10 Most Amazing Destinations in Northern Vietnam

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Mai Chau

Mai Chau, Vu Quang commune, Tong Duy Tanh district, Lai Chau province, is a place of stupendous beauty. After the march by the Ngo Dinh Bo people from Than Hoa in the Spring of 1991, it became the fiefdom of the Ngo family group.

After being a place of great grief and struggles for the Ngo family, it is now home to this mosaic of picturesque mountains and lush green fields.

This land of stunning natural scenery has also been rich in culture and heritage.

Cat Ba Island

The small island of Cat Ba is just off the coast of Haiphong. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls and is the perfect place to chill out, relax, and explore pristine nature. Here are a few of the most beautiful natural destinations in Northern Vietnam.

Koh Peri (Peridot Island)

This is a small island off the southern coast of Cat Ba. The island’s mountainous terrain is made up of steep cliffs and ravines. The area is known for its abundance of peridot, a gemstone, and is also a favorite destination for photographers.

Diem Chau Island

Diem Chau is another beach destination; it’s known for its white sand and clear water. The island’s beaches are quiet and secluded, and it’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most photographed destinations in Vietnam. The bay is one of the second largest in the world. It’s home to an abundance of limestone karst towers that stand out against the blue and green water.

Bai Tu Long Bay

National Park – the national park and World Heritage Site, is one of the three national parks in the country and covers nearly 1800 square kilometers. It is located by the Tien Son Bay, which is a mediterranean sea in the central part of Vietnam peculiarly beautiful landscapes.

The national park is home to a peculiar creatures such as Saola, Endangered Giant Hairy Pig, and the group of Asian Elephant. Moreover, there are also many species of endangered birds like the Lesser Coucal, the Oriental Honey Buzzard, Scarlet Minivet and many more.

The park is a safety and sanctuary to the local residents around the regions while also being a geologic treasure.

The fresh water lakes and rivers, the fantastic landscapes, and the wildlife make it a place that visitors will want to come again and again.

There are two main ways to explore the area. The first and most popular is to go on a tour with a local guide taking you to see the main sights, such as the Black Scimitar Hornbill.

The other option, offered by most guesthouse owners, is a motorbike tour. The advantage of this over a tour is you will get to visit the locations that the tours don’t go.

These tend to be more remote and pristine than the ones seen on the main tour and also visit the seclusion spots.

Detian Falls

(Ta La) Ita Thien District, Quang Binh Province.

Detian falls is the driest waterfall of Vietnam. The water from the Nam Can falls (the outer waterfall) that fall into a 500m deep gorge on the riverside. The high and drying waterfall, beauty of the dream and the rare of the river make it a dream waterfall.

Detian Falls all covered by rainforest and dense tropical nature. There is a water fall of Detian waterfall. One of the pictures on the right is looks like waterfall of the sea. It is very natural looks. The xe om (motorbike taxi) will drop from Thanh Xuan village.

The height of the waterfall is about 80m, width is about 10 and 17m, flows in the gorge surrounded by terraces formed by the river. This brook is really slippery.

Ita Thien District, Quang Binh province:

Ita Thien town:

AFTER the Detian waterfall and than than xe om (motorbike taxi) continue to the Thanh Xuan village in the background.

The main stream of the river, after the fall to the gorge with many terraces and in a completely dry.

After the Thanh Xuan village is the Ta La waterfall.

Ta La waterfall:

Bac Ha

Bac Ha is a small village at the top of the Cu Lao Re hill, in the area of the High Plateau, at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. Its landscape is beautifully formed by nature with the emerald-colored lakes and polished landscapes.

· There are 2 scenic spots in Bac Ha:

· · · ·Truc Lac waterfalls ··Bac Ha Po Sta.

· · Truc lac waterfalls · This is a beautiful waterfall of many colors, which is about a 3.5 KM distance away from Bac Ha. You need to climb the steep path up, then walk about 15 minutes to get to the waterfall, but it is so beautiful.

·Bac Ha Po Sta

· · Bac Ha Po Sta is a traditional village in Bac Ha. It is built along the side of the mountain, facing West.

