10 Best Places to Visit in Finland

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One of the best things about visiting Finland is the amount of choices you have when it comes to where to go. The country is small enough that you don’t have to be there for weeks to be able to see the different parts of it. We have created this list of the best places to visit under a weekend. Not started traveling yet? Read our section about Finland Travel on what to pack for a trip to this wonderful country.


Porvoo is one of the most picturesque places in Finland, and one that is on a lot of lists of the best places in the world to visit. While some places may have a stronger tourism industry, the area is still an attractive place to be.

With beautiful rivers, smoke-free areas, and a variety of buildings to visit, it’s a great place to go in the winter as well as the summer.

Porvoo Castle

This is one of the city’s biggest attractions. It’s well protected behind its Georgian brick walls, and has a historic prison inside. It’s the perfect place to view the beautiful area by taking a walk around the castle’s outer edge.

Porvoon Linna Folk Museum

The museum has a great variety of exhibits, including local traditional handicrafts, old photographs, and textiles. You can drop by for a short tour or spend some time looking through things on your own.


This is a 1200 hectare fortress. You can take a ferry across to see the island and the famous military prison. While you don’t see as much of the island as you do during the summer, it still provides an enjoyable walk.




Rovaniemi (Finnish pronunciation: [roːˈvaːnjːəmi]) is the third largest urban area and the capital city of Lapland in Finland. It borders the municipalities of Inari (to the south), Kemi (to the southwest), Sodankylä (to the west), and the border of Norway in the north. The city is located on the Copper Coast of northern Finland, and it is served by Rovaniemi Airport. Rovaniemi is, historically, the only Finnish city with a population of 20,000 people.

Mattila, Central Finland

Mattila is a former municipality of Finland. Upper Mattila is a village that is located in the province of Ostrobothnia and is part of the Central Finland region. As of January 1, 2007, it was merged with the city of Oulu.


Vaasa (Swedish pronunciation, [ˈvaːisa]) is a city on the west coast of Finland. It is situated some 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of the capital Helsinki, beyond the northern end of the lake Päijänne. The population of Vaasa is 222,199 () and the urban density is 192 inhabitants per square kilometre (482/sq mi).

Nuuksio National Park


Helsinki is located in the south part of Finland. The southern part of Europe has been greatly influenced by Finnish people. The capital city of Finland is located about 160 miles from the capital city of Sweden. The largest city of Helsinki, which is also the capital, has about 600,000 people living in the metropolitan area. The core of the city is the historical peninsula called Hämeenlinna, which is located on a bay of the Baltic Sea. Today, there are many beautiful islands of the archipelago to explore.

As of 2014, the metropolitan area has 5.1 million people. The city says that it has a few other things to offer, including a 400-seat theater as well as several museums. Lake Tuusula is another attraction near the city and has a public island tourist center.

Statistics say that over 3,000,000 tourists come to the Helsinki metropolitan area every year. The city says that there are several attractions to visit, including Berlin in Europe, which attracts people with its story and history. Another place of historical interest in the area is one of the largest business centers in the world, the Helsinki Central Business District.