Discover the Beauty of the Lofoten Islands in Norway

Martina Rosado
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The Lofoten Islands are located just off the coast of northern Norway. They are famous for their beautiful and uniquely shaped mountains, colourful houses, and rugged cliffs that can be seen from all over the islands. The colours of the fjords that pierce the horizon are spectacular, and the beauty of the islands is clearly a draw for tourists from around the world.

While the main tourist draw of the islands are their landscapes, there are some beautiful towns and cities to be discovered, and there are over 2,500 miles of hiking trails that will take you through amazing scenery. Skiing enthusiasts will have the chance to ski or snowboard down some of the many mountains around the islands.

Some of the towns and villages are quite small, and the size of the islands will give you a great deal of privacy. The towns are generally small and delightful, with little shops and cafes that are a great break for all day hiking.

If you do have the time to explore, don’t forget to pick up some local produce at one of the many farms right outside of any town. You might even catch some of the locals at the local market, where they’re sifting through the produce and making their choices. You’ve just got to taste that fresh mackerel or have a go at baking the local specialties.