5 Most Beautiful Norwegian Fjords

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Nordfjord is a beautiful fjord located on the east coast of Norway. The Nordfjord is the second largest fjord in the world with the largest being the Sognefjord. The Nordfjord is located in the municipalities of Stryn and Flora, in Sogn og Fjordane.

The “Norwegian fjords” are a word that comes from the old Norwegian name for the fjords that are found in most of the western and northern parts of Norway, including some south of the Arctic circle.

Many of the Norwegian fjords feature incredible scenery. Norway is known for having the highest percentage of its territory that is mountainous or highland. It also has the next largest mountain chains in Europe (Mountains of Norway: Urals and Scandinavian mountains).

Some people also refer to the Norwegian fjords and highlands as “The Mountains of Norway”. The mountains in Norway are located on the Scandinavian peninsula in the far north of Europe, between 60 and 80 degrees north (the Arctic Circle).



The massive Hardangerfjord is a wide deep valley carved in the granite mountains of Norway. The only way the two parts of the country could be separated is by water.

The side of the Hardangerfjord facing north is a completely different landscape than the side faced south. The west channel of the large fjord contains all the islands.

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The mountainous region of Hardangerfjord is known for its beautiful views and year-round sun, allowing it to be one of the most popular spots for tourists. There are a number of suitable hiking trails leading up to the peak that rises out of the fjord's mouth. From above the valley looks like a giant U that it has already created to accommodate future cities and its own fair share of vacation homes. But, somehow, the landscape of Hardangerfjord remains undeveloped.


(Lysefjord is also spelled Lysfjord)

The Lysefjord was carved out of the land by a huge glacier about 10,000 years ago. It contains dozens of fjord-side mountain farms where it is possible to buy fresh cheese, fish, and other food products directly from the farmers.

This fjord that is full of narrow inlets, steep hills, until riverbed rock formations. Waterfalls drop down the mountains and into the sea, filling the valley floor with beautiful waterfalls.

The Lysefjord is also home to the Lysebotn Island Resort, which is one of the most popular summertime tourist destinations in Norway.


Sognefjord (also known as the Sognefjord Norwegian Fjord) is a fjord that separates the mainland from the island of Hinnøya and is approximately 28 km (17 miles) long. The fjord is dotted with more than 60 islands, including Moksøya, the second-largest island in Norway.

The fjord is estimated to have 17 million years of geologic history, and its estimated depth is more than 9,000 feet (2,700 meters). It is located along the west coast of the Lofoten archipelago and is known for its scenic beauty.

The Sognefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an abundance of natural resources, including artesian wells and hot springs. The Sognefjord was once filled with icebergs that eventually broke up upon contact with the land. As a result, there is a large deposit of rock and gravel along the western coast of the fjord.

Norwegian Fjords are named after Sognefjorden, the main fjord within the east coast.


If you are looking for most beautiful Norwegian fjord, then you definitely must see this one. A trip to Geirangerfjord is so special that you can expect to have your mind blown by its beauty. The best part is that you can enjoy this beautiful spot even for just about half an hour when you cruise to the trails during your cruise tour.

Geiranger Fjord in Norway

Geirangerfjord, in Norway, is a romantic scene of deep blue water and craggy rock walls, with sheer drops into the sea some 200 meters below. Many cruise tours stop at Geiranger, giving visitors extraordinary scenic views of this breathtaking fjord.

Geirangerfjord is one of the most visited fjord in Norway and one of the most photographed places in the world. Nestled in the mountains of Norway, Geiranger would be impossible to miss.

The best time to visit Geirangerfjord is around May when the area is covered with wild flowers. The wild flowers attract all sorts of wildlife which is in turn, covered by tourists and photographers from around the world. Mosquitoes, flies, and various other bug species can be very bothersome during the summer, but it is worth it to view the amazing wild flowers which are so beautiful and mystical.