10 Things to Do in the French Riviera

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Iles d'Hyeres

Iles d'Hyeres is a beautiful island on the French Riviera.

The island is made up of two parts: one is the Old Town of Hyeres and the other is the Prehistoric cave with a small harbor. The island was inhabited by the Egyptians during the Pharaohs’ reign.

Today, the island is a popular destination with tourists and residents who love to take advantage of the “Old Town”. This is a peaceful area full of magnificent trees, flowers and flowers.

It’s also a great place to get inspired with its open and calm atmosphere.

Tip: In the evening, the lights of the Old Town shine nicely at night.


The old part of Eze Village has been designated a SNCF Heritage Station. The station has no restaurant or houses onsite. Just this old station building selling tickets and looking very run-down with a large bus stop outside.

If you have a lot of time to kill, a lot of walking, and a lot of curiosity, you can do a 3km walk (1.84 miles) back to the second station in Eze from the Eze Village station. The purpose of this walk is to see the water from the old station building.

You will see several construction projects that are only just starting.

I imagine that this will grow in the next year or two with more and more projects.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Yacht Club, Antibes.

The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild Yacht Club's (VERYC) signature restaurant, Hôtel restaurant de Haÿ-les-Roses, is home to a unique panorama terrace that overlooks the old port of Antibes and the surrounding areas.

The deep-sea diver portholes and the vaulted ceiling of this historic restaurant recreate the atmosphere of a private yacht club. The yacht club is a place where modernism and tradition blend uniquely with extraordinary elegance.

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Corniche de l'Esterel

France's most famous beach is just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. The easy access combined with a choice of excellent beaches make it the perfect place to lay an Easter egg hunt. The beach is not exclusively for swimming but that does not mean it is not designed for those who want to just relax and enjoy the sun and the views.

The beach is set against the backdrop of rocky cliffs. These cliffs and the river into which they empty are home to a great many birds from seagulls to terns. As well as enjoying the sea views, it is not difficult to make the walk to the mouth of the river which is home to many fish species.

Afoot in the Old City

The old city is the real treasure of Menton. It is a place of history, 100% pedestrian and a place in which to wander amongst the red-tiled roofs. The shops, cafes and restaurants are the first you will come across with narrow cobblestone streets and numerous alleyways inviting you to pause and enjoy the atmosphere.


No French get-away is complete without a visit to the Côte d'Azur, and probably the best way to get to Nice from the Riviera Ferries and from there to the Train, and TGV's will get you up to Cannes in no time!

If you're traveling during the spring and summer, you can take a European vacation that delivers a taste of traditional music, that unobtainable luxury vacation, and timeless art and culture.

When you take a train trip to the French Riviera, you can check luggage for no charge and enjoy the sites of France with unlimited access to all the delicious meals and snacks on the Zéro-Gaspée(zero-gasping) trains.

The train route serves all of the coast from as far north as Nice and Eze and as far south as Cannes.

The train will take you south as along the coast and then west into the quaint hillside town of Grasse.

The views of the Mediterranean and the French Riviera are captivating as you travel through the pleasant hillsides of the countryside and the coastline.

The trains stop in every town on the route, giving you the opportunity to travel through truly attractive areas.

The French Riviera Train operates year round, with regular service from any station on the route.

Saint-Paul de Vence


& Monaco. The French Riviera is known for its stunning beaches, incredible food, and this excites travelers from all over. The stunning churches and cathedrals of Antibes and Monaco are a beautiful contrast to the hotels and resorts which are sure to spoil you.

Antibes & Monaco

It’s said that Antibes has 16 churches ! There’s no better place than this for a day of sightseeing and sight drinking!

Foot of Monaco—Twice a day, dressed in your finest French Riviera attire, gather in front of this spot for a mini-photo-op!

Better yet, bring your camera to take pictures of the cars that will drive slowly down the promenade!

Feet of Monaco

Off La Croisette, the street that runs parallel to the beach, you’ll find a number of unmarked steps that lead to this notoriously beautiful place.

After climbing up, you’ll find some nice photos, but more importantly, you’ll be able to pet the dog’s of some of the most stylish homes in the world!

St Tropez


Nice is one of the top tourist destinations in the world because of its weather, beauty, people, and the cultural and historical heritage.

Nice is also an honor to those who have lived and worked in Nice. The city’s motto "To Be The Best, We Need To Learn The Most" is not only the motto of Nice, but of the entire region. The motto is a homage to those who, in the past, were always linked by personal and professional obligations to the development of the city.

There are many activities you can enjoy in Nice, but the most famous are the walks to see the local architecture and decoration, strolls in the gardens, appreciation of the special lighting, the views from the hilltop lookout points, and visits to museums and art galleries, to the Boulevard du Març and to Chagall’s paintings.

Nice is home to contemporary painters. Chagall’s work represents more than 200 years of art history, but a contemporary painter that has become very popular in Nice is Beddington. You can also find fine work by Lucien Claudet, who was born in Nice and was a friend of Chagall. In Nice, you will find the fashion of India or clothing from the 20th century that have been recreated by local designers.


Located on a tiny rock of a peninsula, the Principality of Monaco has the highest GDP per capita in the world.

The small-scale city is perched on the French Riviera in the southernmost region of France that faces the Mediterranean Sea.

From the lavish casinos and luxurious five-star hotels to the stunning views of the Mediterranean coast, Monaco is a bustling hotspot between France, Italy and Switzerland.

The principality’s national motto is “The soul of the Principality, the sea.”

Sea, anyone?

As you approach Monaco on a cruise ship, you will be able to spot the red and white cross atop the Cathedral of Monaco right away. One of the most eye-catching features of the city is its flag.

It is officially described as “two stripes of red (top) and white, with a square of blue extending to the edges of the flag.”

Blue is commonly associated with the sea (you’ll learn more about that soon!) and white symbolizes purity of mind. The red symbolizes the sufferings of martyrs and the nation’s will to fight.