10 Best Places to Visit in Morocco

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Sidi Ifni

Ifni is a small town in Morocco. It overlooks the ocean and is 200 km south west of Morocco. The town is surrounded by cool mountains and is known for its many interesting caves. The picturesque scenery of Ifni inspires the souls of travelers to discover the heart of Africa with all its beauty.

Ifni is also famous for the stunning landscape and for you will get to see a wide variety of different granite outcrops, beaches, and waterfalls. If you are a nature lover, Ifni is probably one of the best places to visit in Morocco.

It additionally makes reference the then-expanding and vibrant port of Ifni, which led to the death of the town's inhabitants. The town is named in honor of the ruling Ifranid dynasty (known in Arabic as the Banu Ifran) who ruled local affairs from the city from the 13th century until its capture by Spain in 1859.


The Capital of Morocco.

One of the largest cities in Morocco, Rabat is a major metropolis with sprawling, colorful neighborhoods and a wealth of culture and history. Many people don’t realize that Rabat was once the capital of Morocco for over 700 years. The modern capital of Morocco is Rabat, which holds something for everyone. Both natives and visitors have been drawn there to savor its many offerings. The city built the biggest mosque in Africa and designed by a French missionary.

The old ramparts of the Musalla, one of the most important cultural sites, were restored and topped with a 29-meter elegant minaret. There is a small but renowned, handicraft Souk selling leathers, textiles, carpets and local cuisine.

Rabat boasts an impressive amount of museums, from the Nejjarine Museum (the Ethnographic Museum), the Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Oriental Arts. Nearby, the Museum of Islamic Art displays a collection of artifacts from Western Sahara. Rabat is also the location of the Institut National des Langues et Civilisation, and academic buildings of the University of Fes and the Hassan II Foundation.


Meknes is a Moroccan city, which reminds the past Morocco’s golden era. It’s considered to be a cultural city because of its historical monuments, like a wonderful mosque (Great Mosque of Meknes) and a lovely garden, at the same time, it has wonderful narrow streets, also known as medina.

Furthermore, it is a Medina which is not but once surpassed. It reveals different styles like Moroccan Islamic architecture, North African architectural style, Art Deco and Beaux Art.

This Medina is hinged in the mighty north African Atlas mountains. The town is not only great in its scenic beauty, but it also has an outstanding heritage. The Great Mosque of Meknes – This vast and impressive mosque is visible from miles around. Meknes has been the seat of Moroccan power since at least the 10th century, and, throughout the centuries, has passed from one dynasty to another as both the kings of Morocco and the rulers of the Ottomans held the authority in the capital of Meknes for a time.

Street life – Meknes is a lively, animated, and bustling city; and it has a wide range of services including shopping malls, ancient souks, and many banks in the city. In general, Meknes is known for its oranges, roses, corn, olives, and fine Moroccan handicrafts.


Chefchaouen (or Chefch’Hann) is the most famous town in the southern region of Morocco and is the most popular tourist destination in the whole country. This beautiful little town is a perfect example of Islamic architecture, and was built by people of Jewish, Greek and Moorish descent. It is the ideal place for a one-stop shopping trip.

I visited this place during my travel to Morocco last year and I must say, it still remains in my list of most remote romantic places I’ve stayed. It’s just perfect.

You can do everything here; from shopping to getting a massage, and can also take a relaxing swim in the glorious blue waters of the sea. There is an abundance of mouthwatering local delicacies, and lovely terraces for you to chill and sip on your delicious mint tea with my favorite Moroccan pastries, such as the kufta with a meda (crispy on the outside and soft in the middle) and the koubbess (a dense cookie).

Chefchaouen ’s real charm lies in its narrow and charming alleys! Local bars and shops line the streets, and there’s much history to explore. This is a fascinating place to visit under any time of the year.


Asilah is an historically rich waterfront city. It is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and succulent seafood dishes. From Oct. 15th to Oct. 23rd, the city offers a whole host of activities and things to see. Most visitors flock to the annual carnival, which is renowned to be one of the best in the country. Other upcoming festivals include the international jazz festival and the Morocco International Film Festival, which is held in late March and early April, and screens world-class movies and documentaries.

The town was once a major port on the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, but is now a peaceful oasis and fishing town. Watch from the cliff-top, reflecting pool as the tide pushes the lights of the port and the gleaming walls of the old city against the oriental night. Immerse yourself in the history of the magical city; from the grand old souks and medieval structures to the captivating secret passages; from the evocative pink walls to the romantic hidden balconies. Indeed Asilah is a city of deep and lasting magic.


This is a very pretty place on the Atlantic coast with a terrific main road lined by beautiful traditional "beach houses" on one side and a long, sandy beach on the other.

A few miles further south, the palm-fringed Atlantic beach turns into a wide bay. It's quite a natural harbour and a delightful place to take a break from exploring the places around Essaouira.

