10 Top Tourist Attractions in Zurich

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Opernhaus Zürich


This small hill in the city center of Zurich, Switzerland is home to what is known as the Hanging Chapel. The chapel is located on a hill overlooking the city’s Old Town. The chapel was built during the later years of the 15th century and has acted as a place of worship for several denominations to worship since that time.

In 1525, William Wettstein, a merchant from Nuremberg, transplanted Martin Luther’s skull there to make a point about faith.

In 1879 the chapel was rebuilt in its current form, although it was damaged during the construction process by falling stones. In 1877, some workmen decided to take the chapel apart and rebuild it in the same place and designed it specifically to the specifications given to them by Wettstein and his tenants after the Pilgrim’s Chapel was ruined during construction.

In 1884 was the Nazi Party began using Lindenhof as a meeting place and the Nazi Party flag was hoisted here. After World War I, further alterations were made to make Lindenhof available for public fundraising.

There are many designs of the Chapel and the bells of the old, medieval building were removed in 1843. In 1852, a gold plaque was added showing a Norse hero entering Valhalla. In 1858, a cross was put up on the top.

Kunsthaus Zurich


(Mainz Island) One of the

Most beautiful and historically-interesting bridges,.

Old and modern museums, one of the oldest.

Catharinaschul in Europe, several castles, six.

Churches, 3 lakes, vineyards and a famous.

City next to the Deep and Clean Lake

Zurich. The famous clock of Grossmünster,

Which Was Made by the Famous Clock

Maker Vacheron Constantin in 1836, has.

Become a symbol of the city.

The Grossmünster Church and Cathedral Was

Built in the 13th century, and was elevated.

To cathedral status in 1264.

The Gothic Hall Is Decorated with 17th-Century

Monuments. In the middle of the church is the

Famous statue of the patron saint of Zurich,.

St. Bartholomew, who was the publisher of the

Christian bible in several languages. The

Statue Was Carved by Urs Graf and Dates From

The wooden carvings on the choir of the

Church Are by Burghard Wurm and Date From

Swiss National Museum




Uetliberg was specially designed as a hill climb to attract tourists. This shallower, paved path is efficient for a hike. It offers a great view of the city and also the lake Zurich.

The hiker can also take a look at the really remarkable success story of the built up and preserved historical green area Uetliberg, taken over back in 1972 by the municipality of Uetikon am See. Whilst the development of Uetliberg has earned the municipality considerate acclaim, the fact that the slopes are still covered in old-growth forests and meadows invites the hiker to take a longer hike, following the winding trail all the way to the spruce woodland. On the other hand, the cable car, which is located just over halfway, is a convenient and fast way for those in a hurry.

Zurich Altstadt

Lake Zurich