12 Most Beautiful Regions of the United States

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New England

The northern half of Massachusetts, Levi Strauss’s home state, is where the two main regions of New England start. The Appalachian Range to the south makes way for rolling hills and farms. The White Mountains and the hills of Southern New Hampshire are the perfect backdrop for the fall foliage.

The best place to explore forests and rolling hills is in New Hampshire, which is where The White Mountain National Forest is nestled. There are many hiking trails in the national forest, and the length of the trails vary from short strolls to longer treks.

The mountains in Vermont don’t rise like the mountains in New Hampshire. Instead, they spread out, and rolling hills are the dominant shapeshifting landscape.

The Southwest region is made up of Vermont, the mountains of New Hampshire, Maine, and the Canadian border. A trip to the southwest is to experience excellent scenery, history, and diversity. Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine, is also the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, which makes it a must-visit destination.

New England’s diversity makes it a fascinating region for any traveler looking to explore.


Fall is in the air! This corner of the nation is full of great thinkers and explorers, as well as glorious heritage.

As the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are often grouped together, their communities are similar in many ways. First, they are both culturally diverse and their residents are none the wiser.

Below is a list of 12 of the most beautiful regions within the scope of the Mid-Atlantic region.


At the very top of the food chain is Nantucket. Looking for a vacation spot full of history and culture? This island has become a popular tourist destination.

One of the perks to living here is that you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend a large amount of time in the ocean.

There are a few beaches located near the village of the island, including Main Street Beach.

Follow the Main Street Beach Trail to the top of the hill and take in the view of the harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.

This is free, open to the public, and offers a pristine view.

Catskill Mountains

After enjoying the ocean views and the beautiful beaches, take a nice relaxing walk through the Catskill Mountains.

These mountains are characterized by a number of things, including a natural beauty and the art that travels through their veins.

One of the most popular places to visit in upstate New York is the Catskill Mountains.

The South

Although the term “Southwest” will refer to one geographically defined region, the Southwestern United States is a diverse and vibrant area. Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and California all have their own unique flavor.

Here are some fascinating facts about each of the states and some of the most beautiful places in the Southwestern United States.

Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is known for its colorful sand dunes, sparkling lake, and rugged hills.

The geography and geology of the valley influenced much of the architecture and engineering of the town of Death Valley.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the United States, spanning 37 miles (60 kilometers) in length and 12 miles (19 kilometers) in width at its widest point.

Located in California, Lake Tahoe is well known for its clarity and scenery. The lake provides great views of the Sierra Nevadas and the high peaks of the Alpine Range.

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is located in the northern part of New Mexico and is the seventh longest cave in the United States.

Visitors can explore a vast network of underground passages, which have exceeded 10 miles (16 kilometers) in length.

Antelope Canyon


Florida is simply a beautiful place. Whether it is the beachside resorts with crystal-clear aquamarine water, or the East coast marketplaces that have a truly unique feel to it like Marco Island or Fort Myers Beach, they are all truly beautiful places to visit.

The state also boasts many activities, such as the Florida Everglades, or the natural springs in Central Florida which are protected.

There are so many great adventures to have in this beautiful state, and any visitor who comes to enjoy the beaches or the springs can experience the true Florida culture first hand.


Chicago, Illinois has some beautiful places. The Chicago River at Chicago Riverwalk is a great place to sit outside and enjoy some great views or walk down by the river. There is the Centennial Wheel which is a ferris wheel and is definitely a city must for visitors. Another great view is from The Ledge! t is a glass cube that offers visitors, Chicago’s iconic skyline, 360 degree panoramic views and total privacy. A cool monument is the Block Museum. The museum is next to the Field Museum and there you can see things like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and skeletons of dinosaurs long dead. The Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) is a 107-story building located in the Loop, Chicago, Illinois. The building, designed by Alfred M. Toomay Co. and constructed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, has been named as Chicago’s number one attraction by American Business Magazine. It is also the world’s tallest building and you can see it from anywhere in the city at one of the Skydeck Observatories.


(comfortably the biggest state)

The state of Texas is the second-largest state by area in the United States and the 27th most extensive. It was the first part of the United States to be settled by Europeans, with the most recent European encounter being in the late 15th century. During the first century of European contact, most of the native population died out due to new infectious diseases, and the survivors were absorbed into the Spanish population.

The state’s diverse geography ranges from the lush woodland and expansive floodplains of the east, to the tall mountains that are the backbone of the rocky terrain west, to the arid desert and the rocky shores of the Gulf of Mexico that face the Gulf of Mexico to the west. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the state is the nation’s leading producer of wind energy and is fourth in the production of solar power.

Texas is notable for leading the U.S. in voter turnout.

The state is part of the larger region known as the Texas Triangle. This area consists of several metropolitan areas stretched across numerous counties, and is home to the headquarters of several major American companies.

The rural agricultural areas in Texas consist of the entire coastal Prairie area as well as the Cross Timbers, between the Balcones Fault and Colorado River. This belt was once thick with trees, but today consists mostly of farmland used for livestock.


The Southwest region is huge, featuring desert, mountains, mountains, and more mountains. What it lacks in urban centers it makes up for in breathtaking natural beauty.

But even Mother Nature has different personalities. This region can be divided into four parts based on their personality.

The Southwest region is split in two by the Arizona-Utah border. The two parts then cover a diagonal line running northwest-to-southeast.

Parts 3 and 4 are along the southern border of New Mexico.

There are three major mountain ranges:

Southern Rockies: These mountains run parallel to the Cascade Range.

Rocky Mountains: This range runs north-south and is actually three ranges in one: the Front Range, Middle Range, and the Southern Rockies.

Cascade Range: These rugged mountains are the most famous range in the United States. The name is actually pretty misleading. Cascades don’t really require water to be wet; they just require a flow of water.

On the other hand, the largest metropolitan area is San Francisco, California. It also happens to be in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and has the Golden Gate Bridge that connects San Francisco and Marin County on the north end of the San Francisco peninsula. Another large area includes Sacramento, California, the state capital with 1,815,000 residents.


California is a state in the western part of the United States. It's bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north by Nevada and Oregon. California is the most populous state in the United States, with 37.8 million people.

California is a popular vacation destination, owing to its diversity of landscapes.

Los Angeles is the capital of California.

The Great Lakes State

One of the most diverse states in the United States, Michigan is known for it's wilderness and resources.

Michigan was the home of the Copper Country, where the largest ore deposits in the world were discovered in the 19th century.

Michigan is the leading producer of furniture in the United States.

Michigan is home to the nation's largest lake, Lake Michigan.

Michigan has the country's highest (federal-guideline) maximum speed limit; and the country's highest maximum alcohol tolerances for drivers.

Pacific Northwest

There’s no place quite like the Pacific Northwest. From the mountains and beaches to the forests and grasslands, this spectacularly beautiful region of the United States is inspiring hikers and vacationers alike. Whether you’re looking for an extensive national park or a short getaway, there’s a Pacific Northwest landscape suit you.

Mount Rainier

The natural beauty of Washington begins in the glaciers and forests of Mount Rainier National Park. This majestic, snow-capped mountain towers above its surrounding landscape below. You can reach the summit by a few long hikes or by helicopter.

From the top, you can see many different landscapes, one of the most famous being the Paradise Valley. This glistening valley is an extremely popular hiking location.

Mount Rainier is one of the most visited mountains in the North Cascades, so be prepared for crowds.

Mount Rainier is also a religious area for the native people.

Olympic National Park

The Pacific Ocean meets the area known as the Oceanside in the Olympic National Park, where you can witness everything from towering waterfalls to open beaches. One of the most popular hikes is to the Monte Cristo Waterfall and Cascadia, which provides an amazing view of the forest and ocean from its highest point.

Rocky Mountains

The Rockies consist of a series of mountain ranges in eastern Canada and the western and northern United States. The Rocky Mountains stretch up to a height of 7,000 feet about 800 miles from east to west across Canada, and almost 1,000 miles in the United States. The mountains are a part of the North American Cordillera.

The Rockies are among the most rugged and spectacular mountain ranges in the world, with an economy of rugged peaks that rise abruptly from the surrounding prairie land through a striking backdrop of spectacular rock formations, grand glaciers and spectacular display of the extremes of light and shadow.

Most of the mountain ranges listed in the above article create a rather striking westward view of North America. The Rocky Mountains within the smallest territory are among the most stunning in the world.

Famous Lakes in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains contain numerous scenic lakes that are quite popular among the visiting public. A trip to any of these lakes is sure to please the senses. Please note that lakes are defined here as bodies of water that do not have rivers flowing into them. This designation does not include streams or rivers.

There are a few areas of Canada where visitors flock during the summer. Many of the lakes listed in the article above are conveniently located near the popular tourist areas. Visitors love to grab a fresh catch of fish, head down to the fish caught in the lake and then enjoy the meal on the dock.


Alaska has many strange features, not the least of which are the few temperate rainforests left in the world. The state is also known for its spectacular mountains and coasts, and the remote outposts that have managed to hold onto their traditions while evolving with the times.

Alaska offers excellent hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Alaska is known for its majestic wildlife, including Dall sheep, black bears, moose, and caribou.

Alaska is also an excellent place for those wanting to learn outdoor living skills.

State motto: “North to the future, South to the past”

State bird: Ptarmigan …


Most people have heard of Hawai'i (Hawaiian for “the islands of Hawaii”) but have only seen pictures of the tropical paradise at their fingertips. Hawaii is well known for its clear blue water, beaches, and beautiful cultures. But did you know it’s also a state filled with mountains and valleys? Here are some landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States.

Volcanic Craters

Volcanic craters are located in the eastern side of the state. There are 2 major volcanic craters in this area.

Kilauea Volcano

In the center of the crater is the active volcano: Kilauea. This crater is still active, despite its active lava flow and eruptions in 1955, 1960, and 1964. A newly-formed lava lake is seen to the right of center and is believed to have formed in 1965. Haleakala is popular for its black sand, with the mountain proving popular for hiking with summit tours also offered.