Visit Meroë: The Mysterious Pyramids of Sudan

Martina Rosado
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The pyramids in Sudan are ancient ruins which were constructed by the Nubian people. They’re the oldest pyramids in the desert which are estimated to be about 5,000 years old. The Nubians were a very clever people who also built the highest and biggest of the three pyramids in Sudan. Although the pyramids look very similar to the Egyptian pyramids, they are quite different and unique in their own right.

The Nubians focused on the design of the pyramids and not the art that you will see on the Egyptian pyramids. The most famous of the three pyramids in Sudan can be found in Meroe. This pyramid is estimated to be over four times the size of the pharaoh’s pyramids and is also full of works of art on its two sides.

Egyptian architecture was unique because they chose to leave the artifacts from their time on display for future generations to see.

The Nubian pyramids are made of a red clay and black soil found in the area. They were also built with the intention of protecting the dead by sealing any openings in the pyramid. This led to a smaller pyramid than other pyramids that were built at the time. The Nubians believed that water would protect them in their graves.