· It is called Bac Ha Po Sta(······ village on a ridge) and is known as the "Herb village". It is a peaceful and calm village, where you can see many small houses on the edge of the mountain lane.

Tam Coc

Music Waterfalls The Tam Coc Music Waterfalls are located in Tam Coc commune, Ninh Binh province, about 32 kilometers away from Le Relais guest house and 55 kilometers away from Hoi An. The legendary Tam Coc local people who are very familiar with the Tam Coc music waterfall use a kind of traditional folklore to express their thinking. Tam Coc is one of the best day trips not only in Ninh Binh, but in Vietnam itself. Doi Tam Coc means two waterfalls. More exactly, Tam Coc are two nearby waterfalls that are 50 meters high, and they connect with each other by means of a narrow path. There’s a lot of medicinal plants that grow along the Tam Coc stream, and visitors can take frogs and tadpoles to feed. The Tam Coc music waterfalls is also one of the must-visit destinations in Ninh Binh because it is one of the most resort areas in Vietnam.

The Tam Coc Music Waterfalls include waterfalls, green bamboo, different kinds of plants, and many places to get fresh and clean water. Tam Coc waterfalls are considered as one of the most spectacular destinations that many visitors would like to visit during their holidays in Vietnam. The shape of the Tam Coc Music Waterfalls are like a musical instrument.

Ha Giang Province


Sapa or Sa Pa is the most popular hill station in Northern Vietnam. However, do not be misled by this truth. Sa Pa is not a well-known tourist hill resort, it is a living place and unique and picturesque world in itself.

Sa Pa is situated at an altitude of 2100m above the sea level. It is spread out over a good size area and has a population of 30,000. Sa Pa is the capital of the ethnic group “Nu“, who are called the New Lishan in China.

Sa Pa is situated in the mountains in the north of Vietnam. Sa Pa is a natural hot spring area and has a recorded history of 1,000 years. Today, there are still a few traditional and cultural villages that exist unchanged from the past. The most popular spot of Sa Pa is Mai Chau Valley.

This beautiful valley is dotted with gold and silver shops where you can choose your own piece. All kinds of mountain products like batik scarves, shawls, hats, bags, baskets, pujas or other…

Sa Pa is undoubtedly the best place in the north of Vietnam for you to visit. You can bike around, relax on the mountain, taste the local dishes and even practice mountaineering. Canoes and rowing boats are another common way to move through the river, and it is a unique experience to go with them.


Hanoi is a really modern city that doesn’t share much in common with its Vietnamese history.

It’s a safe and clean city with a large amount of accommodations and things to do. The best part of Hanoi is it’s small enough to walk around and get around quickly. The city has many historical and cultural sites that can be easily reached with ease.

Hanoi is home to miles of elevated train tracks that make it very easy to see the city. There are many historical, beautiful and cultural things to see in Hanoi.

The Forbidden City is located in Hanoi and was once the palace of the French colonial government. While the buildings are long gone, the site has been preserved as a museum.

There is a large lake in front of the museum and a small bridge that crosses the water to enter the Forbidden City. The architecture of the buildings is impressive and is representative of French colonial architecture from the mid-1800s.

Inside there are tours that explain the history of the area and the French plantation. There are the remains of some famous comedy shows in the area as well.

Ha Long Bay

This UNESCO World Heritage preserve is the world’s largest bay. This place has been a popular tourist spot for pretty much as long as humans have been around.

The mystery of the bay has been a popular hobby for the public since the 15th century, and most have no doubt heard the story of a group of hermits who leave their cave to escape fire and end up tumbling off a cliff to their demise. Local legend says that if you visit the cave at 7:45 on a Friday evening, you will see the dead hermits walking towards the waterfall. This is the story that has made the bay very popular with tourists over the centuries.

What makes this place so enthralling are the over 200 islands scattered over the 1,665 square kilometer area. The most famous of these is the one called Phi Lang (Snake Island), which is a pyramid-shaped island. Legend has it that a princess met and fell in love with a sea dragon. The dragon agreed to marry the princess, and the only condition was that she had to sleep in a house on Snake Island. When she arrived, however, the house was under attack by the dragon’s servants, and she had to flee to the other side of the island. Since that day, a few of the islands have moved closer together.