12 Top Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

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Place Gutenberg

Saint-Pierre Le Jeune Church

Palais Rohan

This is one of the major attractions that can be found in Strasbourg, France. The building is imposing because of its height. You can find a small concert hall and two dining rooms that can provide you with a unique experience.

The palace can be clearly seen from most areas in the city. It is impressive enough to have inspired many writers and painters. You are often given the choice to go through different doors during your tour.

Each door represents a different culture. One door would take you to the room where the piano was often found. Another takes you to the room where the author Goethe once lived. You can make a virtual visit to the Rohan palace in Strasbourg to follow the route of your tour.

You can also look for reviews to help you decide where it is best to go.

Pont Couverts

European Parliament

Christmas Markets

The Strasbourg Christmas market is perhaps the most famous of its kind in Europe. It takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from November 24th and lasts only six weeks, beginning in the early morning and closing at dusk.

There are around 1400 stalls and the whole place is full of cheerful celebrations, the smell of meandering mulled wine and the laughter of children.

The so-called Strasbourg and Bartholomésus markets are located 25 metres from one another,they are joined by a 60 metre wide passage which is 350 metres long.

The setting of the market on the quaysides creates a special moment. From the quaysides you can admire the impressive view of the cathedral, the whole of the Rhine Museum, the cathedral and the river and the largest city square in central Europe.

There is a lot to do on the markets themselves: you can listen to a number of folkloric bands, which play at the Arbre de Noel, visit the Wenceslas market, or enjoy the cosy evenings of La taverne du Quai.

There is also good shopping, of course, and several famous food stalls. Strasbourg Christmas market has two parts, with different types of food and drinks and different tastes and prices: the Christmas tree market and the food market.

Place Kleber

This is a beautiful square-shaped park in the old part of Strasbourg. Place Kleber is a great example of a grand square, similar to the "Place de la Bastille" in Paris, France. Continuous flow of pedestrians through the square and the absence of car traffic or parking allows the pedestrians to enjoy the sight and sights of the square, the tree-lined walks, and the park.

Strasbourg has a special disposition for city squares. At the beginning of the 20th century, many town squares were redesigned, some were demolished and others were revamped. As explained in the "Grand site de Strasbourg" guide, in 1929, the City Council was charged with the task of creating a coherent plan for the city’s main squares. In the early 1970s, Place Kleber was redesigned at the request of its citizens.

Place Kleber is located in the Lower City, close to the old clothing market, in a pedestrian area, easy to reach by public transportation. It is a charming place, where people can relax and go for a short walk or after work. There are many shops, delis, restaurants and entertainment to spend time for the whole family.

It is also very popular with tourists and locals who visit the restaurant for brunch. In the evening, the Square is illuminated by floodlights on the upper tower of Koehler's Church, height 42 meters.

Musee Alsacien

Parc de l'Orangerie

(Orange Park)

You will see that the whole park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. Perhaps this is why there are so many interesting things to see there.

It is a dream park for a hiker as you can walk until your heart’s content. Before embarking on your hike, it is a good idea to sign up with the park’s website. Once you sign-in, you can print out the trail map. If you don’t download the app, you can find Orange Park on your phone’s maps application.

The whole park has been beautifully renovated and paved, and there is an entrance at its center.

If you are interested in woodland animals, you can take a trip there. You may even want to take the family, especially for young children.

This is an excellent park for those who are interested in plants as well. The trees are beautiful and the gardens are well cared for.

Are you interested in European language? Then, Orange Park is the perfect place for your visit. There are also many outdoor-oriented playgrounds for children and a quiet garden for adults.

Barrage Vauban

Barrage Vauban is the fortress and “Barbarossa” that you see in the shapes of a tower from historical photos which make them famous. The “Vauban Tower” is the best-known feature of the fortress, but if you read in the signage, admiring Vauban, one of the first engineers, came here to draw up a defense plan of the fortifications of Strasbourg.

This particular piece of the fortress was built in 1691. It was renovated in the 19th century and the form of the whole thing has changed over the years, but the tunnels are the same.

The Barrages Vauban began in 1691, a defensive system of fortifications around the city to defend against the incursions of the armies of Louis XIV of France.

It is made of a system of thirteen masonry pillars and spans across the Rhine, at the natural riverbed, which should prevent attempts to get boats or trains across the river. The troops defending the camp could easily slow down any intruder rushing up the riverbank.

The Vauban tower was built over 100 years in the meantime. It was later renovated, so you can see that the towers appear as if they have remained untouched by time.

Strasbourg Cathedral

Petite France

You could stay in this museum world for entire days and only be in one quarter of it.