10 Best Places to Visit in Alabama

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Dauphin Island

This is a great place to get close to nature. And the best part is that there is no entrance fee and the area is always wide open for visitors.

While the island is a great spot for weekend getaways, the Sea Lab has always been open on weekdays.

This unique facility allows visitors to observe dolphins up-close and learn about research the scientists are conducting.

Check the website for the most up to date hours.

Tuscaloosa’s Railroad Park

Dates back to 1852, this little park is located in Tuscaloosa. Not only does it have a 90-foot water tower, but it also has rusty old train cars, a fountain, a grove of live oaks, and beautiful landscaping.

There are various walking paths and bike trails throughout this park.

This is also where you can find the Barbara Stocking Sculpture Garden. This garden also has an interactive fountain.

The Solari Theatre

This historic theater is located in downtown Tuscaloosa.

It opened in 1929 with refurbished seats, modern sound systems, and a screen that was just one-third the size of a normal theater.

The Solari Theatre is one of the best things about Tuscaloosa. The interior is not very large, but there are two levels.

Noccalula Falls Park

Birmingham, AL.

Located in the beautiful Shades Valley, Noccalula Falls Park presents an unparalleled, beautiful view of the area. But that’s not all. The park also features an excellent trail system that will take you to a beautiful waterfall and a campsite to stay overnight.

Noccalula Falls is an entirely man-made waterfall. Unfortunately, the waterfall is no longer present. And, perhaps, that’s for the better. The waterfall was created by the construction of pipes to move water from The Watson Reservoir which controls the flow of the Cahaba River.

The Watson and Cahaba Rivers both contribute to the Alabama River which flows into the Black Warrior River. The Cahaba River’s source is in Scotland County, creating a beautiful triangle of water. To complete the circle, Noccalula Falls is fed by the Alabama River and the Watson Reservoir.

Since the waterfall is no longer present, you can walk to the base of the eventual dam to find a beautiful, natural bridge over the Cahaba River. As you walk, take the opportunity to take pictures. No need to rush.


Zoo (Mobile, Alabama).

As the state’s oldest zoo, the Montgomery Zoo caters to thousands of school children and local families every year. The zoo has a variety of animals to keep each and every visitor entertained.

The zoo offers several main attractions for both young and old. The Monty Moose enthralls kids with a daily show full of dance, hugs, and trickery. And families love the zoo’s Conservation Carousel, designed with different habitats from throughout the United States.

The Montgomery Zoo is not only for adults and kids, however. It’s a wonderful spot to go after a long day of shopping since Bull City Burger is just a few steps away.

The Montgomery Zoo also hosts several smaller events, including the… Santa Zoo Escape in the Montgomery Zoo…offers hands-on educational events during the winter season.

Unfortunately, it does take quite a bit of planning and advance contact to get on the zoo’s waiting list for Santa’s daily appearance, but the effort is well worth it to the thousands of dedicated children that each year embark on their magic Christmas journey!

There’s no mall in Montgomery. The zoo is the closest thing to one.

Cheaha State Park


I’ll start with Mobile, Alabama, which is called the Venice of the South. It’s a place that you can get lost on or just stop and get something to eat. Mobile is the capital of Alabama and a port city, by the way. There are many waterways and more than three bridges crossing the Mobile River. On the east side of Mobile Bay, you have the Alabama and Dauphin Island Beach areas. The western side of the bay is a mecca for anglers while the city of Mt. Vernon is on the banks of the bay. In fact, everyone is willing to talk about living on Mobile Bay.

Mobile’s abundance of culture, art, history, cuisine, music, natural beauty, and outdoor activities is a mere sampling of what Mobile has to offer. From Mobile’s roots in 1800s Spanish occupation through the civil war, Mobile has offered diverse attractions that include multiple theaters, unique and diverse museums, vaudeville and variety shows, R&B and rock n’ roll, and of course, a lot of seafood restaurants. Take a stroll through historic downtown Mobile; on any one of its dusty streets you will find the old cities soothing presence.

Orange Beach

Located on the Gulf Coast in Baldwin County, Orange Beach is a quintessential Alabama beach town. Its name is synonymous with the phrase “Alabama as that which follows a beach…”. This is because Orange Beach is the southernmost Gulf of Mexico beach town in the state.

The town itself is of moderate size, with an estimated population of nearly 7,000 people. Even though it is a relatively small town, there is plenty to do and see in Orange Beach. The town itself has a few different centers. The most prominent in the area is the Civilian Corps of Volunteer Coastal Residents, a private company that specializes in patrolling the beach daily.

There are multiple activities in Orange Beach, including watersports, dozens of beachside outfits, and so much more. For those looking to truly enjoy their weekend activities, Orange Beach is the perfect destination.

The town is close to other beaches, as well. Baldwin County, on which Orange Beach is located, is home to Seaside, the nation’s largest active-adult beach community. This allows for plenty more beach options in Orange Beach.

A spacious and tranquil Mediterranean style resort. You simply must try the restaurant The Beach House. This includes beach front, 1 bedroom & 1 bath accommodations. Marine Golf Center is just steps from your front door.

Little River Canyon National Preserve

Little River Canyon National Preserve is a visitor destination and place of habitat for American treasures like scarlet tanagers and painted buntings. It is also home to endangered species like the gopher tortoise, a type of turtle. North of Tuscumbia, the park is a driving distance from Bullhook Tavern. The Little River Scenic Area, as it’s popularly known, is a hotspot for spring wildflower blooms. It is a pastoral serene park with well-preserved waterfalls. If you’re interested in flora, then you’ll enjoy its pretty blooming rock outcrops.


The Huntsville Botanical Garden offers an insight into a wide range of beautiful plants and colourful flowers. It also provides a unique opportunity for learning about gardening and horticulture, as well as the natural history of our area.

Workout with Your Dog at the 'Bird Chirp' Run

Any runner or walker, let alone an animal lover, will love the mission of Bird Chirp Run: to save birds. Every year, the Bird Chirp Run holds events to promote awareness about wildlife and the environment.

The Huntsville Botanical Garden in a beautiful, historic setting. Learn More

Big Spring Park

There is something magical about watching the spring flocks of warblers and other migrants fly over.

Monte Sano State Park

Just North of Huntsville, MD, Monte Sano State Park is a great place for mountain climbing, hiking and picnicking.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods National Monument, in Colorado Springs, features rock formations created from the erosion of the mountains by wind and water over long periods of time.

Athens Historic District

The Athens Historic District, in Athens, Alabama, is a sprawling collection of 80-plus historic buildings, including St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Gulf Shores


Many people dream of living on Gulf Shores. It is a beautiful place that is the perfect place for a beach vacation.

Gulf Shores is a great place for a beach vacation because it has a great reputation when it comes to things to do after a day at the beach. This is a great town for adventure, fun and relaxation.

Located in Baldwin County, Gulf Shores is a city that has made it to the top charts for being an incredible place to live in Alabama.

So, what does this city have to offer? Let’s find out.

For starters, there are tons of shops and restaurants to choose from. This allows you to tailor your vacation to what you want. Want to go on adventures? Go to the best golf course in Alabama, Tanglewood.

Want to relax? Dine at the French Market in Gulf Shores.

Want to watch the sunset on the beach if you’re not up for going out? You can go to one of the many restaurants in Gulf Shores that have patios overlooking the beach.

Once you have had and exhausted the many activities that Gulf Shores has to offer, you can relax after a long day at the beach. Everything you need is nearby. There are plenty of hotels just a few minutes away and tons of places for shopping and dining.


Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama with the 9th largest metropolitan area by population. In its early history, Birmingham was a hotbed of racial segregation. As more industrial processes moved to the city and with it a labor force, Birmingham eventually became a major center of the Civil Rights Movement. The city was also home to and the origin of several influential rock bands.

No visitor to Alabama should miss a visit to the Vulcan statue, symbol of the city’s accomplishments. On the square in front of the Alabama Theatre is the Alabama Monument featuring a seated President Thomas Jefferson and an allegorical figure, representing Jefferson’s recently acquired territory, being presented a torch by a Seminole Indian. The impressive cast-iron statue serves as a reminder of Jefferson’s connection to the state.

Located at 2418 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a monument to the civil rights struggle. There is also the Birmingham Progress Center, which serves as the home of numerous different art exhibits.

Visit the Alabama State Capitol Complex to see the state’s historical seat of power and also to visit the state’s historical artifacts. The capitol’s Tiffany-style dome is what makes the Birmingham skyline so uniquely beautiful.

The Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham.