10 Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

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The Kep beaches are designated as a protected Cambodian site. Kep has become a tourist attraction for its beaches, temples, hiking, and caves.

About 5 kilometers from the typical tourist attraction are the Kep temples located on the Son Island. These temples are separated into the Cham temple and Khmer temple. This site is also designated as a protected Cambodian site.

The Cham temple dates back to the 15th century and is noted for its detailed carvings. Some of the interesting carvings and scenes include a fight between two fighting crocodiles, a scene of a hunter spearing a deer, and a scene of a reclining Buddha.

Another interesting site nearby is a Cham tomb, which is conducive to small group tours. You could also hike Phnom Leb…s mountain at the Kep National Park. It’s a 15- to 20-minute uphill climb from the main road to the top.




Province   Kampot is the cultural heartland of Cambodia, with a strong Khmer heritage that comes with a distinct flavor.

This province is famous for its stunning national park, the Bokor Plateau where many vacationers go on cycling or hiking tours through its jungle.

The province’s capital Kampot is famous for its rustic local market that’s full of snacks and fruit and mushrooms grown in the surrounding forests.

Beautiful colonial-era houses can be found in Kampot town, the largest city in the province, and a popular destination especially for those interested in Khmer and Cambodian history.

One of the most interesting attractions is the many ancient temples dotted around the town, many of which remain in active use by the local community.

Access to the province is easy and the main town reaches from Phnom Penh, and it is just a short hop to the popular beaches of Sihanoukville for beachgoers who wish to escape the hustle of the capital.

The province is also of geopolitical importance because it is adjacent to the landlocked nation of Laos, and road links to that country open up the province to visitors who wish to explore that tranquil land.


Kratie is a small town about four hours south of Phnom Penh. It is a nice little town with lots of restaurants, a river, and some great photo opportunities. Phnom Nay and Say Fong are two beautiful white-sand beaches that are very relaxing.

Kratie is easily accessible from Phnom Penh on a slow boat to Siem Reap. Many guests stay overnight in Kratie and even visit Phnom Bok the next day.

Food A nice little place to have a bite to eat at is Boheman. The food is authentic Cambodian and really good.

Tours Another local place to explore is Sorya Mall, which is a pretty large shopping center with all sorts of things you can find. You may want to spend a day shopping with your guide and have a fun dinner afterward.

Attractions You can visit a little school to learn about Cambodian culture. There is also a tour you can take of some local coffee plantations.

Volunteer You can join an organization like Kids Off The Streets or Wat Satsi which house and feed orphans. You can volunteer at the orphanage as a tutor and play with the kids. This is a great way to give back to the community.


Sihanoukville was once a sleepy fishing village. It has grown a lot since then. Real estate prices are rising at a greater rate than other cities, and there are remains of development everywhere.

But there are still places that have remained reasonably untouched.

Sihanoukville has the most untouched beaches in Cambodia by far. And it’s one of the most popular destinations in the country as well.

The beaches are the best I’ve ever seen in Cambodia, with good swimming and relatively clear water. The sunsets are beautiful, appearing inkscape and the crescent moon hung in the night sky.

Because tour operators have a monopoly on the entrance to Angkor Wat, they can put tourists up for very cheap in Sihanoukville. The Khmer food and prices are also a steal compared to other sites, meaning that if you want a nice Cambodian vacation, Sihanoukville is probably your best bet.

On a budget, Sihanoukville is best known for its beach resorts and cheap inland travel via songthaews.

And it’s still worth it. It’s a great place to work out, eat well and meet like-minded people.

Siem Reap

Koh Ker

Most people would think that Cambodia was a one-time exotic experience, similar to going on a vacation in the Maldives or an island in the Bahamas. However, Cambodia’s ancient temples and historical sites are something that you will not be able to find just anywhere else.

The Khmer Empire is known as one of the greatest historical empires that ever existed on Earth, and one of the reasons why it was so great was because of the many temples, ruins, and monuments that it had.

There are many reasons why people are attracted to Cambodia’s historical attractions but when it comes down to it, many people go to Cambodia in order to find answers. People go there because they want to uncover cultural truths about the region and to experience how much Cambodia has withstood over time.

Amazing places like Cambodia’s ancient temple sites are a great way to understand more history, but if history isn’t enough to get you on a plane, then you can’t go wrong with Cambodia’s beaches as well, which are a triple threat of relaxation, sun, and fun with the sun.

The beaches in Cambodia are breathtaking and they run on for miles. They are not only impressive, but they are also really fun and easy to go to.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is a bustling city, where you find a lot of tourists from all over the world. It has numerous masterpieces of Khmer Architecture, for example Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Central Market, Royal Palace or Silver Pagoda.

In Phnom Penh you can also find a lot of different temples. For instance, Wat Phnom located in the northwest of the city. The temple is considered not only the holiest site in the city, but as well the largest.

Besides the temples, there is also a lot to see in the city like the Royal Palace of Cambodia, the National Museum, Wat Botum Gardens, Wat Pho or Wat Phnom Krom.

If you walk around the area of the National Museum, you will find a lot of goldsmith shops. Actually, all temples and pagodas of this city are full of gold, for example the Silver Pagoda or the Bai Horrey Mosque.

Wat Phnom Pagoda is situated in the northwest of the city. It’s one of the biggest pagodas of the city and can be easily discovered if you follow the road from the National Museum to the Central Market.

Tucked away among the damp trees is the Museum of Khmer Arts. This beautiful home is the first museum in Cambodia.


Angkor Wat is certainly a must see when heading to Cambodia. The temples at Angkor Wat were built between the years of 1113 and 1215, and today remains one of the most revered cultural centers of Cambodia.

It’s no surprise that this enormous temple complex is one of the largest religious monuments on earth. It’s a fascinating and moving experience walking through the courtyard’s ancient gates and walls in the long walk leading to the central complex.

When you enter the central temple, or the Bayon, you are instantly surrounded by thousands of incredibly detailed and well preserved sculptures. The Bayon, in particular, has many striking bas-reliefs depicting the stories of the Buddha’s life.

You will also find a block of ancient bricks in the center of the temple. They were once part of one of the later Angkor Wat temples, but now serve as a stark reminder of man’s ability to deconstruct and rebuild at the same location.

Angkor Wat is certainly a must see on your trip to Cambodia.

Map of Cambodia

Cambodia may be a small country, but it has so much to offer tourists that they could easily spend a lifetime here. It’s one of the best spots in Southeast Asia for outdoor activities as the landscape is lush with jungles and farmlands. Wildlife is plentiful and visiting here is a great experience for both travellers and tourists.

Cambodia is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia and shares borders with Thailand and Vietnam to the east, Laos and the People’s Republic of China to the north, and the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea to the west.

For those of us with a limited amount of time in Cambodia, the 10 best places in this country are varied and offer a cultural tourist experience that is unparalleled.