17 Best Places to Visit in Germany

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Fun Fact: The city boasts the world’s oldest continuously running play, “The Fair at Candlemas.” It was written in 794 and follows the adventures of a young couple from Regensburg. It’s a great place to see a traditional play with plenty of old-world charm.

How to Get There: The city is located in central Bavaria and can be reached by car via Munich and Nuremberg. The airport is located about 45 minutes away.

Roughly an hour’s drive away, the city of Regensburg is one of the most charming cities in Bavaria. Regensburg’s medieval center is filled with cobblestone roads and half-timbered houses. Some of the finest examples of the transitional style are the Residenzschloss, the church of St. Peter, and the Ruprechtsturm, a 15th century tower. The Old City is also home to dozens of other 20th century reconstructions, some of which house important pieces of art from the 17th and 18th centuries.


Hamburg has a lot to offer for any kind of traveler. The city is known as much for its sea as it is for its skyline that is famous throughout the world.

The city is very European and very different from the rest of Germany. Its port reminded visitors of Venice and the Mopseum is similar to the Parthenon.

Hamburg offers a wide range of museums that include some that are very well known and visited such as the Speicherstadt which is a series of warehouses that are preserved and well taken care of.

Another popular museum is the Kunsthalle that has a wide range of European works. The concert hall has been the site of some of the most talked about performances on the European stage over the last century and is a great place to go to see any form of live performance.

There are thousands of events over the course of the year to choose from to go to. Some of the most popular include the Jazz Festival in August and the electronic music festival at Dockville.

Rugen Island

Lake Constance

The most frequent activity in Lake Constance is sailing both on normal lake boats and on rented dinghies. The beauties of Lake Constance are only open to the public during certain days of the year. At Easter, the holiday boats sail the lake in Easter colors. The Furtenseen, a small island in Lake Constance, is claimed as a natural paradise. There you can come across hens’ nests that are guarded by great birds.


The birthplace of the great virtue Johann Sebastian Bach,the great choral and keyboard musician.

Touched the lives of no less than three German emperors who waged war in it.

Mecklenburg Lake DistrictGermany

They are both eco- and history-friendly. The area is rich in wildlife and greenery.


Southern Germany

Ornate Architecture with the Old-Master-Style and the Baroque


In the times of the regency, the town attracted noblemen from all over the German Empire. People also flocked to visit the “klosterwirtschaft”, the Baroque monasteries and “streitkothen” and “zuhausen”.


A vibrant cosmopolitan city with a historical profile.


Frankfurt has one of the most balanced economies of all German cities and is the center of finance in Germany.



The Cologne Cathedral is the most famous sight in northern Germany. The cathedral sits on the “Hoffenthein,” on the “Ossu” hill above the “Rabben” creek. The area was already a place of worship by the first century A.D., under Emperor Augustus‘ rule. The name “Cologne” is said to have been derived from the Celtic name “Colonia” (or city), perhaps referring to the colony of soldiers garrisoned here during the times of the Roman Empire.

Over the centuries, the cathedral has been damaged by fire on several occasions. It was also once the victim of a lightning strike. This made the cathedral one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe to undergo renovations to the extent of seismic strengthening.

The foundations of the building date to the mid-sixth century, and except for its demolition following the bombing of the cathedral in World War II, the exterior of the cathedral has not changed significantly since its construction.

The Cologne Cathedral is a Roman church in Cologne, Germany, built over a long history of parish and administrative use. It was previously known as the "Arolatric" and Dom zu Koln.


Where the music has always been free.

One of the few cities in Germany where everyone can attend music concerts without being squeezed by big city’s business model and high ticket prices, Leipzig has never let the bottom line become the inspiration for creative artists. Try and listen to music free or cheaply at the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra or at a small concert in one of the many small venues in this beautiful, classical city.


Situated in the east of the country, Nuremberg is a very historic town and is known as “the little Rhineland” due to its proximity to the border. It was founded in 1152 and is a city of tourism and industry, with major products including textiles, engineering, electronics, and furniture.

