19 Most Popular Cyclades Islands

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Anafi island is located in the east of the Cyclades in Greece. It is the biggest Aegean uninhabited island. The island covers an area of 1.83 square kilometers and its population ranges from 50 to 80 residents, although the figure can fluctuate significantly according to tourism. It has a remarkable landscape. It was vegetated by a picturesque mixture of shrubs, grasses, pine trees and agricultural crops. There are two main villages on the island with some small hamlets. The houses are made of sun dried bricks. This mild climate creates a favorable environment to grow grapes, olives and bananas. For fishing, the island has a large fleet and the most famous fish are sea bass, hakes and sea bream.

You can get around by walking on the main paved road or by bicycle. The islands’ main industries are agriculture and tourism, with only a small industrial sector. The two main villages, Anafi and Agia Marina, have a number of churches. There are a few hotels, restaurants and a touristic port, where boats arrive from Naxos, Ios and Mykonos in Greece and from Italy. Not far from the island, there is a marina for large yachts and large fishing vessels.


One of the main harbors on the east side of the island, it is in my opinion, perhaps the most beautiful harbor in the Cyclades. Nearby islands are Rhos Sympolites, with its impressive remains of ancient Ayia Triadha and Ayios Antonios, and Sapaton, with its numerous grottos and caves. In Kimolos, there are also many picturesque small bays along the waterfront, where small fishing boats can be seen.

Baths, beaches and walkways make this a popular tourist destination with the summer tourist population.

There are also very nice hotels with sandy beach areas, which are also used as much for their outdoor pools as they are for swimming.

The problem with this popular island is that it gets too crowded with the tourists in season. You will frequently have to fight the crowds in some of the beaches, and the summer noise on the streets of the old city will awaken the dead on the quietest of nights.



The rocky island of Kythnos is part of the Cyclades group of islands in Greece. The island is located in the Aegean Sea, between Ikaros and Folegandros islands.


The island's official population is 1,182 residents, but it is likely that the number of permanent residents to be less than 200 inhabitants. The main town is Kouloura (population: 93 inhabitants).

The island is part of the Municipality of Folegandros, which itself is part of the Cyclades.


The island is some 5.3 nautical miles long and 5.3 nautical miles wide. It covers an area of 34.84 square miles.

Administrative Division

The island is divided into three administrative districts:

  • – Karpenia
  • – Fourni
  • – Kouloura


The island is made up of two main hills, one in the center and one on the northeast part. The highest point of the island is at an altitude of 820 meters. Kythnos can be reached by motor vehicles without particular problems, and there is a small port of Gialova.

Asphalt Roads

The island has asphalt roads in the main settlements, and paved roads exist in Kouloura.


(Island in Cyclades, Greece)

Number of islands in the Cyclades group: 7

Number of islands in the Cyclades group: 7 Annual rainfall: 500mm

Annual rainfall: 500mm Highest month of rainfall: December

Highest month of rainfall: December Highest point: Kiniyama

Highest point: Kiniyama Capsize frequency: 20 – 25 %

Capsize frequency: 20 – 25 % Anti-capsize system: 1

Anti-capsize system: 1 Built date: 1873

Built date: 1873 Class: BIC

Class: BIC Length: 29 metres

Length: 29 metres Maximum range: 1km

Maximum range: 1km Number of passengers/seats: 25

Number of passengers/seats: 25 Number of double cabins: 8

Number of double cabins: 8 Capacities per cabin: 4

Capacities per cabin: 4 Class: CC-class

Class: CC-class Length: 23.5 metres

Length: 23.5 metres Maximum range: 1km

Maximum range: 1km Number of passengers / seats: 23

Number of passengers / seats: 23 Number of double cabins: 12

Number of double cabins: 12 Capacities per cabin: 2


The name of the island originates from the ancient Greek “Sifnos.”

It is long and thin, and its central spine is straight, like the pen of a fountain pen. This strait-shaped island takes its name from its shape, like the ancient "Styx" or “Stygia,” from which it derives and whose name is derived from the Greek "Styx", the goddess of the river Styx (the one that served as a boundary between earth and the underworld). “Sifnos” translates to “of the bend/round/circle/crescent/slope.”

It is also the only island in Greece with such a mysterious and sacred origin.


Island: The largest island in the Navarino prefecture, Koufonisia is famous for its vegetation and beautiful beaches. The largest town on the island, Pyrgos, is a great place to stay, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades.

