10 Best Places to Visit in Jamaica

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Falmouth is in the southwestern part of the Island of Jamaica. The town is relatively small but is surrounded by natural beauty and well worth a visit. It is a great place for water sports, especially for windsurfing, sailing, and diving. The Falmouth Yacht Club is an important landmark and a symbol of the town’s history. The Regional Institute of Technology (RIT) is also located here. The school offers training from preschool to university level.

As a result of a slow type of geothermal system, the water temperature around this region ranges from around a few degrees Celsius to around 28 degrees Celsius. The water is clear and pleasant to swim in. The slightly salty water is in itself refreshing and very rejuvenating. You can also dive and other water activities at the Falmouth Blue Hole, which is an 18 square-metre swimming hole that drops at least 100 metres (328 ft) below the surface of the sea. If you love swimming, you’ll definitely want to visit this spot.

On holidays, Falmouth attracts a large number of visitors. The town’s harbor is full with ships, and you can buy some of the best jerk chicken in Jamaica. The other popular cuisine is mutton stew, also known as Jamaican curry.

Port Antonio

Port Antonio is a small fishing town on the north coast of Jamaica, wedged between the hills of St Ann and the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Port Antonio is a perfect “goofy” place to get away. The town offers plenty of activities including eco-tours, island tours and drop-in attractions.

To get truly off the beaten track, enjoy some bird watching on Jardine’s Look-Out in Parrot’s Nest, and pick fresh seafood from the many restaurants along the coast in the town of Port Antonio.

Come visit the small town of Port Antonio on the north coast of Jamaica. Let the whimsical charm of Port Antonio inspire you to spiritual wellness and mindful living.

Port Antonio is a fantastic place to get away.

It’s a great place to unwind from your hectic schedule and travel to a little bit of paradise.

Breathe easier in Port Antonio

Port Antonio is well-known for its clean, clear coastal air. Breathing in clean air helps you clear your mind and feel more refreshed, so you can return to your hectic schedule refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Nine Mile

Pool, Ocho Rios.

It was once home to a royal palace and, in colonial days, a luxury health spa. Today, its alluring setting, natural beauty, and abundance of waterfalls and cascading freshwater pools makes it the perfect place to revive one’s body and spirit.

The pool is set amidst lush tropical vegetation and is the perfect place to release stress and do something energizing, such as taking a hike through the nearby rain forest.

For more active visitors, the Nine Mile pool resort offers two outdoor pools, which feature waterfalls and cascading streams. Other features include nature walks, annual botanical shows, rambling trails, and a children’s playground area.

The resort’s main dining facility can be found adjacent to the pool facility. Guests can enjoy a range of scrumptious meals, snacks, and beverages. Alternatively, guests can enjoy a picnic out the back of the restaurant on the spacious deck, with views of the pool and lush vegetation.

There are a number of onsite facilities for guests to enjoy, including private accommodations, a cooling pool, two hot spring baths, and steam rooms. In addition, massage and other spa treatments are available to guests upon request.

Massages and treatments for massage are available.

Treasure Beach



Kingston is the capital city of Jamaican and the most famous city in the Caribbean.

Kingston is the desired location that most visitors frequent and choose to stay in. It has an impressive water system, including a sophisticated red cross with an open house which used to be a WW2-era hospital.

The beautiful natural landscapes in Kingston and attractions to go along with it make for the best experience for tourists.

There are various things to do and visit in Kingston, including the Jamaican National High Commission, Gleaner Museum, Fort Devon, Trench Town, Bob Marley’s childhood home, and the Port Royal Historical Park.

The Gleaner Museum is a walking distance distance from the main highway which enables tourists to see the how the conditions of the time were like. For example, the sugar was raffled out in small bags. The reward for the hard work of sugar was security.

Today’s Jamaica is one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to their beautiful natural landscapes.

The fresh air, unique landscape of the island, and history makes for the best experience ever.

There are various places to see in the world and Kingston is one of the most recommended because of the spectacular views, unique landscapes, and history that the city has to offer.

Blue Mountains

A must for any traveler to Jamaica. The area is like a giant park full of waterfalls and scenic trails that snake through mouth-watering views.

The history of the area as well as the current state of the park is intriguing. The Blue Mountains were once home to the Atlantis Stone, a rock that was supposedly home to a lost civilisation.

JIM’s Guide to the Blue Mountains

A more recent report suggests that the stone is nothing more than a naturally occurring rock. While a more recent report has suggested that Atlantis isn’t a long lost city of the blue, it has also been said that the stone is an authentic artefact of the lost civilisation, suggesting that the Atlantis stone has become something of a tourist attraction.

Either way, the Blue Mountain National Park offers visitors the chance to take a look at some of the natural wonders of this eclectic island while enjoying an interesting or potentially educational experience.

To the Steep and Crunchy

The Blue Mountains is also home to the longest zip-line course in the world, spanning almost a kilometre.

In addition to all the waterfalls, the area is home to one of the island’s most famous resorts, the Blue Mountains Club and its nearby conference centre.

This property, nestled in a beautiful location, is set amongst a spectacular array of views, including views out to the Caribbean.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is a popular area for visitors on their way from Cape Coast to Kingston. The town is one of the most impressive on the entire island, and in fact, the entire Caribbean coast. Ocho Rios is the center of the region and was the original port from which slaves were shipped to the rest of the Caribbean. In Aruban music, Ocho Rios is called the island of the serpent lord. The abundance of water here and the natural curves of the river inspired the name.

The Germans settled Jamaican, while Africa was colonized by the Dutch, the French settled Martinique, and the Spanish colonized Cuba. This led the British to come in and protect the country. The independent state of Jamaica made up of the whole island was declared in 1655 as British by the Treaty of Madrid. This did not mean the Jamaican people would surrender to the new administrators. They helped take over the British in 1779 and 1797, leading into uprisings.

Jamaica was colonized from England in 1655 and is bordered to the north with Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, after Cuba and Hispaniola. Jamaica is now a co-official republic with Queen Elizabeth II. Their coat of arms consists of a blue shield with the Union Jack.

Montego Bay

(Official name: �Settlement of Ashford Parish�, Town Area in the Parish of St. James)

Montego Bay, the largest settlement on the northern coast of the island, is the gateway to the holiday island�s offshore attractions. Downtown Montego Bay is home to the commercial streets of West Coast and South Coast. It also has the famous �International Bah�� Airport as well as many other shops, boutiques, restaurants, high-rise buildings, pubs and numerous hotels.

This is a town of character with some of the best places to visit in Jamaica. The good old Royal Irish Colonial Hospital (the oldest building in Montego Bay) that was built in 1732; Monymusk National Memorial (where England’s King George III was brought after he contracted a medical condition; and the National Cultural Centre Bay Liner Palace, which has multi-purpose premises that include an art gallery, an assembly hall, an opera house, a library and a museum.

Official name: �The Corporation of the City of Montego Bay�, Town Area in the Parish of St. James)

Dunn's River Falls


Jamaica: Negril and its famous beach is home to over 60 eco-lodges, resorts, restaurants, water sports, shopping, snorkeling, diving, eco-tours and more.

‧ı For those who want to help save the environment, you can take part in eco-tours here like visiting Jamaica’s national park. ‧ı To enjoy a day swimming with the dolphins and sea lions, you can go to the Dolphin Adventure Program.

‧ı The beautiful beach here is one of the most scenic on the island. On the west side is Bells beach where many people go to swim, snorkel and enjoy the beautiful view. ‧ı This place also has some of the most luxurious accommodations and has 3 outlet shopping centers.

‧ı The jazz and blues festival not only showcases the music, but there is a lot of fun and laughter. ‧ı The West Indian Rum Festival is worth it to taste the local spiced rum drinks and eat a Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

‧ı Enjoy the Negril rum or a Diamonds in the Park in the evening. ‧ı On August 18 and 19, 2016, you can attend the All Island Rastafari Festival where you can learn more about Rasta’s culture.