How To Spend 2 Weeks in Spain Sample Itinerary

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Barcelona (2 nights)

Take a city tour from the hotel. You will first go to Placa de Catalunya and walk around the Gothic Quarter, Place de Catalunya, Las Ramblas, a surprise street band playing on the street. You will see so many people, that you’ll feel like you are on vacation.

Have dinner at a typical Catalan restaurant named Can Fabes, you will enjoy traditional Spanish meals, a key dish to try is the Gáinolas.

Go to a UNESCO site known as The Temple of the Bell (La Sagrada Familia). People visit it from all over the world to see the world’s most emblematic unfinished church.

Learn some Spanish by going to a free 1-hour Spanish class. Learn your favorite Spanish speaking songs by listening to them over and over.

Have a good night’s sleep back at your hotel.

Tarragona (stopover)

Tarragona, Spain…a fascinating, extraordinary place to begin our 2-week trip to Spain. We’ve spent a month planning and researching, planning and running. We have our bags (and plenty of bottled water), our travel guidebook, even our itinerary. A flight to Tarragona is reserved.. . we are off. While the rest of the trip is still up in the air, we are on our way to start a 2-week adventure in Spain, learning about the culture, people, and history that make this country such a compelling place.

Valencia (2 nights)

Valencia, known as “La capital de Andalucia,” is one of most visited cities in Spain and Northern Europe. It often ranks in the top 20 cities in the world to visit.

Book your hotel accommodation around the city centre and spend a day exploring the old city. There are plenty of museums to keep you busy with historical displays going back to the Roman era.

Toledo (2 nights)

Toledo is around 8.5 hours south of Madrid, and has enjoyed the look and opportunity for trade that has come from its convenient location. Toledo was also politically independent for a period of time. The buildings in Toledo were constructed using arches to reduce the weight of the stone walls. These features make it a city to see and to walk around freely.

It has many great museums, including local, religious and fine arts. The city enjoys its heritage. Some of the notable buildings include the Cathedral, the San Fermin Palace and the Iglesia de Santa Cruz.

Toledo also has some parks and plazas that are known for their unusual plant collections. The Parque de María Luisa is one of the most beautiful, however, the park covers more than 743,000 square meters, so take your time to visit all the interesting areas.

Ibiza (3 Nights)

Ibiza is a Spanish island that is known for its vibrant and loud nightlife. The island has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists to spend their winters.

The nightlife is a big part of the reason that the island has grown so quickly in popularity. English and American nightlife is a big scene in Ibiza. The music is varied, depending on the nightclub, so be sure to check the schedule for the most trendy clubs.

Granada (2 nights)

Cordoba (stopover)

Seville (2 nights)

Seville is a mix of old and new. Head to the old part to see the stunning Cathedral of Santa Maria church and Plaza de Espana, the biggest square in Europe.

In the Barrio de Santa Cruz, stop into the Cueva de la Pileta (Cave of the Lions). The cave is home to a cave of resident lions. The lions look out over the square in a cave view and accept tourists to come in.

While in Seville, make sure to visit “The House of Carmen”, opened in 2011. The House is an interactive art installation of the legend of Carmen in every wall of this fashion house.

Madrid (3 nights)

Day 1: After a smooth connection into Madrid with British Airways, meet our lovely guide Jen for a two night stay in central Madrid

Day 2: Sightsee the palace grounds, walking through the hedge maze, and stop at one of the major plazas, Parque Del Retiro

Day 3: Visit several of Madrid’s HISTORICAL SITES as well as the Casa de Campo, one of two GARDENS located within the city of Madrid

Sevilla (3 Nights)

Day 4: Commence to take a tour of the city and local agriculture as you visit the Parque de Isabel II, walk around the flowers, and see the bullfights in Plaza de Toros

Day 5: Check into our lovely guest house, then head for a stroll through the heart of Seville, stopping at the Prado museum, the Plaza de Espana, the Cathedral, and more

Day 6: One of the most famous sites in all of Spain, the Alcazar, is nearby. Then head to the meat market to see the animals being slaughtered and butchered, along with a chance to get a wonderful example of THE BEST PIñA AND CHIPS IN SPAIN.

Segovia (day trip from Madrid)

A charming hill town known for its churches and flamenco. Segovia is about 2 hours from Madrid

Drive up to the old town and visit the famous “La Alameda” park to see Segovia’s biggest attraction, the City Walls. The walls are over 2km long and 15 stories high. Most of the walls were rebuilds by the Romans. The oldest ruins date back to the I century BC.

Towards the end of the 14th century, the walls were reinforced by the Castillian king Alfonso XI. The top of the walls has 100-meter-tall watch towers. The main gate is only open on special occasions.

In front of the main gate, there is a huge statue of Saint James the Great (Santiago el Mayor). The statue is made entirely of wood.

From the top of the walls, you can see the Castillo de la Nava, a square tower built by Ferdinand and Isabella to protect the main gate. It has a tablet from 1582, which marks the date when the gates were officially closed.


The two weeks on the Costa Brava consists of trips to Barcelona, Girona, Sitges and Costa Brava. This gives you plenty of opportunity to experience the beautiful city of Barcelona and one of the oldest seaports of Europe on Catalunya.

Barcelona consists of much more than just tourism. It also offers the opportunity for cultural and sport activities such as the 'Magic Fountain' at the Montjuic area with a spectacular show of fountains of water, light, music, which is set to lights and music every 20 min.

The city of Girona is known as the city of the world for its architecture, which is considered to be the best in Europe. With 45% of the entire number of historic buildings in Spain being found in Girona, it has a mixture of gothic and renaissance art.

The visit to Barcelona and Girona will certainly be an experience of life. The more active you are, the better your experience will be. If you would like a city break, to meet local people and travel on a budget, Barcelona is one city that you can rely on.

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