11 Greatest Mountains of the World

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Mount Kinabalu


Ajut in Malaju Malaysia

There's probably no mountain in the world with a more dramatic setting than Mount Kinabalu. The highest point on this large island country, Indonesia's tallest mountain makes for an incredible sight from around the world.

The mountain was first climbed in 1888, but its treacherous topography and steep cliffs only made it more difficult to climb. Only during the last few years has its chances to the top been truly conquered. Walking up the mountain is quite an achievement. Besides being the tallest mountain in Malaysia, it's also the most difficult to climb, making it a challenge for even the most avid adventure junkies.

Mount Kinabalu is known for its many species of rare orchids. It's often called the “Queen of Mount Kinabalu,” making the mountain a prime destination for nature lovers.

For those who create the successful climb up the Kinabalu, there's a bevy of dining options, ranging from local cuisine to traditional Malay.

Rate Of Climb: 2.34 percent

Mileage to Top: 10.3 miles

Elevation of Top: 4,095 feet

Government: Malaysia

Location: Southeast Asia

Drive Time from Kuala Lumpur: 3 hours 45 minutes by car (one-way)

Life Expectancy: 77.37 years

Amphitheatre, Drakensberg

Chaputrange, Zimbabaw’s Highveld.

The Drakensberg are a mountain range with a height of 5,693 m (18,363 ft) above sea level at Ingula Shelter, the east end of the range. The Drakensberg divides the western and eastern halves of the country of Lesotho.

The area has a unique habitat, formed by many different types of land formations and plants, which helps many animals to survive in the area.

Drakensberg National Park, South Africa boasts the highest mountain in Africa – the 18,862 ft (5,766 m) Ingula, Lesotho’s highest mountain, with a view over the Hantam mountain range. The mountain lies in Beaufort West and the Mokhotlong valley is a famous area in the vicinity of the mountain.

Mount Huang

Shan in China – 3,050 m
The Huangshan Mountains (simplified Chinese: “Yellow Mountains”; traditional Chinese: “Yellow Mountains”; Pinyin: “Huangshan”; Wade-Giles: “Huang-shan” and the “Yellow Mountain”) are located in Anhui and Jiangxi, China. They lie on the northern edge of the Yangtze River Delta.

It has an area of about 6,490 km²and rises to 2,054 metres. The highest mountain peak, Mount Wu (), is located near the border of Anhui province and Jiangxi province. The mountains border both provinces and the cities of Suzhou and Wuyang. It is blessed with a fair climate with about 1800 hours of sunshine each year.

Aoraki Mount Cook

Monte Fitz Roy

In the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia, Chile. It reaches a height of 8317 meters above sea level.

Monte Fitz Roy (8317 m / 27,401 ft), a mountain in the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia, Chile, is the highest peak in the area. This mountain is also considered to be the most dangerous mountain in the world. It is a part of the Torres del Paine National Park and one of the 4 waterfalls of the Torres del Paine National Park (also with two lower waterfalls) is named after this mountain.

Monte Fitz Roy is also on the border with Chile, Argentina. On the south side of the mountain is Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, and on the Northeast side is the Argentinian side of the Andes mountain range.

The highest peak in North America is another mountaineous height that certainly is very popular among mountaineers. It is called Mount McKinley. The highest peak in South America is Cordillera Darwin which is located in Ecuador.

Do you have some idea about the highest peak in the world? If you have a mountaineering background, you already know the answer is Mount Everest (8848 m / 29,029 ft).

Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, located in Tibet, is one of the seven sacred mountains of India. It together with the nearby Sumeru and Manaslu, forms the Kailasa-Kailash Ridge, the structure of the former land of the mythical kingdom of Kailasa.

There are so many legends connected with the Mount Kailash. Many Buddhist scholars believe that it was actually the home of the god Shiva.

And the fact that it is the epicenter of the four quadrants of Indian culture … The North, the South, the East, and the West … keeps augmenting the interest in Mount Kailash as the center of the world. Mount Kailash is Indian Trikuti, the Holy Trinity.

It is also known as Chinese K…la, Tibetan Chomolungma, Tibetan Yamdrok, and Nepal’s Sagarmatha.

No religious group lives on the mountains themselves; the region is visited primarily by Hindus, Buddhists, and Bon tribesmen.

Mountains of Banff



K2 is the second tallest moutain on Earth with the top situated at 8,611 m, after Mount Everest. It’s the second tallest mountain in the world.

Best season to climb the mountain is during May until September. This is the climbing season.

The first successful attempt to climb K2 were by the five men of the Polish K2 Expedition in 1957.

The tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, is not enough to satisfy some mountaineers. Some of them look for even the hardest to climb peaks in this planet. And for those brave explorers, Mount K2 is the ultimate challenge in the world.

Due to the harsh climate of the area, mountain climbers are required to carry much fuel to last a hiking trip.

Other challenges include thin air, high altitude, wind, fatigue, and hypoxia.

It was intially thought to have been climbed by the 17th century, yet no record of it has been found until 2013.

Table Mountain

South Africa

Once the tallest mountain in the world, Table Mountain is still one of the highest mountains in the world. Located 500 kilometers from Cape Town, South Africa, Table Mountain rises nearly 2,000 feet from the surrounding plains.


Mountain, Switzerland.

The Matterhorn is an iconic mountain for many reasons. The mountain is famous for its unfortunately-famous, near-perfect triangular shape. The mountain is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The mountain's most famous attraction is the “Hillary Step,” a long rock face that requires climbers to use their hands to pull themselves up. The mountain’s importance to the history of tourism cannot be overstated.

  • The “Scottish Climbing School,” the first climbing school in the world, was founded in Zermatt by Robert Craig in 1865.
  • The first person to have successfully climbed the Matterhorn was Edward Whymper in 1865.

Mount Everest

The tallest mountain in the world at over 8.8 miles high and the point the Earth‘s axis of rotation reaches the curviest.

It’s a strenuous journey to the top and it’s best for people who are well trained and confident with previous hiking experience.

To trek to the peak is a 19+ day trip and that doesn’t include the time it takes for the helicopter to transport you to the top.

The top is so high in elevation that so far oxygen is not typically burned in the blood, so this is technically the only place where humans can be 100% oxygen breathed. But it’s not as Earth-like as you might think. It’s still very cold over there.

Not only is it the tallest mountain, but it’s also the most dangerous mountain to climb, almost 70% of the people who attempt to climb it are stranded, abandoned, injured, and dead.