Where to stay in Mykonos: Best Towns & Hotels

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Map of Mykonos

General Information:

Mykonos is one of the most popular and famous beaches in the world. It’s situated on the southernmost tip of the island of the Cyclades. As the name suggests, Mykonos has an amazing view of two massive volcanoes and is also a hotspot for some of Greece’s best nightlife.

Travel Tips:

Mykonos is very busy in the summer months, which makes sense given that the majority of tourists visit during the summer months. Mykonos is a popular vacation spot for Greek and Cypriot seasonal workers and European Union citizens. It is not easy to travel to other nearby islands if you are on Mykonos. From the main port, ferries travel to the nearby islands of Tinos, Sifnos and Naxos.

Best Hotels:

The Octopus Resort Hotel: This hotel caught our attention because of the general atmosphere that it provided, as well as the great service that they offer to their customers. Their location is great, as it faces the famous windmills of Mykonos. There are a lot of bars and restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel, making it easy for guests to try a wide range of cuisines and drinks. The hotel is perfect for people who want to have a lot of fun during their stay.

Mykonos Town

The name Mykonos is derived from the Greek word “mykos” or honeycomb.

The island of Mykonos is set approximately 70km from the coastline of the Greek mainland and so gets its supply of fresh water very easily from the Nooros River.

Mykonos Town or Chora is the most developed and populous residential area on the island. Various museums, cinemas, hotels, clubs, taverns, restaurants and tourist souvenir shops are situated along the main streets of the town.

Places to stay in Mykonos Town will usually be found within walking distance to the town’s main attractions, which include the beach and the port.

Other stand-out places in Mykonos Town are Plaka, the popular central town square with its churches and cafes. The Plaka bus station is also within walking distance to the square.

Where to Stay in Mykonos Town

The main town of Mykonos where the majority of visitors just want to lounge is called Mykonos Town, or Chora. When you call Mykonos Town ‘town”, however, don’t think that you are in a place that is similar to a bigger city. It’s not. The population of Mykonos Town is approximately 3000 people.

Mykonos Town offers all the amenities that you need to survive. There are restaurants, bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, and ATMs to get the most out of your vacation in Mykonos.

Panorama Center Mykonos

One of the best places to stay in Mykonos Town is at the Panorama Center Mykonos hotel. This hotel is on the outskirts of Mykonos Town so that you are away from the noise of the main town, but conveniently close enough to get there quickly if you need something.

Panorama Center Mykonos is a beautiful hotel. Located right next to the beach with a pool and pool bar that overlook the beach, you will never want to leave!

This hotel also offers beach service, and the beach is right outside your door. You can relax on the beach in one of the lounge chairs or grab a skimboard if you feel like surfing.


Mykonos: Best Deals on a Hotel Room

Dealing with the options of Mykonos can seem overwhelming. Where do you stay? What hotel? Is there a particular place that you want to visit or live?

You’re in luck. There are lots of places that you can stay on Mykonos. This includes hotels, villas, apartments, vacation rentals, and even a few swank beachfront resorts.

You can find low priced, affordable Mykonos vacation rentals that offer everything from luxury to rustic style. Some vacation rentals are located in an Ancient Mykonian house. You’ll have a chance to stay in a home that’s been around for several hundred years.

Depending on your route of travel, most accommodations are clustered together along the waterfront and the main village of Mykonos town. With the exception of the constantly busy Platys Gialos Beach, most Mykonos accommodation options are within walking distance of all of the above things.

When you are trying to figure out where to stay on Mykonos, you can’t go wrong with Esperides. Esperides is one of the most densely populated parts of Mykonos and is also the region of the island that has the most amenities.

Where to Stay in Ornos

Ornos is the biggest town on the island, and it’s a great base location for visiting all the surrounding islands. The town’s beaches are amazing and go on for miles. Ornos is easily accessible from Alexis airport, which is located only 60 Kilometers from the beaches.

There are lots of things to do in Ornos, and many places to stay ranging from high class resorts to small house rentals. The perfect place to stay will be a place that is central and affords beautiful views. However, you may also want to consider staying in a more out of the way location just so you can experience the quiet and natural beauty of the island.

The village of Ornos is quite small, so if you can manage to stay in one of the most central locations or in a central location, you will have all the perks of Ornos without really being in Ornos at all.

The major hotels in Ornos are right at the port as well as within walking distance of the main town. There are some other hotels that are away from the crowds, and these may be worth considering.