The island’s main source of income is tourism, and there are essential services for visitors. Furthermore, tourism plays an important role in the island’s economy. So, if you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches on Koufonisia, you can do so without any problems.


One of the Cyclades islands

Folegandros is the largest of the Cyclades islands and lies between Naxos and the Peloponnese. It is 35 km long and 14 km wide; it covers an area of 483 sq km.

Its main attraction is its unique and extensive coastline. The main sights include:

  • Limenas Beach is a small, sandy beach in front of the port and is a favourite with the more adventurous. There are some hotels of note.
  • Chrysos, a beach with a small beach bar, is also a good place to eat, although even more isolated than Limenas.
  • Ano Meria is the main holiday makers’ beach. Here you can find lots of hotels and restaurants, although it is quite popular in summer and the access is a bit restricted.

The island is particularly popular with Greek and German tourists although it attracts a decent amount of British people too and has more facilities for them than many of the other Cyclades islands.

It is very active during the summer months, particularly in July and August when it is full of local and visiting Greeks and Germans.

Like the other Cyclades islands it has beautiful beaches, good water sports and is a very popular destination in summer and on the major Greek holidays.


Amorgos is a large island in the Cyclades archipelago in Greece. Its capital is Myrina and this island is the third largest of the Cyclades. Its area is 275 square kilometers and it is 10 kilometers in width.

It was inhabited since prehistoric times by a very old Greek civilization and there is a mountain that dates back before the Cycladic era whose name is Zygouries. It is a very interesting place with many earthquakes.

This island would be considered in Greece as one of the most important for you to visit, attracted by the attractions of this Autochthonous Nymphaeum and the abundant vegetation.

The island of Amorgos is very rich in unique springs and creeks that offer all kinds of fresh water which is a rare thing in this region of the world.

As a result, many people started to invest in agriculture creating a thriving economy. Because of the sea surrounding the island, they have done what many others had not done in Cyclades by creating rich wines with grapes from a variety of types of local grapes.

Traditional painted houses are the most common houses of the island.

Also, there are the typical traditional pebbles, without the original color and variety, but still with the same shape.


Island : The island of Syros is the third largest of the Cyclades islands. It is considered to be one of the best islands for its beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Its capital city is the city of Ermoupolis. Syros is a rich historical, artistic and religious heritage.

You can visit the Monastery of Saint John, the Church of Saint Polycarp, Saint George's Plateau, the Saint Mary of Kalikratis Monastery, the Historical Museum, Sculptures Museum, and the ancient Imerovigli Cave Houses.

Another interesting place you can visit is the ancient theatre where the Olympic games were held in antiquity. Also you can visit the famous Nikolaos Kavafis Cave Houses, featuring the masterpieces of painter Nikolaos Kavafis.


Andros is certainly a fantastic sun destination. The popular island attracts lots of summer boat trips. To get a real feel for the beauty of the island, you must climb up to the highest point and see the Mediterirstan Sea , with its islands and islets in the distance.

A large sand beach of fine white sand harbors a large bay with crystal clear, emerald-green water. A dark green forest tucked under the mountains creates a charming contrast with the sparkling beach.

The centre of the island is honeycombed with massive limestone caves. The cave system stretches about 3 km in the north-west direction to Drakata, the main town. A fantastic tropical garden, created by the local population, is beautifully in tune with the natural surroundings.

When you are exhausted from the day’s activities, rest in one of the spas and enjoy your relaxing massage in the centre of Andros.



Antiparos has the largest population of any of the Cyclades islands and has one of the highest temperatures. It's also the most well known of the Cyclades and has been an important destination for tourism and political reasons since ancient times.

It's known for its beaches, which are the island's trademark. There is no shortage of excellent beaches on Antiparos. The most famous is the Panagia beach, which is backed by an almost precipitous cliff-face. It's said that the local residents used to tie goods and children to the branches of the trees in order to protect them from thieves.

Beyond the beaches of Antiparos, there are many miles of hiking trails, which you can follow around the island, clinging to the rocks where they're less steep or hiking right along the shore in the more protected areas.

Antiparos island, which is located about 60 km from the Greek mainland, is the second largest of the Cyclades group. The population of the island fluctuates a little, but usually around 2,200. If you incorporate the nearby uninhabited islets, the population of the island is around 15,000.



We are coming to the end of our company’s week-long adventure. This night, we will stay in a seaside village named the Milos Bay.

The boat leaves from the Milos beach and heads in a north-westerly direction. We can see Kastro Milos to the east and other islands to the south and west.

Below, you can see the red and white spherical roofs and the triangular roofs of the traditional houses and the shining Sunken City in the middle of the lagoon. This city was built on and over the ruins of an ancient settlement.

The boat approaches the island of Amorgos where we will spend the night.

Our final destination is the island of Lefkada, with its sunny beaches and crystal blue waters.


Cyclades We like Ios, the sunny, beautiful island in the Cyclades, because it’s very photogenic. But mostly we just love it because we landed there and we were the only people on the island. And we were in love.

The village of Ios is lovely, with its whitewashed houses rising up out of the flat plains behind the harbor. But Ios itself is mainly known for Patmos, the rocky islet immediately across the water. Although they are separated by a 2 km channel, the scenery is famously similar: brown, barren-looking rocks and pine trees. This is not a beach holiday destination.


Home to lively, colorful villages and a beautiful landscape, Tinos Island is also known as the “Venus of the Aegean.” The island is only twenty minutes away from Piraeus, the port of Athens and is a delightful attraction for visitors.

The capital’s mild winters are perfect for visiting this place and you should definitely try its hotels. Pick one that goes hand in hand with your travel needs so that you can relax and rejuvenate both mentally and physically after a long day.

There are a variety of hiking trails, villages and beaches on this island and you can also hire a yacht to explore the nearby waters. A trip to Tinos will definitely take you from sun to sand and back to sun again.

Bougatsa Beach could be easily mistaken for a painting of this white sandy beach on a balmy day … The island offers many activities to choose from, especially if you start with the Getari, Tinos’ old and romantic bazaars that have a traditional Greek touch to them.

You can be entertained by watching local trades, tasting authentic Greek cuisine and acquainting yourself with the unique way of life that these people are proud of. The island offers a balance between ancient and modern culture, which is why you will never get tired of it.


Greek island and part of Cyclades chain. Naxos has many attractions for every type of tourist. The island is famous for Delos, regarded as the birthplace of religious movement, and miniature figurines, one of the beauties of Cyclades. There are also many beaches with crystal clear water on the island.


(Paros Island)

Paros is the largest of the Cyclades islands and it is also the place where the Blue Cruise starts. Famous attractions are the Blue Caves, located in the northeast of the island which are not too far away from the village and the well-preserved medieval town of Parikia.

There is also a Selino beach with white sand and crystal clear water. The Parikia Castle, which is built in the Venetian style, is an important monument and a great place to have a drink. The capital, Argostoli, is also a must-see.


  • Total Area: 111 Sq.Km
  • Year it was Discovered: ‬1928
  • Introduction of Tourism: ‬1948
  • Mykonos is situated on the southern tip of the island of the Cyclades, an independent nation. It is known for its numerous beaches, ancient churches, windmills, traditional villages and for the important role it has played in the history of art and culture. Here you can find typical Cyclades architecture which combined the best elements of the architecture from the Aegean Islands and the Mediterranean.
  • Mykonos has been dominated by tourism since the 60s. Today it is known as a resort island for both visitors and residents. The island is divided into different squares; the commercial and the tourist areas in the capital or Chora, the smaller villages of Ano Meria, Arkovouno, Foures Karkalou, Plakias, Paradise and the natural area known as Mastichari on the West Coast.


Santorini is the first of the Cyclades islands to be discovered and is the largest; most of what you see today is the result of a major explosion in the 15th century. As a result, you will find many pinnacles and beaches. Santorini houses the most beautiful view of Thira, the old settlement.

Its capital, Fira, is found on the southern edge of the island. Its white houses with dome dots on the rooftops were inspired by the circular construction of the Greek island of Crete. This town is well-known for its various sights, including a small amphitheater and a panoramic view of the village.

Its other popular features are the remains of Akrotiri, the ancient city of Thira, and Volakas Beach, where you can see the famous white houses of Santorini with their dome dots. This is one the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

Food: Santorini is a food paradise. It offers a wide variety of seafood like prawns, octopus, squid, and mussels. It is also known for its shellfish, such as clams, mussels, and shrimp. Other dishes include fish and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados.