Where to Stay in Bangkok: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

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Map of Bangkok

Thonglor-; From BTS Thong Lo, this area is easily accessible by bus, taxi, or on foot. It’s the most popular neighborhood with both, Thais and foreigners. There are numerous restaurants, shopping malls, and even rooftop restaurants.

As the resort area of Bangkok, it’s considered to be the most luxurious neighborhood.

Rambutan; This area has a more relaxed vibe than the rest of the Thonlor area. It’s a pleasant and quiet area, perfect for those looking for a serene retreat from Thai life.

Sukhumvit; This area offers many shopping malls and eateries. As a major residential neighborhood, it’s a great place to stay if you’re looking for something more basic than hotels which are in the main areas.

Sukhumvit is also one of the biggest office districts in the world.

Silom; The center of Bangkok’s business district, this neighborhood is one of the best place to stay for those who want to be close to the heart of Bangkok life. Some of the best known shopping malls can be found in Silom.


Square, Sukhumvit & Silom.

Siam Square is a grand plaza with a lot of five-star hotels and shopping malls where expats and western tourists tend to stay. There’s also a lot of great food, live music, and even butterfly gardens, so a visit is definitely in order.

The famous Siam Paragon shopping mall is located in Siam Square. The mammoth complex is anchored by a Woolworth’s department store and includes an IMAX and a NeXT cinema as well as luxury retail outlets such as Burberry, Cartier, Prada, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton.

The area is an oasis of refinement and elegance in a city of wild contrasts. The area is full of luxury hotels and shopping malls, making a visit even more of a treat.

Sukhumvit is a trendy district full of art, culture, and the latest in shopping. The many shopping centers in this area are large and small, and all seem to offer lots of options for spending the day.

Sukhumvit is the center of the nightlife in Bangkok as well, offering an extensive array of clubs, from upscale designer nightclubs to exotic dance clubs and go-go joints.

Best Places to Stay in Siam

Siam Paragon is a shopping mall and the largest covered shopping mall in all of Thailand. When you stay in one of the hotels in Siam Paragon, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not just a mall.

The district’s name is a bit misleading. Yes, there is a large shopping mall in the district, but it’s also home to theaters, a luxury hotel, several hotels, restaurants and cafes, and more. If you have the time and money, you could easily spend a leisurely day walking around the district, admiring the architecture of the buildings and shopping at one of the more expensive stores.

There are many neighborhoods in Bangkok, but Siam Paragon is a great place to stay because of its size and the things that it has to offer.


The Queen’s Park is regarded within the local community as the Sukhumvit neighbourhood’s most coveted condominium. Small and yet homey, you’ll find a wide range of small and large studio, one bedroom, and multiple bedroom apartments for sale.

The Exquisite Sukhumvit “ the High Course of Sukhumvit 45

The Exquisite Sukhumvit is just a stone’s throw away from the Queen’s Park. It’s a lovely and cosy boutique condominium complex “ and if you love high rises, it’s also undeniably attractive.

Right across the crossing in the area is Sukhumvit Soi 68, which is directly accessed from Sukhumvit soi 16/4. It’s a jaunt away from the main highway and flanking the Chao Phraya River.

Best Places to Stay in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit area is home to many chic restaurants, boutique hotels and high-end shopping malls. It’s also one of the 30 most expensive places to live in the world.

The area is known for its large population of expatriates. In addition to the tens of thousands of foreign workers earning a living in the many high-rise office buildings, the area is home to a large number of foreigners that have chosen to make the area their permanent home, whether they are Thai or from other countries.

Sukhumvit comprises two main districts, each with its own unique personality: Silom area in the north — the place where you often see beautiful tall buildings with wide windows, glass elevators and large grassy areas; and Sukhumvit Soi 22-34, where a great number of shiny brand-new apartment buildings have popped up in recent years.

Top choices: Patpong, MBK Center, Siam Paragon.

Khao San & Banglamphu

Khao San Road is a market street running along the Chao Phraya River, offering a wealth of shops, restaurants and open-air food stalls. The street has been rejuvenated after years of neglect and is now a place to stay in Bangkok.

A block off of the main road on one side is the Walking Street, one of the many buzzing entertainment and shopping strips in Bangkok.

Book your hotel and pay a visit to the Asok shopping center. This is the largest shopping venue in the world and it is packed during the weekday. Sukhumvit Road is one of the busiest roads in Bangkok and is home to many upscale shops, hotels and restaurants. This is another area worth exploring.

