10 Best Places to Visit in Rhode Island

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Marble House

Marble House and Taylor Farm are two attractions one-of-a-kind to our state. If you’re looking for someplace to have an adventure and get away from it all, try these two.

The estate of John Brown, Marble House is based on an English cottage. A genuine English garden is modeled after the formal parterres and rose gardens of that era.

The farm is complete with a miniature village, surrounded by fields of crops and a 10-acre pond. The pond is stocked with exotic fish and a koi fish pond and guests may watch aquatic shows while they ride the train around the expansive countryside.

Visitors can picnic and picnic with animals exhibited. They have horses, cows, sheep, and of course their beloved pigs. Pack up a lunch and have a picnic with them at Taylor Farm.

There also are breathtaking views of the Rhode Island countryside from the One-Fifty-Five Tower Observation Area and from the Giant Swing.

Beavertail Lighthouse

Narragansett Beaches

Narragansett is known for its consistent community service way of life. There are many volunteer opportunities and events occurring every day including beach clean-ups, vacation Bible schools, and other summer camps. There’s a rich history of activism that can be seen by anyone with an interest; the library has recently launched an African-American History Roadshow. Additionally, on the second Wednesday of each month there are events at the Pawtucketville Heritage Park and its cultural center, the Susan B. Anthony House. Some of the events include lectures, dances, and other historical activities. The downtown area of Narragansett has a variety of shops, cafés, and a local farmer’s market.

Mohegan Bluffs

Colt State Park

The Elms

The Elms is a 250-acre waterfront estate in Newport, Rhode Island. It was built in the early 1700’s, and is now open for tours. The mansion contains over 25 rooms. The one most notable and spectacular in the interior decoration is the Long Room, or Great Hall. It’s the largest room in the mansion, with a beautiful high ceiling.

The view from the mansion’s windows extends over the expansive green lawns toward Conanicut Island.

There are many interesting artifacts and objects on display at the Elms. You will find nearly 50 coats of arms throughout the building. Many of them are works of art made entirely of silver and gold.

The Long Room – View the Entire Room

One of the public rooms in the mansion is the Thompson Foyer. This room is named after its most prominent feature, a black walnut and silver inlay depicting a rhinoceros.

Next to the Foyer is the Long Dining Room, which occupies about half of the first floor of the mansion.

Another fascinating room is the Octagon Room, which has an octagonal floor plan and is built in the shape of a Greek cross. Two pillars support a sloping dome. The room is also described by the National Trust as one of the most beautiful rooms in Newport.


Rhode Island is a fun and culturally diverse state. At first, when you think of Rhode Island you may think of summer vacations, beaches, and Little Rhody tourism.

Rhode Island has a lot more to offer. Newport and Providence are great tourist attractions where you can take in the beauty of both this seaside state capital. Both are full of historical sites and unique attractions that you can explore.

Here is a list of some of the best Rhode Island tourist attractions and what to do in Providence.

Revolutionary War Museum in Providence

Did you know that Rhode Island was the first state in the nation to ratify the Bill of Rights? That fact is in the Historic State House museum in Providence. Here, you can see documents and artifacts from the history of the state. You can even tour the building that is the main exhibit. The building was reconstructed using only the original construction plans.

Architectural Providence

Architecture in Providence has a lot to offer. Just look at the steeple of the Memorial Church across from the Old State House building or the Trinity Church. The Trinity Church was designed by the noted architect, Asher Benjamin.

Old Harbor

This beautiful area is a favorite spot in Narragansett Bay for kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, fishing, bird watching, orienteering, and camping.

The 2,600 acre park has many trails for hiking, biking, horse riding, and picnicking. Visitors are rewarded with Autumn views of the still active apple and maple cultivations as well as signs of spring growth. There is a petting zoo, farm-site, animal farm, and a large wagon trail to explore.

Other spending attractions include the Fort Adams State Park and Nelson Park. The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations offer a variety of wildlife tours including whale watching, shark watching, seal and sea lion watching, and paddle boat rides.

If you like your animals captive, you are welcome to visit the “Rhode Island Aquarium” where you can enjoy a giant squid, live sea lions, alligators, hearing dogs, and otter playtime.

Newport Cliff Walk

The Breakers

In Newport, RI.

Newport, RI… the Newport RI Guide is the place to be! The Breakers is the perfect place to get in touch with the beauty and patriotism of decades gone by. The majority of this bed-and-breakfast has been standing for more than 100 years. It contains the perfect blend of culture and history. The views at The Breakers are breathtaking and unmatched. The ocean is right outside your door and the gardens are just beautiful. This is exactly what you would picture a classic traditional bed-and-breakfast to look like. This place is diverse in every sense of the word. Discover a world outside your ordinary living room one that is fun, cute, and filled with the love and affection.


The Breakers is located in the heart of Newport, RI. The Breakers is easy to get to and all you have to do is head over to the Newport RI Golden Gate Bridge.