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10 Ancient Egyptian Monuments

Although they managed some amazing feats of engineering and construction in the ancient times, the Egyptians left little behind for the modern world – everything was systematically destroyed to make way for their new structures.

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The continent of Australia offers mind-blowing natural wonders and a unique culture. Check out our guide to 25 of the best places to visit in Australia.

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New York City is one of the most exciting and exciting cities in the world. However, with so many attractions around, it is difficult to pick the best and the most interesting ones.

8 Largest Zoos in the World

If you look at the statistics, you may be surprised to learn that zoos worldwide are actually in the red. The majority of zoos are faced with increasing costs and decreasing revenue.

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

You can’t go to L.A. without visiting the most fantastical sights this wild and wonderful city has to offer. In fact, if you visit L.A. without seeing these 10 attractions, then you’re… well, you know the rest.

10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon

Want to visit a place that is wonderful, but you don’t know where to go in Oregon? Here are 10 places in Oregon that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Chicago

Chicago has a lot to offer. It’s a city of many world-class attractions, from the skyscrapers in the city’s downtown to museums, parades and museums in the suburbs.