8 Best Places to Stay in Zermatt

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Hotel Jagerhof

(Zermatt, Switzerland)

The Hotel Jagerhof is centrally located in the village of Zermatt, a thirty-minute drive from the train station and a fifteen-minute walk to the center of the village. It is a non-smoking hotel that is family run and offers a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, beautiful wine cellar, and a lot of charm. They offer free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, parking, and a playground for the kids.

They offer a lot of value for your money at the Hotel Jagerhof. Read the reviews on TripAdvisor here.

Backstage Boutique SPA Hotel

There’s a lot to do in Zermatt for an adventurous vacation. Zermatt is the beautiful ski destination in Switzerland which attracts people from all over the world.

This city is great for skiers and trekkers alike that come to check out the majestic peaks. There are also plenty of activities that you can do in Zermatt. Other than skiing, you can try paragliding which is awesome.

However, if you don’t have time for these things, there are other things that you can do to spend your vacation and make the most of it.

It’s not always about the skiing or hiking, which is where Backstage Boutique Hotel can help. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Zermatt, then this is just for you. This hotel is a little bit out of the way but its proximity to the best restaurants in Zermatt make it the best choice.

This is the perfect venue for a romantic getaway, a small family business meeting or a fun time with friends.

The property is a perfect blend of individuality and luxury with no rooms looking exactly alike. This hotel and spa also houses two boutiques. The spa is one of the best ones in the Zermatt area, and you can even pre-arrange a special package lodging.

Residence Patricia

Hotel Perren Superior

Zermatt, Switzerland.

Hotel Perren provides 44 rooms with a design to suit every taste. The hotel offers modern rooms and suites for guests. It also offers four-and five-bedroom cottages for those looking for a little extra space.

What’s great about their spacious rooms is that they’re also ideal for spacious pets.

The hotel’s kennels are home to mixed breeds named Sparky and Missy. Sparky is a chocolate lab mix. Missy is a mixed breed of basenji, retriever and pitbull.

Sparky is friendly and enjoys being around people. Missy is a little skittish but enjoys time outside.

When you stay at Hotel Perren, you’ll enjoy a complimentary private kennel or a fully trained guard dog as a welcoming pet.

The Omnia, Zermatt

A quick 15-minute walk up the hill from the village will bring you to the third floor glass house that comprises this boutique hotel. The Omnia is one of the best places to stay in Zermatt, and you will have definitely made the right decision if you choose this hotel.

The convenient location (just a 5-minute walk from the village) ensures that you can take advantage of all the experiences the tourist town has to offer. Also, getting to and from the hotel requires a great deal of effort, and it is often worth it to walk in the fresh mountain air and take in the views of the surrounding valleys from the paths that connect to the valley towns, Zermatt, and Vallouise.

The rooms, needless to say, are some of the most comfortable that you will find in the entire region of the Swiss Alps. The Omnia is a place that is excellent for a romantic get-away, but you will definitely enjoy the chance to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, go on a hike, and meet locals, too.

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Hotel Bristol

A lovely resort hotel with a spa and numerous gourmet dining options. Located between the Silberhorn Mountain and the Matterhorn Mountain, the hotel offers stunning mountain views from each room.

The spa rooms come with a panoramic bay window and charming wooden furnishings. Guests can enjoy exclusive use of the gym and sauna and their own private spa area. This luxurious hotel provides guests with a great choice while on vacation in Zermatt.

The accommodations in this is in a prime location to explore the rest of Switzerland. Guests can enjoy their private rooms and enjoy the view while relaxing in th.

Alpen Resort Hotel