10 Top Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

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Hollywood Sign

La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum

The La Brea Tar Pits are a natural attraction in the La Brea neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It lies under the intersection of La Brea and Wilshire Boulevard and is part of the larger West Adams Street shopping and commercial area. This is the largest group of asphalt-based sediments in the United States. Footprints of ice age mammals, humans, and over 50 species of non-native birds are preserved in asphalt.

The Page Museum, formally known as the La Brea Tarpits and Museum, is a museum in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California, and is part of the University of California, Los Angeles. The page museum was founded in 1962 by Bette and Arthur Page, who opened a small facility in the La Brea Tarpits at that time. Over the years, the institution continued to grow, and in 1998 it moved a few blocks south to its current location. It now is part of the UCLA School of the Museum of California. The Page Museum also includes a study hall, gift shop, and an extensive Paleoanthropology Library and Archives – encompassing early hominid fossils and specimens.

The Museum also has a fossil restoration laboratory and a variety of interactive exhibits.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is home to some of the best luxury stores in the world. Here you’ll find all the top designers…and even designer knockoffs! This is a must-see place for anyone who is a fan of fashion and the glamour of Hollywood.

Situated between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive was the home of Louis R.K. Meyer’s mansion known as the “Million Dollar Theater”. The theater was expanded and renamed the “Rodeo” in 1916. Continue to buy authentic designer handbags, jewelry and other luxury goods at the most famous luxury shopping drive in the world today.

Santa Monica Pier

The pier was built over 100 years ago and is a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beach. As it sits on the Pacific Ocean, you will see quite the view.

If you’re feeling up for a little adventure and eager to see all of L.A., this is the place to go. You will also be up close and personal with seals and penguins.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

One of the most unique attractions in Los Angeles is the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. The autograph and pictures of famous Hollywood people covers several blocks, and anywhere you go you can find a celebrity’s name, face, or even that of their dog.

The reason for this is simple. The founder of the Hollywood Walk of Fame came up with this idea to bring people to the place to see the Hollywood movie stars.

After a while, these actors and actresses wanted to read the names and they were all paid a small fee for it. It is now a very nice and famous spot people by the thousands.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is the original Hollywood movie studio. It translates well into a movie set. When you are there, you may think that the building is the actual set of the movie, but you can also walk around and pretend you are in a Hollywood movie.

It’s a good idea to take the time to go to the gift shop so you can purchase the classic souvenir from your favorite movies. You can purchase mementos of your favorite stars such as Marilyn Monroe and fictional characters such as James Bond.

The back of your memento may even have real movie memorabilia that was signed by the star; you can look at the item and imagine yourself being the one to give it to the star.

Then, you can take your item throughout the rest of the day with you and be reminded of how much better your life used to be before you had to work so hard to make ends meet.

There are eight rides that you can ride or even try to break into and steal all of the props so that you can become famous in Hollywood too.


New to the first edition is Disneyland (formerly called Disneyland Park), the first theme park purpose-built for children. Opening in 1955 as an adjunct to Walt Disney’s first theme park, Disneyland, the Anaheim, California-area amusement park was designed to educate as well as to entertain.

It is certainly true to its founder’s vision by offering the quintessential experience of the enchantment of Walt Disney, with life-size versions of his films and animated characters, as well as a rich historical and cultural foundation.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

The sculpture garden is, in itself, a masterful work. The Garden of Atri, set inside the villa dei giardini, is a formally perfect Renaissance garden, created as a gift to the artists Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci by the host of a marriage that would never take place.

The great room, adorned with the ceiling frescoes of Michelangelo, represents the greatest pictorial achievement in world architecture.

To walk the galleries and cavelike corridors that lead into the sculptures within the gardens and the great room is to experience for yourself the extent to which the Western world still treasures the genius of the ancient Greeks.

A little nudge into the short history of most Western art is in order. Figure 9.2 shows a timeline of what is artistically significant in Western art history.

Getty Center

Built in 1997, the Getty Center is a research center of the Getty Trust, and it is a staple of Los Angeles culture. One of the largest museums in the county, it consists of several buildings, the central massive one with a replica of the classic Greek ancient Greek temple, and the Getty Villa. Its dome rises 180 feet (55 m) above its surrounding landscaped gardens.

It houses the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, and the Getty Research Library.

Beyond its attraction as a museum, the Center serves a large public with educational programs and special group tours. It is even a popular venue for weddings and large events. For most festivals, the Center serves as a venue where visitors can experience art and enjoy the gardens at once.

Griffith Park & Observatory

(Griffith Observatory)

On the northern edge of Griffith Park is the Griffith Observatory. The observatory stands atop an old hill that overlooks the city of Los Angeles from atop our mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains.

Recently the observatory has been renovated and all the time it has hosted a variety of events. The views of the city from the observatory are simply breathtaking.

To get there:

Take Interstate l10 East toward Los Angeles. Exit at the Vermont Ave./Lincoln Blvd. exit.

Head west on Lincoln Boulevard until it turns into Observatory Road.

Take the first left into the parking lot for the Griffith Observatory.

The observatory is on the 4th floor.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is by far my favorite place to visit in Los Angeles. It’s like a giant boardwalk, but on land! The architecture is stunning, especially at night.

What I love about this attraction is that it’s actually the perfect day-trip that anyone can do without a car.

It’s actually not that difficult to get there. The main part of Venice Beach is actually down the street from the very nice and pretty Malibou Lake Park which sits front and center on Ocean Front Walk.

Lake includes volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and lakeside walking paths all of which leave from the marble drainage area in between Venice Blvd and Ocean Front Walk.

Being that I live in Lomeli, it was about a 30 minute drive for me. So just depends on how close you are to Venice.

If you’re planning on going during the day, the best time to go is from 9 am to dusk. It’s best to avoid the weekends because it gets crowded and there are less parking options available.