s paradise, with the only surviving population of red mangrove trees in the world. Enjoy fantastic diving or snorkeling with sharks, stingrays, and turtles from your own beachfront balcony.

The resort is right across from the island’s only fishing village, so you can go out and catch your own meal while you are staying at the resort.

Many resorts in Costa Rica include hiking excursions in their packages to nearby national parks. At Red Frog, you have the choice of white-water rafting on the Chirripo River, mountain biking, or hiking.

The gardens of the resort are completely self-sustaining. Start the day with a breakfast of fruits and exotic greens grown right on site.

Eat lunch outdoors and enjoy all of the fresh-cooked food from the chefs’ kitchen. Here is a resort that lets you eat like a local and enjoy fresh food without having to go into town.

3. Camino de Cruces Eco-Lodge

This Costa Rican dream is really a delightful getaway.

Tropical Suites Hotel

This hotel is right on the beach and is a little more upscale and luxury than some of the other cabanas and resorts. The food here was delicious and the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. The pool here is truly one of the nicest pools you’ve ever laid your eyes on and on a hot day, it’s therapeutic to just swim in the pool for hours on end.

The Mangrove Cabin:

The last time we visited the Tropical Suites, our girlfriend stayed in one of their cabanas. This is the Mangrove Cabin. The location here is a little far up from the beach, but it’s so worth it! This cabin is in a forest of mangroves and just a few steps away from the river that was a refreshing shade of green. It’s on the same property as the main hotel and the walk back isn’t long. This cabin is such a gem and the only reason it isn’t number one on this list is because the bathroom is shared. Sometimes this is a negative, but if the people in our cabin were nice, you could probably get by without using it too much.

The Garden Cabana: