8 Best Places to Stay in Lucerne

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Tourist Hotel Lucerne


{1}. Gateway Hotel Lucerne, Switzerland
{2}. Hotel Lucerne Lucerne, Switzerland

Radisson Blu Hotel Lucerne

The Radisson Blu Hotel Lucerne is located right in the heart of Lucerne at Muntplatz. You are within walking distance of the Schlossplatz and the train station.

Palace Luzern, Lucerne

Built in 1710, this hotel is possibly the city’s most beautiful, welcoming property. With grand columns and scaled ceilings over several wings, this former palace is one of the grandest hotels in Europe. It boasts a wonderful spa, small shops, cafes, and restaurants near the Kongressplatz and Lake Lucerne.

Hotel Waldstatterhof

Lucerne, Switzerland.

This charming hotel is set in a stunning location near Lake Lucerne. It features a restaurant and a public pool on its 600-acre grounds. The hotel’s exterior was constructed entirely from wood taken from an old church. The classic Swiss decor includes pastel colors and wood furnishings. Rooms include wet bars and connections to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

Hotel des Alpes

The Hotel des Alpes is a boutique hotel right under the Breitachspitze cable car in the center of Lucerne. It is right around the corner from the train station, so a lot of the sights and activities in Lucerne are within walking distance.

This is a great hotel for those who want to stay right on the beaten path in Lucerne. It is also as close to the Rhine Falls as any other hotel in the city.

The room that I stayed in was large and had an enormous balcony that faced the mountains. There was a large couch and a bed in addition to the balcony. The couch was a veritable sofa bed that could sleep four people.

So if you are looking to rent out the flat for a small group of people to stay in, this is a great option. It worked out very well for our group of four. The hotel also had a computer room with a lot of internet ports to plug in your laptop.

This is a great option for those who want to go skiing in the morning and be in Lucerne by the afternoon.

The rooms are also beautiful and very spacious, so you could also rent out the room if you wanted to be closer to the city center. You could also spend a lot of time on the balcony during the day watching the mountains pass by.

Hotel Cascada

Seehotel Hermitage

Hotel des Balances

Hotel des Balances, located right next to the Chapel Bridge in the Old City, is one of the most charming hotels in the city. Built in 1654, it belongs to the patrician Meyer family and still retains its central Swiss character.

The hotel has an extensive wine cellar and offers guests daily breakfast with homemade, Swiss specialities. After a long day of sight-seeing, rest in nature or in one of the cosy guest rooms. Bicycle up the hills or relax at the hotel’s spa at the wellness centre.

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