Discover Endor at Redwood National Park in California

Martina Rosado
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Redwood National Park is one of the few places on earth where majestic giant sequoias planted tens of thousands of years ago remain and can be visited without their stumps. Wiped out in historic times by fire and logging, the few giant sequoias that remain today are within the boundaries of the park.

Unlike general trees, which have a height of 40 feet or less, sequoia trees can grow taller than 230 feet. Their stumps, however, remain standing because of the strength of the trees’ trunks. Sequoias can live for thousands of years, making it possible for some of them to be more than 2,000 years old and still be standing.

For those who don’t have adequate time to take a tour to see the giant sequoias, there are several events throughout the year at Redwood National Park that allow you to experience the trees in a guided way.

Several of the park’s campgrounds have free guided hikes to see the giant sequoias. These hikes usually start in the afternoon and last up to 1-1/2 hours. They may take you to the first tallest trees in the park, which are in the Giant Tree Grove, just 2 miles from the park’s main entrance.