It is home to the famous Nuremberg Christmas Markets, known as “the biggest light festival in the world.” From December until January 2, big Christmas Markets are set up in the center of the town. They are filled with Christmas decoration and a lot of people with vendors and stalls selling food.

This market gets really crowded with tourists and locals during Christmas time and it’s very festive. It’s fun to go and people watch because a lot of people are in costumes.

By the way, Christmas doesn't start when you actually see a calendar with twelve red or green boxes with “X” on them. The first Christmas is said to have been on December 25, because Jesus was born that day.

Black Forest

With its picturesque plateau and enchanting views, the Black Forest is not only steeped in Alpine history, but in German cultural history as well. From the Bavarian Alps of the east to the Swiss border, this charming region of Germany is a cultural and well-known tourist destination for its majestic landscape. The Black Forest is home to some of Germany’s most beautiful and historic landmarks.

The Black Forest is a magical place. It is the quintessential place to visit for romantics…and a great destination for families, too. The scenery is spectacular, the castles are famously beautiful, and the towns are quaint and charming.

The Black Forest was a refuge for German royals for centuries. In the 1200s, the Catholic nobleman, Duke Heinrich I of Upper Lorraine, received a generous asset from his uncle, Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad IV. Heinrich was given permission to settle in these mountainous forests and make the region his own. It became a refuge not only for the duke and his family, but for German and Italian monks and pilgrims as well. The monks founded the Order of the Brothers of the Valley on the land in the 1100s. The peaceful monks lived on the land in monasteries called the Black Forest Monks’ Houses.


Lübeck is a German city in the north of the country that is most famous for three things – Hanseatic League , the Nazi book burning and its outstanding Medieval City Hall.

Built in 1030, the tree-lined and winding streets of Lubeck’s quarter are the best place to wander around, with the Abbey Church of St. Mary and St. Peter particularly interesting (St. Peter’s church was the setting for the 1998 adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons).

There aren’t many reviews of this place because its pretty unique, and if you’re familiar with German architecture, then you’ve probably previously visited many famous towns.

Romantic Rhine

Romantic Rhine in the south of Germany is the most beautiful and romantic locations in Europe for couples. Rhine is full of castles, fortresses, towers, gardens and romantic spa towns. Rhine, a tributary of the river Main, flows through Germany and France. Rhine is also called the "Queen of German Rivers". In Germany there are five famous Rhine castles.

Romantic Rhine

Romantic Rhine tours & attractions & romantic packages in 6 regions of Germany:

Romantic Danube

Romantic Danube tours & attractions & romantic packages in 7 regions of Germany:

The Romantic Danube river is the northern arm of the Danube. It originates from the spring and source of the river Enns in Austria. The river flows to the North and forms the border between Austria and Slovenia.

Romantic Mosel

Romantic Mosel tours & attractions & romantic packages in 9 regions of Germany:

The Romantic Mosel is a river of Germany and of France. It originates from the confluence of the Middle Moselle and the Moselle Franconia and drained by the Rhine.

Romantic Main River

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“The Elbe Valley” is the beauty spot on the River Elbe that runs along the border of Germany and Czech Republic.

The city was absolutely flattened by Allied bombing during the Second World War, but was rebuilt to its former glory. A unique city, it is divided into different areas, some of which retain their baroque character from the past.

The Altstadt (old town) was the focus of medieval life. Its squares are lined with half-timbered buildings and the magnificent churches. There is much to see in the old town ” 16th-century wells, baroque houses with carved façades, churches, and others that draw from the city’s history as a religious centre.

