10 Most Famous Streets in the World

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Lombard Street

San Francisco, California.

Lombard Street is 7.49 miles (12.21 km) long. It is famous for its many crooked turns.

Lombard Street is a major east-west thoroughfare in San Francisco, California which was named after Peter A. B. Lombard, second supervisor, in 1851. Its ended at Presidio Boulevard (California 280).

Lombard Street starts in the Presidio of San Francisco and extends eastwards, terminating at a T-intersection at 100 Sacramento Street and the entrance to Santiago Square, which is also the western terminus of Taylor Street. The street ends at Van Ness Avenue, which blocks the view of the street's famous bend.

The idea of the name is curious in itself. People believe Lombard was an engineer who built the first road in San Francisco. Lombard or his supervisor, however, in his report, invented the rule of the road that is valid in all cities, and is irreversible.

The actual road, however, was built in 1772 and was called Calle de los Fundadores (Founders' Street) because the city's first doctor, hospital, and church were on the street.

Abbey Road

London – 11,359 words – Kensington, London.

The most famous street in the world is Abbey Road.

The Beatles once used this street to make a fantastic music video. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr all created their own unique sound in order to make it apart of the music video in the movie, A Hard Day’s Night.

The Beatles ruled the music world when this music video was recently produced. The Walk of Fame Association began inducting people in the music industry, and they are ranked as one of the best of all time.

The street is named after its position near the abbey of Westminster. Abbey Road is mentioned in the 1964 number one hit “She Loves You”. The street originally had a short section that was known as “Piccadilly” and then ended at an old mansion named “Abbey Lodge. It was only during the 1970s that the street extended to the zebra crossing at the corner of Abbey Road sign.

Today it is a regular place for street performers and offers free outdoor classical concerts due to the extremely quiet atmosphere no longer there.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

This lot lives up to its Hollywood name with its pink granite stones that line the sidewalk.

La Rambla

Orchard Road

(Singapore): More Than 200 Shops.

It is one of the most famous shopping centres in Singapore. The Orchard Road is located in the centre of Singapore and is probably one of the most famous shopping centres in the world. As it is located in the heart of the country, it is the best place to find Chinese medicines, household items, gifts and many other things.

Furthermore, Orchard road is a part of Singapore, which is a parliamentary republic. Politicians and business men and women are usually visiting the area, not only because of the large number of shops and the many tourists, but also because there is a good connection with the other parts of the city.

The precinct also has an exclusive shopping centre named the Orchard Gateway. This centre is unique as it has a pagoda with a distinctive roof resembling a Chinese temple. This pagoda is not only a tourist attraction but also the symbol of the famous shopping centre.

Another interesting part of Orchard road is the Singapore city part. It is a shopping zone located more or less in the centre of the city. Here you will find different shops, small restaurants and fast food outlets. There is also a cinema with several restaurants, stores and a club in its basement. The Singapore city part is also a centre for the most commercial and fashionable night life in Singapore offering a wide range of entertainment activities for the visitors, from business meetings to night clubs.

Khao San Road

The Khao San road is one of the most dog-friendly in the world. It’s even considered the dog capital of Asia and is nowadays a must see for people visiting Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. The reason for the popularity of this place is how uniquely the place is laid out. The road has been constructed in such a way that it resembles a maze with many corners and dead ends. Thus it becomes difficult for anyone to track the pack of dogs through a street. The bustling tourists and locals provide ample food for the pack, and the dogs are only too happy to let someone come and take their picture.

This place has become a popular site for tourists as a dog backdrop for their photos. There are many photo studios in the area where they sell photos taken of tourists with their dogs. The pets now earn a lot more than they used to and their owners are quite happy as well.

The pets are cared for by looking after them. This is one of the most common practices in this area.

But that’s not all. Khao San is home to many small-scale shops, where people sell goods from lots of different countries. People here generally love to shop, but they also enjoy spending time at the window watching their pets play. No wonder this area is a popular destination for tourists like you.

Wall Street

In Manhattan, USA.

Wall Street is the world’s most famous street and financial center. The term "Wall Street" has become a metonym for the US financial market in general. The street runs through Lower Manhattan from Broadway to the Financial District entrance of the latter. Breaking from the Transverse "Wall Street" runs three blocks from the southern end of Trinity Place to Broadway at the northern end of that street.

The Wall Street in New York has always been one of the couple of most important financial markets in the world and Wall Street has been playing a major role in the growth of New York City since the early days of its settlement. The first blocks of Wall Street now bearing the name of the famous street first opened in 1653 as part of a campaign by the new English governor Thomas Willett to extend the street southward towards the homes of the wealthy in future Greenwich Village.

The financial center was known as the "Great Street," "Board of the Governors," or "Main Street" before being named in German as "Die vier Walles," or "Weichseler Mahn Strasse," by local realtors after a new section of the street, called Wall Street, was almost completely destroyed in the British capture of New York in 1776.

Via Dolorosa

This is the street where Jesus was carried to Calvary and ended His journey to the cross, dying on a cross while people mocked Him.

A pilgrimage to the Via Dolorosa is a powerful experience, seeing the very street where Jesus suffered for love.

Via Dolorosa is the most popular street in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. There is a large open circle at the center of the old city, and a large Church is built around it with a very old church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and a large modern church built within it dedicated to Our Lady.

The Chapel of Calvary is one of the most important sites in the world, and many religious pilgrimages come here to pray.

Via Dolorosa is traditionally lit at night, in memory of the street lamps that were removed when Mary and Joseph sought shelter there. There are many places of worship, and the whole area is popular with tourists.

This is considered sacred ground, and no shootings or fighting are allowed on it.

Physically sick people usually went to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as a last resort.

Via Dolorosa is a very busy street and it is the center of traffic in the Old City of Jerusalem. There are many benches and shops in the area …

There are many things that you can do here:

Las Vegas Strip


"You can’t have fun if you don’t go to Vegas." No one knows better than tourists visiting Las Vegas all the reasons why this is the world’s most famous street. The glitz, glamour and variety of attractions make this international destination a one-stop shop for entertainment and more. The Venetian, Bahamas, Caesars Palace are a few of the many sights you’ll find along this named street.

From extravagant shows to excessive gambling, rising above the bright lights of the Strip are the equally spectacular surrounding mountains and the constantly changing kaleidoscope of colors from their ever-blooming flowers. A treasure trove of historical landmarks, the Strip is home to such architectural icons as the Eiffel Tower, the Luxor and the Egyptian pyramid at Luxor.

There are many destinations that are recognized as being on the Street. However, the Las Vegas Strip does not just refer to the road. It is a pedestrian thoroughfare that comprises host to the majority of the world’s top-class tourist sites available to the public.

Las Vegas Boulevard is the strip as no one has ever seen it – with the new, wide road layout, it provides way for a full-throttled afternoon of sightseeing even on a rainy day.



The word Champs-Elysées literally means …fields of light”; and, is the most famous, luxurious and largest boulevard in the world. It is a tree-lined street and it makes up the entire western side of the 16th arrondissement in Paris.

It begins near the Arc de Triomphe, and continues past the Place de la Concorde, with the Tuileries Gardens, Jardin des Tuileries and Louvre. After the Triangle d’Invalides, it runs past the Opéra Garnier (opera house) to the Place de la Madeleine, where it joins the tree-lined avenue Montmartre.