Banglamphu is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, near the Khao San Road. This is the best area to relax at sundown and enjoy the majestic view of the river. The street is lined with a host of restaurants and small shops that make this the perfect location to enjoy a meal or watch a local performance.

The Regent hotel is a good choice in this area.

Best Places to Stay in Khao San & Banglamphu

If you want to experience the real Bangkok, then Khao San Road and Banglamphu are some of the top choices for where to stay.

These are the best neighborhoods for the best hotels in Bangkok.

Khao San Road

Tor Kor Khao San Road is the name of the road and the popular shopping street that extends from Sala Daeng Road up to Pratunam. The street is packed full of restaurants, souvenir shops, clothing stores and it’s also the primary location where the locals go for entertainment.

If you decide to stay at Tor Kor Khao San Road, make sure to reserve a hotel in advance. The best one for you would be located between Soi 10 and Soi 12, which is around a walking distance from Khao San Road.


Banglamphu is a district some distance from Bangkok’s original police district, Rattanakosin Island. Its location makes it an attractive place for tourists visiting Chinatown because it is conveniently close to the historic market. Where Banglamphu really shines, however, is the shopping.

Banglamphu is about seven kilometers away from the city center. This area is also very desirable because it has a modern feel to it with a connection to New York City.

Bang Rak & Si Lom

If you’re on a budget, and prefer to be near to the action but not in the middle of it all, Bang Rak and Si Lom would be the neighborhoods to stay in.

These neighborhoods are less tourist-oriented than some other parts of Bangkok if you’re traveling on a budget. They are also known for having some cheaper hotels.

Bang Rak is a popular area for independent travelers (i.e. those traveling without a hostel or similar setup) as it has many restaurants, bars and hostels.

Si Lom, on the other hand, is a bit less developed. From a traveler’s perspective, it is more appealing to stay in this area because there aren’t as many people and too many westerners getting in the way.

Budget Considerations for Si Lom

If you are staying in Si Lom, prepare your budget for a bit less variety and options than you may otherwise expect to have.

In our view, Si Lom is more isolated from the real action (read: tourist-oriented) of Bangkok. It’s not an area where you will easily be able to find western restaurants and nightlife.

Best Places to Stay in Bang Rak & Si Lom

When you are visiting Bangkok, you can stay in the city center, down by the river, or up in the sky. Wherever you choose to stay, you will get the best of Bangkok; full of sights to see, delicious food, and delicious alcoholic beverages.

There are great hotels near the Chao Phraya River and around the Pratunam area. If you are interested in meeting other travelers, there are a variety of hotels that have guest houses or hostels at their property.

There are also many budget options to stay in in Bangkok also. You can take advantage of hostels or airbnbs. These are apartments you can stay in around Bangkok instead of hotels.

Bang Rak

This area is the best place to stay in if you are coming to Bangkok for the first time and you are visiting the temples. Bang Rak has easy access to the city, train, and bus links. You are also within walking distance of the temples.

There are several hotels and hostel in this area. You can find a variety of hotels from cheap hotels to up scale hotels. These hotels are best for those on a budget, or if you are traveling on the cheap.

Si Lom

Si Lom is where many people stay when they are coming to Bangkok for the first time. There are a variety of hostels and budget options in this area.

Yaowarat & Phahurat (Chinatown & Little India)

Yaowarat and Phahurat are two of the most popular neighborhood for tourists because of their dense neighborhood feel and diverse architecture.

These districts are known for cheap shopping, good Thai street food, and 24 hour open markets. Yaowarat is located within walking distance of the Grand Palace. Phahurat is well-known for it’s street food, bars, and shops.

Best Places to Stay in Yaowarat & Phahurat

Yaowarat and Phahurat are two neighborhoods in the heart of Bangkok. They are also two of the most popular destinations for travelers to experience authentic Thai culture. Both are packed with local shops, markets, street food stalls, and even a few temples.

Both the Yaowarat and Phahurat neighborhoods are centrally located and only one or two stops by train. Plus, the scenery is very interesting in each area and makes for a charming and unique experience.

Many hotels offer special packages to get you the best experience in the area.

Thong Lor

Thong Lor is a common area frequented by Thais going out to party. The area has plenty of food shops and bars that are popular with students. The area is safe and tidy with a lot of local residents.

If you are heading to the area, make sure to pay a visit to the gay district called Bangkok Gay Quarter and proceed only if you are in-tune with LGBT lifestyles.

Best Places to Stay in Thong Lor

If you’re looking to hang out in the middle of Bangkok, but not be in the center of it, then the place that you should be is Thonglor.