The Semper Opera House presents the best-known operas from the late 18th to early 20th centuries. At the weaver’s church, walking in through the small black door under the stairs, you will see the famous statue of the Little Singing Girl. The Singing Girl, a clay figure, was commissioned by the Dresden mayor at the end of the 18th century. She has become a symbol of Dresden, and a place to remember victims of the Second World War.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Most people associate the romanticism of the past with the castles of Europe. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one such charming town that finds itself in a historical castle built on a hill. The best part of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is that it is an open-air theatre that shows the daily life of people in the 16th century. You can even wander into the shops and see the same handicrafts being made that existed in the time when this town was flourishing in the Middle Ages. The tourist information office can be of great help in getting the most out of your visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.


Built in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the city of Heidelberg has become a literary hotspot, boasting as many bookstores as it does attractions, like its world-famous castle. And the city’s location in the Neckar River Gorge is a lovely spot to stop and explore for short trips.

While the Heidelberg Castle is definitely the city’s prime attraction, there are a handful of other sites worth stopping by as well. The Schlossruine is a group of ruins from the 6th century that dates back to when the Franks built a castle some 200 years after invading the area.

The Bismark Tower is the city’s first skyscraper, and the clock inside faces the autumnal equinox every year to emphasize its motion. Later, stop by the Heiden Bar to enjoy a few drinks and watch the sunset (weather permitting, of course).

The highlight of Heidelberg is undoubtedly the Heidelberg Castle, Europe’s oldest Renaissance building. The castle has purportedly been around for some 2,000 years, making it among the oldest structures on the continent.

As of 2010, the Heidelberg Castle is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Bavaria, Germany.

The pretty town of Fussen, about 60 kilometers west of Berlin, lies on the northern bank of the Ilm River. The town, which was founded in the 16th century, is so picturesque that filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl chose it for music-and-march sequence in her epic film Olympiad.

The town, which is located on a successful wine growing region, celebrates its history with romance and music festivals such as the International Mozart Festival and the International Goethe Week.

But the town, like much of Bavaria, is known for its folklore, having produced such noted writers as Wilhelm Hauff and Ludwig Silcher.

Points of Interest:

The town square, winding streets, view of the Alps, and natural spring are landmarks of the town. In the Upper Town, you may visit the Schloss Linderhof or Marienschlacht, a fortress that first roused the emperor built in the 12th century and restored in the 19th by Ludwig II.



Munich is the capital city and largest city of the German state of Bavaria, on the banks of the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich has a population of about 1.4 million, and population of 7.1 million in the metropolitan area.

Some of the well-known cities of Germany are Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne but in my opinion there are so many wonderful places in Germany. Though Germany is called 'greatest country of the world' by many foreigners, Munich is also famous among Germans.

Munich is known as 'City of Art' with a long history, estuaries with lakes, green mountain range, the Alps and countless other factors make it more beautiful than Las Vegas.

Here are some facts about Munich:

· When you visit Munich, the Altstadt (historic city center) and the Maximilian Quarter will be the most famous places.

· If you want to see art, buildings, mountains, rivers, etc., Maximilianviertel will be the best place for you.

· Besides its beauty, business also plays an important role in Munich.

Munich has its own traditions, which is unique among other cities in Germany. It is also the trendsetter in the world.


Berlin is the capital of Germany and is located in the north-east part of the country. The city is extremely diverse in terms of culture and has a very famed museum system.

It is the perfect place for any history junkie. For art lovers, Berlin has a lot to offer with museums like the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which has one of the most impressive art collections in the world.

For the adventurer, whether you want to hike or explore the beautiful nature, Berlin has you covered. For such an unsafe city, the country is surprisingly filled with beautiful sights.

There are some breathtaking churches you can visit, such as the Kaiser-Friedrich-Stadt Church, which has a Gothic and Baroque style. In terms of architecture, it will put your own church to shame.

Map of Germany

Germany, especially Berlin, is one of the most popular touristy areas in Europe, and is one of the most beautiful. Berlin is home to a thriving nightlife scene, an incredible destination for shopping experiences, and is the perfect city to host a bachelor party. By becoming familiar with the best places to visit in Germany, you’ll be able to add more to your bucket list.