Essaouira was the capital of the Canton of Essaouira which existed between 1790 and 1881.

In the late 19th century many European travellers came here, some of them converting to Islam. Robert Clayton, the British Consul of the Middle East, bought this seaside estate for his mother, as a holiday spot.

The Victoria Essaouira Hotel now occupies some of this land. The hotel is famous for its delicious seafood restaurants, a Moroccan oasis of luxury on the beach.

Another hotel of note in Essaouira is the Grand Poste (see below). A favourite with Europeans, this affordable hotel has many shady verandahs in its rooms, a nice pool and garden and a popular restaurant. Rates start at about £46 per person per night including one dinner, drinks, and breakfast.

Grand Poste Hotel, Morjane, Essaouira, Morocco.


Fes is the most popular tourist destination in Morocco;the city is home to yet another UNESCO World Heritage, the Medina, with its many palaces and mosques. The old walled city is surrounded by walls, and has plenty of sightseeing to do, including visiting the Royal Palace, Rihana Tower, and the medina.

Fes is a very easy city to navigate, so there is also a lot to do away from the main tourist areas. There are many small hotels around the walled town, and you won't need to spend too much time searching to find one that will meet your needs for a safe and comfortable place to stay.


The quaint town of Fes in the heart of Morocco is known for its relaxed atmosphere. The city is known as a tourist destination, even though it's a 25 minute flight away from Marrakech.

While there are a lot of accommodation options in the city, it's important that you stay off the main boulevards and main streets. There are many warnings around the city and the surrounding areas to avoid staying on the main streets, as these can have a great deal of negative impact on tourism in the future.

High Atlas

Mountains, Morocco.

The High Atlas Mountains are the highest mountains in North Africa. The Atlas Mountains are found along the north-eastern coast of Africa, spanning across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Reaching an elevation of over 3,700 m (12,000 feet) with snow on its highest peaks, the Atlas Mountains offer a variety of activities, from hiking to skiing.

The Atlas Mountains are also home to some of the continent’s most diverse and captivating landscapes.

From the rich green valleys in the highlands to the stark white deserts in the south, Morocco’s terrain is always beautiful and always offers up something new. The High Atlas Mountains contain some of Morocco’s most picturesque scenery as well as some of its most remote and mysterious national parks. The cities, on the other hand, offer a unique glimpse into the country’s spirit and culture, as well as the local cuisine.

If you are looking for a trip that will really allow you to step into Morocco’s culture and nature, the High Atlas Mountains are the perfect choice.


Merzouga is an isolated area in the Sahara that is in a terrible place to grow food, making it a wonderful place to stop when traveling across the desert.

The dunes in Merzouga rise to the horizon. This sand has settled because of evaporation and is greater than anywhere else on earth. Jumping off of the sand dunes and free-floating inside the Sahara is a fantastic experience.

The accommodation for a camel ride to Merzouga is an interesting experience as you are placed in military tents on camels. Thanks to the lack of food and water, you will truly experience the challenges of traveling sustainably. These environments, though very challenging, are studied by scientists all over the world because of the unique habitats.

Another reason why Merzouga is a great destination for travelers is because it is less crowded than other Middle Eastern locations such as the more popular Marrakech.

There are many cafes, restaurants, and other places to enjoy interests like museums and hiking.

Similar to Marrakech, Merzouga provides a relaxing space for travelers to explore such as the museums, hiking, and dining.


Marrakech is the first city that visitors think of when they plan a vacation or a trip to Morocco.

As beautiful as the Moroccan city is, however, it’s only one of the best places to visit in Morocco. For such a small country, Morocco has more than its fair share of spectacular destinations.

If you’re not already familiar with this nation on the edge of Africa, here are some of the places that you definitely should check out while you’re there.

Fact: Some of the most beautiful scenery and tourist attractions on earth are found in Morocco.

Marrakech, which is the largest city in Morocco, is the place you come to for the most extravagant cultural experience of the country. Although the city may seem modern at first sight, you’ll be surprised to find that it also possesses several ancient archeological sites including the Jewish quarter, beautiful mosques, and a walled city.

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll also be pleased to know that Marrakech is home to many natural wonders as well. The Valley of the Roses, the largest rose garden in the world, is just a 30-minute drive from the heart of the city.

Map of Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating country with a rich history. Morocco has been inhabited by some of the oldest civilizations on record.

It also contains some of the most natural architecture and fortresses in the world. Much of Morocco’s history is preserved in its many museums.

Here’s a quick guide to the ten most interesting places to visit in Morocco.

Marrakech – Marrakech has long been one of the most important cultural centers in the Middle East and Africa, and it continues to live up to its reputation. The city is essentially split into two sections. The lower half has most of the shopping, sights, and large-scale boutiques. The upper half is mostly dedicated to residential areas with the Medina. It’s a great place to get lost. Walking around the independent souks and the Medina, you’ll find goods from all over the world.