Where to Stay in Miami & Miami Beach: Best Areas & Hotels

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Map of the best places to stay in Miami & Miami Beach

Miami is a city that has everything you want to see in life.

From beaches to wealth and a colorful melting pot of people, it’s all here. Mostly, Miami is short on culture and nightlife, but it’s definitely not short on rich people.

If you have any sort of interest in history or architecture, Miami is an excellent travel destination. There are some fascinating museums, like the Norton Museum of Art and the Metrozoo that have exhibits that are just not found in almost any other museum.

Also, if you’re a fan of the arts and culture, Miami is also the best place you can find. You’ll be able to find the best works of art in museums like the Perez Art Museum or the Bass Museum.

Miami is nicknamed the “City ofkind-of-Carnival” and it’s not just because it has a food festival during the last weekend of every month. From Mardi Gras to the Winterfest, you’ll always have something to do in Miami!

South Beach

The South Beach area in Miami, Florida is a popular weekend getaway for many tourists, and is known as a place to find a wide array of wonderful hotels and a great place to be on the weekends.

Areas available include such as in the Venetian Islands, Venetian Causeway, and the main part of South Beach, which are all along the beach boardwalk.

With options ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels, there is something for both the solo traveler and the family looking to get away for a fun weekend.

Some of the best hotels include the Sheraton and Hilton chains, along with the popular places for the family to stay, such as Hard Rock Hotel and the SLS Hotel Statement.

You can find a variety of moderately priced hotels, which are still comparable to the four-star hotels, such as the Conrad Miami, Marriott, and Hyatt. The nightlife in Miami Beach and downtown Miami includes the nightclubs, Luna Rossa, Sardinia, and the Deuce, which are all located in South Beach.

Miami Beach has a rich Cuban heritage and culture, and you can visit the Latin American Art Museum and the Venetian Causeway, which is one of the great things to see in Miami Beach.

Another great thing offered in Miami Beach is the Lummus Park Miami Beach, which is the world’s only public park designed by a woman.

Where to Stay in South Beach

The best hotel in South Beach is the Ritz-Carlton. It is a very popular hotel and has been one of the leading hotels in Miami for many years. Most of the rooms have one or more balconies overlooking the beach.

The hotel can be quite expensive, so if you are on a budget, make sure to check out the various special offers, often sold with a room. You can also optimize your search to find for very good deals.

South Beach is a vibrant and fun neighborhood, and the hotels have access to many fun and worthwhile activities. It is a great place for a romantic getaway with a partner, but also for a fun vacation with the family. There are many things to see and do, but visitors will still be able to relax on their balconies.

There are many fun things to do for families and you will find beaches, pools, and opportunities to explore all of the different neighborhoods and areas of South Beach.

You can also go for a walk or take a bike ride. The city streets are pedestrian friendly and easily accessible by foot and by bike.

Getting to South Beach is easy as there are many public buses that go to and from the various areas. Taxis are also easy to find if you need them.


The area between Collins Ave and S. Michigan Ave. If you’re looking for luxury accommodations in the area, Mid-Beach is a great start. You will find lots of older buildings that offer character and plenty of price considerations.

The buildings are close together and it’s a popular area with visitors who want to be seen along Collins Ave since it’s one of the longest and most luxurious shopping promenades in the world.

Hotels include historic hotels like the Edison and The Ben, modern hotels like Hotel Mizner and more shopping space like Soho Beach House and The Eden Hotel & Bistro.

The people who stay in Mid-Beach also appreciate the fact that it’s so easy to be in the middle of everything. There are tons of restaurants and shops to go to in the area via private bus, public bus or Uber.

If you’re looking for a hotel for a low rate, here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Appart Brickell, value 3 starts, 499 Rooms, Excellent location
  • Allure Miami, 4 star, 218 Rooms, Luxury with spectacular views of the bay

Address Miami, 4 stars, 263 Rooms, Luxury hotel with an additional 56 units of lofts for those who want to be a bit more cozy.

