7 Most Beautiful Regions in Australia

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New South Wales & ACT

New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are separated from each other by the Blue Mountains; the regions are often abbreviated to NSW & ACT. Inthe two regions together official name is the state of New South Wales.

New South Wales means ‘The South Land’, and was the name given by Captain Arthur Phillip in reward for ‘The Most Civilized’. The South Coast region is one of the most visited regions of New South Wales, featuring beaches, national parks, and a diverse range of accommodation types, all within a short drive of Sydney.

The Hunter Valley is the wine region of New South Wales. The Hunter River Valley, which runs about 200 kilometres from the Hunter Mountains to the sea, is home to over 40 wineries that host tasting rooms, tours, and wine-making demonstrations. The region is famous for its wineries, vineyards, pinot noir vines, and the Hunterregion.

The city of Sydney is one of the most visited cities in Australia, and is home to about 1.3 million people. The area surrounding Sydney is known as the Greater Sydney region. The Greater Sydney region includes the Sydney metropolitan area, as well as several large neighbouring towns and cities such as Newcastle, Wollongong, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast.


Victoria is full of wonderful places to visit. The Mornington Peninsula offers stands of majestic old trees, majestic country houses and a friendly community that recalls times past.

The Central Highlands are vast and rolling. In the north, Lake Eildon is a pretty and peaceful spot which is perfect for camping holidays. The Great Ocean Road is also in Victoria, featuring dozens of picturesque towns. But Victoria Day is perhaps best known for its superb wines, brewed in small family run vineyards.

Queenslander country houses and cabins are a delight to the eye. On the south coast, the grey blue skies and sandy beaches are flanked with hundreds of bold Victorian pines and gum trees.



Queensland is a beautiful region that spans most of the southeast coast of the country. The rivers that flow through this area are some of the most fertile and make the area a host to a range of wildlife as well as easy access to some very luscious green vegetables.

You'll find a lot of groves of fruit trees in this region that make for a very rich range of fruit and vegetables to be found there. In fact, the region is also known for its canning industry which makes a range of jams and preserves.

Northern Territory

The far north has the world’s oldest salt lake, Lake Argyle. It is a striking sight nestled between sandstone peaks, with freshwater which is saline. There are lots of great things to do here, from bird watching to dinosaur digs.

The region provides an abundance of animal life, from killer whales to crocodiles. The region is a rich area of natural beauty and peace.

Cape York and the Great Barrier Reef are a heap of opportunities for the intrepid explorer, with so much to see and do.

The Warrawong Sanctuary is a remarkable location for wildlife watching.

From the land down under come the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, with the most diverse and fascinating biodiversity.

Queensland has more land mass than any other Australian state, stretching 1,820 miles from north to south. Queensland is also home to the greatest variety of environments, from tropical rainforest to coastline and islands.

Among the world’s wildest and most bizarre environments, explore the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef.

Because of the unpredictable climate of Queensland, there are many eco-camping locations to choose from.

The northern coast of Queensland is defined by the Great Barrier Reef and is home to two unique and spectacular rock landforms, The Pinnacle and The Gap.

South Australia

South Australia is one of the most beautiful places to see in Australia. The Flinders Ranges, in the southwest of South Australia, is a unique natural area and gives great views of the landscape. The Boulders National Park, in the northeast of South Australia, has a similar landscape to The Flinders Ranges and includes Estercoble Castle, a castle built by a family that lived in the area.

Lake Eyre is a lake in South Australia. It is the lowest point in Australia, and is home to a variety of wildlife such as eagles, emus, lizards, and snakes. The Lake Eyre which is also known as “the great salt lake,” is also a part of the Nullarbor Plain.

The Nullarbor Plain is a flat lowland area that has a sea of sand, salt, and gravel. It is a monotonous landscape, but a beautiful one. It is home to what some call the world’s biggest inland beach. The Great Sandy Desert is one of the least-developed desert areas in Australia. This is a rough, relentless landscape, and the best place to see unique wildlife.

Western Australia

Western Australia is an ample and magnificent state on the Australian continent. It stretches from the Indian Ocean in the west, to the Great Australian Bight in the south and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north.

It is the fifth largest Australian state in terms of land area, and contains of the southern regions of the Great Sandy Desert, and the Pilbara region, which is also among the world’s largest of flat regions.

The ocean and coral reef are home to a number of interesting creatures, such as the dugong and whales. Some of the most beautiful regions of Western Australia include the most northern regions in the Kimberley, the rocky and stunning islands off the coast of Western Australia, the variety of beaches in Melville, and the variety of deserts and plateaus of Western Australia.


Tasmania is an island in the south-eastern section of Australia. It is home to the famous wildlife “Puke” the emu. There are many places in Tasmania that are only accessible by boat. The south coast is a very beautiful place that is well worth the drive.

There is also a great hike up Mount Field along the Great Sandy Strait, which is the largest seawater gulf in the world. It is a very beautiful area with lots of wildlife and perfect for fishing and wildlife watching.

On the west coast of Tasmania there are beaches that are pretty much famous in their own right. During the summer, the entire west coast is excellent for surfing.

The beach at Kentish is known around the world and leads to one of the biggest waves in the world, which is guaranteed to give you an awesome experience regardless of your skill level.

The beach, along with most on the west coast of Tasmania, is known as the east coast of Tasmania. It is substantially cooler than the west coast, which makes for a great day trip.