10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

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Interlaken, which is also known as the “Gateway to the Jungfrau Region, is located in the midst of the Alps. It is a city with a rich history. The oldest building is the church, which was built around 1530 and has a unique architecture.

Interlaken today has a special charm because of its scenic setting, which is enhanced by its authentic houses and buildings. One of these buildings is the cuckoo clock house, the oldest of its kind. You can see it on Bellevue Drive.

Another special feature is the local Lake B…teau-Solle which offers a lot of opportunities for a variety of water sports. You will have a chance to see the birthplace of some famous people at this lake. Let’s consider the story of Richard Jaeckel. He made his first law in 1819.

This fact is remarkable, but not less than that … lake B…teau-Solle was the place where it all happened. To learn more about how it is possible, we need to trace back in time to 1739.



You’ll be able to dock your boat in Lausanne, a French-speaking city in Switzerland. The old train station is now the center of the city and is renowned for its rose gardens.

You can stroll along the River Arve with its hot springs and stop at the zoo to see the chirping birds and apes. Lausanne also has a fine art museum to go visit, while the city’s Perched Citadel invites you for a guided tour through history. You can also play a round of golf to relax and rejuvenate.

Lausanne is also near Italy, making it a perfect stop for the holiday season. Lausanne’s walking trails are perfectly maintained and ready to be explored.


Switzerland may be known as the “Swiss Alps” for the geography it is known for, but many people don’t know that its third largest population resides in the city of Geneva.

Home to many international organizations that work in human rights and is the oldest city in Switzerland, it is one of the best places in the world to visit. With historic roots in monasteries and castles, it is also a great place to take a romantic getaway.

In Geneva, you can spend a morning window shopping, touring a museum, or having a bite to eat in the Old Town. For something more active, however, head to the city’s botanical garden, the Parc des Bastions, which has an indoor and outdoor garden.

With over 700 plant species at your feet, you can spend hours touring the garden’s planted walks. Before heading back to the city to catch a movie, fuel up with lunch and desert at Les Bastions, which has a variety of specialties for all dietary choices.



Zermatt can be found in the Northern Alps in Switzerland and is the highest village in Europe. This is a common place for travelers to go to admire its beautiful scenery and enjoy itself. It is located in the Alps Gallés mountain.

The mountain is around 2130 meters tall. Glacier are always present in the vicinity. The mountain is known for its perfectly Swiss architecture and the cross-country skiers that are used to be sened to disappear in the mountains during winter. Nowadays only alpine skiers are sent to roam among the peaks.

Zermatt has so much to offer other than skiing!

Beside the snow, it has amazing scenery that is very inspiring. You can also have a guided visit of the former hotel Dispenza but now museum of the great alpinist. You will also see the famous clock that is historically significant in the village.

In Zermatt you can also have a guided visit of the famous sanatorium of Schladming which is known for its spectacular views. It was built in 1904 and there is a story behind the design of the building which is very curious.

For those that love to see entertainers you can also go to the famous Beer Fest at the bus station and also enjoy the other events that are organized during the year.

Jungfrau Region


(southern Switzerland), can also be reached by a 40-minute train ride from Locarno in the Ticino valley. The city lies at the southern end of Lake Lugano and is considered the most beautiful city on Lake Lugano. With a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, Lugano is Europe’s southernmost Alpine city with charming lakeside views.

The main attraction in this resort town is Lake Lugano, a postcard-perfect body of water with a maximum depth of 127 feet. You can walk the lake, or take a water taxi for a guided tour.

Lake Lugano is also the epicenter of Italian-Swiss culture, with influences from neighboring Italy. Even the local language, Italian, contains elements of French. The city of Lugano looks like an Alpine village with terraced hills and a maze of meandering cobblestone streets.

Lugano is known as a shopping paradise. Here you can find the best luxury goods in the world. The famous Daniele and Carla Hayretti street offers high-end fashion and fine wines shops such as Le Kiosque in the Les Sette, the famous department store.

Lake Geneva

The best time to visit the Lake Geneva is from June to September when the weather is ideal. The temperature is cool, but warm enough to not be too cold for casual strolls.

== How to Get There ==

The Lake Geneva can be reached from several European locations. There are ferries and trains that can take you from France to Switzerland, where you can continue your travel to the lake on public transportation.

You can even visit the Lake Geneva during winter as long as the ice is thick enough for you to walk on it and you don’t mind cold weather. The winter weather is usually moderate and the temperature ranges between 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. That’s still mild and you will be warm with your winter gear.

== What to See ==

A lot of people usually visit Lake Geneva for its scenic beauty. The Vaud Alps are a secluded mountain range to the southeast of the lake with the highest peak rising to 1810 metres.


The city of Lucerne has got to be a favorite summer destination for every tourist that passes through the Alps on their way to the Mediterranean. The city has been practically untouched (literally) by modern civilization due to its location in the middle of the alps.

In spite of this, the city is a pleasant, pleasant place to visit and a good place to enjoy the great outdoors. There is a spa in Lucerne, called Lucerne Therme, that features a variety of water therapies. Anyone that enjoys the look of water, wet skin, and swimming will be impressed with the appearance of the pool.

Lucerne has a centuries-old timeline of grandeur, with rich history along the backstories of famous individuals such as Goethe and Wagner.

The architecture of the town itself is a testament to the superb engineering skill of the Romans who built the impressive fortifications of the region. While these might not look as impressive as the Colosseum in Rome, they are still a testament to the skill of the builders.

Some would even compare the Roman fortifications in Lucerne to the Egyptian pyramids in terms of incredible accomplishments. Still, architecture is not all that Lucerne is known for.

Lucerne is also known for the fact that it has been home to the world’s priciest house many times over.


Home to the famous Matterhorn, the Bernese Oberland is a breathtaking landscape where you can experience ice fields, mountain peaks, and even glaciers.

The first part of the trip is around the towns of Meiringen and Zermatt, the latter of which has been called one of the most beautiful villages in the world. In the spring, you can take a boat trip down the Rhone river and see that the glaciers are beginning to melt. In the fall, the leaves turn gold, garnet, and red, and the mountains like bright orange. The colors are breathtaking and picturesque.

Interesting Facts

The “goddess of the snow,” the craggy, majestic Matterhorn is the star of the first part of this trip.

The Grand massif is the largest mountain in the range.

The River Rhone was once glacier-fed.

History of the area dates back to around the year 10,000 B.C.

Map of Switzerland

In Europe, Switzerland is one of the smallest countries but in terms of land mass, it sure packs a punch. With just under 160km², Switzerland is huge. Even if you have only one day, you will not be able to see everything.

To make the most of your time in this country, I recommend you choose some of the best places to visit in Switzerland. Here are my top 10 recommendations for places to visit in Switzerland:

The Matterhorn (1995 meters above sea level)

It’s the third tallest mountain in the world and sits gracefully in the middle of Switzerland. One of the most popular spots to see the Matterhorn is from Zermatt in the UNESCO world heritage site. Zermatt is a town with boutique shops and great steaks. It’s also a charming place to relax and enjoy the view.

Bernese Oberland – or BERN

The quaint capital of Switzerland is so pretty and clean. There are a number of great museums to consider going to. The Swiss National Museum celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2008. There are also fun things to do and see such as the Apple-cross. Bern has wonderful gardens and abundant lakes. All in all, a great place to visit.

Davos – Davos Schatzalp