Where to Stay in Mid-Beach


Miami has so much to offer, even in the area you can consider the least of the city‒s assets: Mid-Beach Miami. But there are sleek places to stay, fabulous eateries, great entertainment, and a lovely skyline to enjoy. It’s one of the best parts of Miami to stay in for a number of reasons:

  • It’s close to Miami International Airport with free, short-term parking available after a six-hour stay;
  • It’s on a main highway with quick access to the airport, Port of Miami, downtown Miami, and the beaches;
  • It’s not on a busy street so it’s quiet at night and during the day, which is great for sleeping or enjoying outdoor dining;
  • The city is mainly residential and the hotels are affordable;

The weather is lovely and even the least-impressive places are decent.

Where to Stay in mid-Beach Miami

If you’ve driven the road that runs from Miami International Airport to downtown Miami, you’ve gone by Mid-Beach. In this area, you will find many resort areas in beautiful residential neighborhoods.

North Beach

Miami Residence

North Beach: Miami Residence

North Beach is also known as North Beachside or simply North Beach, is a neighborhood in the Miami Beach city district of Miami, Florida, United States. The area is located north of Collins Avenue and southwest of the Venetian Causeway, and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami Beach, dating back to the early 1900s.

The affluent neighborhood is home to several hotels, including the historic Venetian House on an island within Biscayne Bay, also known as the Venetian Causeway. North Beach also includes residential homes and apartment buildings, many of which are historic. The neighborhood also has a private beach club, the East Beach Club, and The Montauk Club, a private residential waterfront hotel.

Lynn University is located nearby.

As of the 2000 census, there were 4,883 people, 2,015 households, and 1,111 families residing in the neighborhood. The population density was 7,404/mi

Where to Stay in North Beach

North Beach is the destination for locals and visitors looking to find a balance of cosmopolitan lifestyle and excitement from the city. Nestled on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this neighborhood truly lives up to its grand name with stunning coastal views.

This area is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Miami, such as the W South Beach, the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and the Setai. Here you can walk the beach, dine at legendary restaurant, see celebrity DJs at the various venues around the area, or catch a few waves at any one of the aquatic sports centers in the area.

North Beach is also the home of the iconic Arthur’s Stone Crab, home to some of the freshest crabs available in the nation. Every day, tourists and locals flock to the city to enjoy these crab claws.

Also worth mentioning here is South Pointe Park which offers an excellent view of all of the action on the ocean. North Beach is the ideal place to stay if you’re planning a trip to the beach and want to enjoy the spirit of the city too.

There are two areas that compose this neighborhood.

The North Beach area of South Beach is made up of smaller streets and buildings, and is more of a residential neighborhood. These streets also make up the neighborhood of Collins Estates, the location of Miami’s Historic District.


Everything you need is within walking distance, plus the city’s entire social and dining scene is easily accessible. Plus, you get an amazing view of the downtown railyards. The area around Washington Avenue is probably the best area to stay.

Design District

Was made famous by LeBron James, Sports Illustrated, and many designers. With high-end shops, cafes, and restaurants on every corner, this area attracts residents, visitors, and tourists alike.

Sunset Islands

Spectacular views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. Boasting an amazing view, this area has a lot of bungalows, townhomes, and condominiums.

South Beach

Loud parties, glorious sunsets, and lots of history. This area has Miami’s only neighborhood with the Statue of Liberty, the American Flag, and the Miami Dolphin’s logo.

Mid-Beach & Bayfront

The area where all the yachts are. Enjoy rocking chairs on the balconies during the day and suave rooftop clubs at night.

Where to Stay in Downtown

Miami Beach has always had a reputation for having beautiful people. To stay in the city, you can stay in one of the many hotels in downtown Miami Beach. For tourists, this is the area where they can find the most expensive hote

L accommodations.

The Florida East Coast Railway Station in the city center was built in 1917, and architect Paul Rudolph designed it in the Art Deco style.

Aerial view of the Florida East Coast Railway station in Miami Beach, FL. The Florida East Coast Railway station in Miami Beach, built in 1917, was designed in the Art Deco style by architect Paul Rudolph.

The area around the station includes the Greystone Mansion that was a popular hotel in the early 1900s. The pool in the hotel’s basement has contained sharks’ bodies, and there were times when polo matches would be held in the park-like area that surrounds the hotel.

The station is now used for exhibitions and art exhibitions, but you can also use it to leave or arrive from your hotel. There is also a small shopping mall in front of the station that sells clothing and souvenirs to tourists.

Miami Beach’s historic and breathtaking architecture has also attracted many famous artists.


