10 Cool Ice Hotels

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Snow Village Hotel Kittila


This year the snow village has a new addition. In the family resort of Ruka, there is now a hotel in the snow. The Snow Village Hotel Kittila is an ice hotel that is named after the town in Finland where the hotel is located.

This hotel is open in November. It’s small (14 rooms), cozy and the ice is cleaned daily. The water in the fountains comes from a frozen lake nearby.

Number 9. Hotel “Aia Gelato” Italy

The city of Venice has a lot to offer when it comes to ice hotels. Among them is the extraordinarily beautiful "Aia Gelato".

It’s a magical hotel on the ground floor of a residence. The hotel has double rooms, with classic Italian furnishings and decor.

Number 8. Atacama Desert Ice Hotel, Chile

Located on the fringe of the Atacama Desert just outside the city of Copiapo, this hotel is one of the most unusual tourist attractions in the world.

The hotel has just 12 rooms, each with a private bathroom. The rooms are made of ice and feature a very warm and welcoming interior.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu The Tower

Of Ice, Japan.

Fueled by natural hot springs, the Hoshino ResortTomamu features the newly built Tower of Ice, which is the world's first mixed use hotel.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu is built in a natural hot springs area of Tomamu Onsen Town. Heated by the geothermal water from the earth, the glass-covered spacious rooms that are located on the square concrete tower will offer tranquillity and luxury within the midst of the roaring and boiling water.

Hotel facilities include a luxurious spa, where changing rooms with private bathrooms are located at a height of about 30 meters above the ground, where one can cool off in the amazing view of the geothermal hot springs.

The Tower of Ice is located in the hotel's second floor and boasts breathtaking vistas of the hot springs as well as Japan's northern coastline.

Two star-shaped guest rooms in crystal-clear floors feature private balconies with a magnificent view of the natural green scenery and the hot springs.

Lifts take guests from their rooms to their plush pampering at the hotel’s luxurious spa including a cabana with indoor hot baths with views of the hot springs. Two pampering rooms are located in the basement of the Hotel, one for men and the other for women.

Snow Village Canada

Highway crossing a frozen lake, snow sculptures displayed along a pre-existing highway and a variety of other displays can be seen across the country, but the most impressive is located in British Columbia.

Located in Revelstoke, Canada, the Snow Village presents a variety of indoor ice sculptures of people, animals, and religious sculptures that can often be found in a church or temple.

This is one of a series of Snow Villages being created, the others are located in British Columbia, Ontario and parts of Quebec.

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen


Described as a “natural experience,” visitors to the ice hotel are welcomed into an igloo where a “frost queen” hosts them for the night. The space includes a bedroom, kitchen, sauna, and living room. Activities include hot chocolate demonstrations, games, and more.

Another separate igloo area is also available to rent out for overnight stays.

This resort only opens during the winter months, from November through March.

Akasaka Ryokan, Japan

Akasaka is one of the most popular Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Tokyo. This one has been in business for approximately 100 years.

Thirty years ago, it added an ice hotel, also designed by Japanese architect Shigeo Kashiwagi.

Guests are taken to an onsen (hot spring bath) room and given a special mask and robe to wear.

After being undressed and washed, they are given a special crystalline bath, soaking in the natural baths.

The whole experience is designed to be quite relaxing, helping the guests to unwind after a long day and to gain inspiration for their next day.

Benczur Hotel, Austria

Balea Ice Hotel

Snow Hotel

South Pole has a winter and a cool ice hotel that invites visitors to try extreme winter, chic southern design and a fabulous view of Antarctica.

The Snow Hotel was opened by an American; his goal was to show people how much luxury and comfort can be provided with inexpensive and simple materials.

Inside the hotel is a place where you can prepare hot drinks using the fireplace, and there are unusual rooms, the sink, the toilet is located in the same room with a large bathroom and a hot shower.

Kirkenes Snowhotel

Norway. The Snowhotel is one of the world’s oddest and coolest hotels. The hotel’s interior is made entirely of ice, and also has a hot spring indoors.

There are 59 guest rooms, all of which are constructed a block of ice and then built on top of the ice. There are also 6 suites on the ice and 1 cabin. You can only stay at the Snowhotel to sleep. Packages last between 8-12 hours, and there’s no showering allowed. The villas have 8 beds, a kitchen, living room and bathroom. Few guests visit the Snowhotel just to sleep at the hotel. Instead, the hotel has become a popular spot for entertaining and events.

Kirkenes is the northernmost city in Norway, also known as The Gateway To The Arctic. The Snowhotel has its own private onsite ski resort with 4 kilometers of trails. The ice hotel is located near the end of the ski resort, so you can pick it up by shuttle, then ski without having to drive back. The experience of staying at the hotel like staying overnight with a winter wonderland is quite amazing. Visitors feel right at home with beautiful views of the snow-covered mountains and ice covered ice. One of the most popular things to do at the Snowhotel is to enjoy a hot spring.

Hotel de Glace

Alta Igloo Hotel


The Alta Iglu Hotels are the only ones with snow-covered outdoor hotel rooms and the only one that stay open year round.

Located in the Alaska Range, the present iglu hosts date from 1897 and are only open May through September. The hotels open their doors to the public to allow visitors the use of the facilities. The one building is heated by a wood burning stove and huge snow machine fans that propel air throughout the rooms to keep them warm.

The visits of the Alta should be kept short because of high humidity that will make living too difficult. The hotel rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, a table and chairs, chest, a supply closet and electrical outlets, a bathroom with a toilet, a water heater, and 2 terrapin heating lamps.

You will need to buy what you will eat. You can cook in your room to make your stay more enjoyable, but the meals are not customizable, and you will be provided with what you have bought.

Recommended for: Serious photography enthusiasts who have always wanted to experience snow. Extreme lovers of nature.


The people of Jukkasjärvi in Sweden have been holding IceHotel for over 40 years! It’s a large hotel where rooms are made out of ice and it stays like that for at least a month. Because the hotel is a natural museum, you can stay there for free.

The greatest attraction of the hotel is its location. Even though the hotel is restored, it is located in the natural glacial valley. This also makes the hotel a unique opportunity to view; such as a whale crossing the valley on its way to the Arctic Ocean.

The IceHotel The hotel has 31 rooms and includes a sauna, dinner, and a bar. The food in the hotel is mainly prepared from locally caught or farmed products and has to last the whole month. In order to eat the food, you must use all of the food and dishes provided.

There are daily tours around the hotel for a few people that want to learn about the history of the hotel. The tours also include a presentation and discussion about the interesting features of the hotel, the cleanliness of the environment, and energy use.

The tours only last a few minutes so you can get an understanding of the history, the work to keep the ice clean, and other such things. Every other day, there is free lunch and dinner so you can get a taste of the dishes they prepare.