It’s an emerging neighborhood with an up-and-coming trendy vibe, where you can find lots of restaurants, cafes, and some activities.

This means that it’s still cheaper than prices in the center, but with prices close to or similar to those in the center.

It’s also a place that’s easy to get to. If you have a car, then you can easily get to the city center from Thonglor.

Another bonus is that if you stay in the neighborhood, you’ll be close to the train station and shopping areas. If you don’t want to walk too much, the BTS Skytrain is just a few minutes away.


Where to Stay in Dusit

If you want to stay in a hotel in Bangkok that is located in a safe and serene area, there are many that meet that description, but few of them can compare to the Dusit Thani Hotel. It is one of the top rated and most luxurious spas in Bangkok, and that is saying something.

It has been a fixture in the Thai capital since 1996, and it has remained one until today. It is favored because it has been family owned for so long, and now that family is working to make the hotel even better.

Here are a few areas around Dusit Thani Hotel of known interest:

Dusit Zoo: In business since 1966, this is a fun place to visit and keep kids busy for a few hours. They have fun activities for kids of all ages such as a petting zoo, entertainment shows, and many other attractions. There is also a restaurant in the zoo called the Dusit Zoo Cafe.

Temples: There are a number of beautiful Buddhist temples near the hotel, including the Dusit Cart For Barge, the Dusit Palace, and the Wat Arun. These are all fun places for individuals who want to go see beautiful temples and don’t mind a bit of walking.


The eastern part of Bangkok, known as Ratanakosin, is the center of business and finance. Traditional Thai businesses dominate the area and many of the largest banks and financial institutions in Thailand are located in this district.

Not all of Ratanakosin is a financial center, however. The majority of the hotels in the area are places to stay the night, but there are also several great restaurants and hotels with beautiful views of the Chao Phraya River.

The area also has some of Bangkok’s best tourist attractions, such as the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. There are also several beautiful parks, such as the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace Park and the Sanam Luang.

To the north of the Bangkok University area, the area most commonly referred to as downtown, lies Ratanakosin.

The area is easily recognized by the many temples that are surrounded by tall brick walls topped with carved wooden pillars.

Away from the crowded temples, however, Ratanakosin also has a bustling nightlife. Unlike the rest of Bangkok, Ratanakosin is still fairly quiet after 11 p.m., which makes it a great place for those without a Thai companion to party.

Where to Stay in Ratanakosi

Mit Khao, & Sukhumvith.

Ratanakosin is a relatively new tourism destination and offers a wide selection of familiar hotels and luxury accommodations from budget to luxury.

Sukhumvit, on the other hand, is the city’s most famous neighborhood. With some modern shopping centers and malls, it offers a variety of different kinds of restaurants with international food, traditional Thai cuisine, and some great coffee shops and pubs, it’s also where you’ll find the city’s popular nightlife.

If you’re feeling more modern, visit the popular neighborhood of Silom. You’ll find the city’s shopping centers, bars, and hotels and you can also have access to a spectacular river and nearby shopping areas to get basic supplies.

Not far from the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok, you can find the quiet neighborhood of Khaosan (Old Siam). Even though it is a quiet neighborhood, it’s only a 20-minute train ride from the city center and has easy access to all of Bangkok’s essential tourist attractions.


If you are in Bangkok for a long while, then it’s likely that you will become familiar with Thonburi. Thonburi is one of the oldest and most historic parts of Bangkok. It stays pretty much the same, going from the crowded old side streets to a more residential setup with alleys and small markets. It’s where you find the locals and is not as touristy as the other areas of Bangkok.

The best hotels are in Thonburi, and its surroundings. It’s also an up and coming area, and the most popular among tourists.

Best Places to Stay in Thonburi

Banglamphu, not nearly as well known as Sukhumvit, is one of the absolute best neighborhoods in Bangkok to stay if you want a good place away from the tourist crowds. This area was once a working class district in Bangkok, but is now more residential. Set a block or so back from the canal, the neighborhood still has the connection to the Thonburi and Chinese areas that once made it special. Being so close to the canals also gives the area good access to a good deal of nightlife, while the residential side of things is quiet at night and nice during the day.

Right in the middle of the neighborhood is Bangla Square, which fronts a great little restaurant and has a classy hotel in the back. The nearby streets have lots of independent and unique shops catering to the local shoppers and small business owners. With some street food, a cocktail or two, and some people watching, you’ll probably never want to leave.