7 Most Beautiful Castles Near Madrid

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Aulencia Castle

Aulencia Castle is located in the province of Zamora in the city of Zamora.

The castle is 13th century, from which later was added on a 13th century keep tower and the chapel of San Andrés.

The Gate of Guadalajara Was Added in the 16th Century

The castle was completely renovated in the years 1970.

The castle has been used in a few films, among them "True Lies", "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "You Canóñt Be Serious".

Batres Castle

Castle of La Mota

Coca Castle

Alcazar of Toledo

The Alcazar of Toledo, built on the hill of the same name, is a fortress with origins that date back to the Islamic era. The castle was converted into a Christian fortress and after a period of being a hotel, is now the seat of the Metropolitan University of Toledo. It is also a popular and favorite destination for tourists.

The structure of the Alcazar of Toledo was a key military point for the Christian conquest of the city of Toledo, Castile and León. The Muslims who were in charge of the castle were defeated in 1385 in the last battle of Toledo. Some years later, the Alcazar was converted into a military fortress. Throughout the centuries, it was used as a prison, a convent, a palace for the Spanish kings and the university seat.

The construction of the Alcazar took almost two centuries. It measures

132 meters by 150 meters and has a perimeter of over 590 meters of wall and two towers of 135 meters. This castle has three floors.

New Castle of Manzanares el Real

Alcazar of Segovia


One of the most beautiful Castles that the City of Madrid has to offer is the Alcazar of Segovia, located not too far from the gorgeous city of the same name.

Of course, Segovia is also home to the Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum, and the Treasury of San Isidro. Of all of these, the Alcazar is most famous. It’s been declared one of Spain’s Historical Patrimonio and has even been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

The Segovia Alcazar is incredibly well known and has quite a small number of tour guides for the general public to deal with.

Come with a small group of people, especially if you want to get in and around the area. This is one of the most romantic and complete castles that you will find anywhere in the area surrounding Madrid.

Be sure to come here early in the day.

The Alcazar grounds can be explored in detail in around an hour. When you come here, you’ll be able to visit the royal apartments, the Armory, the Chapel of San Lorenzo, the Armory, and the Guardroom.