Brickell Key is located just south of Downtown Miami. It’s just a short ferry ride from downtown to Biscayne Bay.

It offers a wide array of properties ranging from condominiums to high rise luxury condos as well as hotels, luxury penthouses, and single family homes.

Just be ready for a bit of traffic during the day as it’s a short walk from Brickell. It provides a great, central location for all of the Miami Beach and Downtown Miami activities.

However, it can get busy during the weekends as this is one of the most popular areas of Miami.

Hangout Beach

The Hangout Beach area of Miami Beach can be found just south of Brickell Key.

Just like Brickell, it also has a wide variety of condos, penthouses, and hotels as well as a few high rise luxury condos. However, it is important to maintain your privacy here.

The area is smaller than Brickell and Hangout Key so it allows for privacy even though it is just a short walk to the water. Be prepared for some traffic on the way to the beach, though. The small area can make it crowded here during the weekends.

South Beach

South Beach is home to thousands of sights and activities to keep you and your family busy.

Where to Stay in Brickell

In downtown Miami, there is Brickell. This neighborhood is one of the most desirable and expensive areas of Miami by residents and tourists.

The best hotels in Brickell are those near the Brickell Metrorail Station or a few blocks north. Miami Beach is a great alternative if you want to stay in South Beach.

For this reason, the Brickell area of Miami is not particularly a destination in itself, and so is populated with lower end hotels, which are not that spectacular.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a neighborhood in Miami. Coconut Grove got its name from the number of coconut trees that used to grow in the area. The neighborhood’s most famous features are the Art Deco houses that were built between the 1920s and the 1940s. Because of this, the neighborhood has many fine restaurants and bars. Because the neighborhood is only about four square miles, it’s also quite walkable.

Coconut Grove’s biggest tourist attraction is Biltmore Hotel, which is a luxury destination that opened in 1924. The hotel has an extensive art collection that is on display in its galleries.

Another popular attraction in Coconut Grove is the Coral Reef Park, which is a 239-acre park. Many people enjoy spending their Sunday afternoons here, on the park’s walking paths. There are about 12 miles total of walking paths in the park that will lead you away from the street and the busy roads. You can rent bicycles and rollerblades from the park’s rental facilities, so renting a bike is a nice way to get around the area.

Where to Stay in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove or “The Grove” as it’s better known sits on Miami’s southwest coast. It was named a National Historic Landmark and in recent years has been the subject of an unprecedented redevelopment effort. The area has lots of fun things to do. The Grove is also home to Miami’s first farmer’s market, the annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and special events throughout the year.

Design District

Where to Stay in Design District

The Design District in Miami is one of those neighborhoods that you can’t help but love. The beautiful condo and boutique hotel projects make it one of the best areas in Miami to stay due to the convenient access.

The Design District is in the center of Downtown Miami, and as we all know, Downtown Miami has everything. From loft condos to high rise condos and downtown hotels, the Design District is one of those neighborhoods that you can’t help but love.

The vibrant art and architecture of Miami’s Design District is just one part of what makes it one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami. Another reason why the Design District is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami is due to the convenience of it being in the center of Downtown Miami.

Another thing you’ll notice about the Design District and Miami Beach is the walkability. This is one of the main reasons why the Design District is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami.

Another reason why the Design District is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami is due to the convenience of it being in the center of Downtown Miami.

Miami is a city that’s constantly growing and changing, and the Design District is one of those areas that gets a new look every year.

Little Havana

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Cuban culture, then Miami may be for you. Little Havana is a bustling area with a variety of different shops and restaurants for you to explore. The streets around the Calle Ocho festival are quite festive – and full of people who are sure to talk to you and have fun.

If you’re looking for a hotel stay near Little Havana, don’t be put off by the price. Book now and your stay can be ready for you in a little under thirty minutes, which is very on par with the average time you spend traveling to get to your destination.

Miami Hotels at Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is a luxury U.S.-based hotel chain with hotels around the world. We’re proud to announce that we have a hotel in Miami, Florida right now. Located in downtown Miami, the hotel was opened in 1993. Since opening, it’s undergone significant remodeling and gained many recent awards. “2013 Best of Award, Hotel of the Year” in the Caribbean is just a few of the honors without a doubt.

Where to Stay in Little Havana