Platys Gialos

Some thoughts about Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos is the name given to Mykonos’s original village, where life still centers about the busy port of Chora, but also includes smaller picturesque lanes, squares, and chalets that line the road to the south.

Here you’ll find the most traditional of Mykonos chalets, tavernas, bars and shops, with traditional wooden bars, eating places and other small boutiques and stores with souvenirs and local produce.

Perhaps it’s the most authentically Mykonian of places. Here you’ll find more traditional accommodation options with prices to match, whilst at the same time offering a variety of alternative accommodation options as well as more luxurious properties and retreats.

In the main town of Chora you’ll find the more “touristy” types of accommodation, with prices being mid-level to top-end, however now offering more of a choice to cater for families as well as on-demand beach rentals and self catering options.

Where to Stay in Platys Gialos

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands. Not just because it is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, but because it is so easy to get to and there are so many activities to do.

Platys Gialos is a wonderful little town. Although it is a bit of a walk to get to the main town of Fokados, the path is well marked and easy to follow. That being said, the great location makes it easy to navigate to.

Visitors have the traditional restaurants and shops of Mykonos, as well as fresh fish and grilled meats, right on the waterfront at Fokados. It’s got everything you’ll need for a great vacation and will provide you with everything you want to have.

A favorite restaurant in the area is The Old Olive House. It is a great place to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with your family or friends at a great price. Other locals love the restaurants at the edge of the waterfront in Fokados, such as one of the oldest restaurants in Mykonos called Anemos Asterias.

For a nice dinner with a great view, The Blue Cottage is an incredible restaurant to take your family or friends to. The food is excellent and they have a great wine list to match.

Agios Ioannis

This town is actually the one of the most populated ones in the island. It’s near the main town of Mykonos and it’s easily accessed from town center.

It’s covered with several beach locations and has a stop of the funicular that offers you a great view of the island.

Where to Stay in Agios Ioannis


Love Crete? Love Mykonos and Kamari? Love Athens?

Heading to Mykonos or any other island in the Cyclades for a holiday? You don’t want to miss my choice of the best hotels, bungalows, campsites and villas in the holiday season in Agios Ioannis, Crete.

Agios Ioannis is an incredible place year round and has some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, possibly in Greece. The bay on the southern coast of the island is known for its amazing windsurfing and kite-surfing conditions. The winds are constant and generally strong all day long and the weather is usually warm, with just a slight chance of cooler evenings.

Step aside though, Mykonos has stolen its thunder and the best beaches on the island are no longer hiding in the shadow of Mykonos. The wind in Agios Ioannis blows out of the same direction the whole time and you never feel threatened by the wind in the bay. Winters are mild and summer temperatures rarely hit 30 degrees centigrade and even in the height of summer you will rarely see the thermometer go beyond 30 celsius in a day.

You really will need to spend your time off the main beaches in Agios Ioannis and that is when the little quaint town of Afetini comes into its own.

Paradise Beach

Mykonos: Paradise Beach is located on the south side of Mykonos Island in Greece. Paradise beach consists of a long stretch of golden sands and crystal clear sea water that feels like it’s anywhere in the world except Mykonos. The beach has a beautiful sea view and sandy beach that’s good for swimming, sunbathing or just enjoying the view.

The town centers of Mykonos. is located in the town of Mykonos. Although the town of Mykonos is quite spread out, with some of the most relaxing activities being done in the central part of the island, it’s easy to get around. There’s a beautiful view from here as well of the Aegean Sea.

While there, you’re welcomed with the sights, sounds and aromas of daily life in Mykonos. These sights include the roundabouts and market squares that mark the town’s main thoroughfares.

These sights include the roundabouts and market squares that mark the town’s main thoroughfares. Along the main thoroughfares of Mykonos, you can find shops selling everything from designer fashion to crystal. These shops will help you enhance your shopping experience, providing the necessities that include water, food and sunblock.

Where to Stay in Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a wonderful holiday village located in the south of Mykonos island. It’s situated on the southern side of the central mountain range and consists of the unique mixture of old and new architecture. It’s located at the foot of a mountain and you can see beautiful pine trees just above the buildings.

The wooden architecture, together with the turquoise-colored houses, makes Paradise Beach look like an architectural landscape. It looks just like a postcard. The bright white color of the houses is contrasted by the deep blue swimming pool and the sea.

This paradise is the perfect combination of nature and construction. Paradise Beach has two hotels, recently built, that you may stay in. The Chrysi Ammos Hotel (discounted price) is family owned and provides enough space to welcome groups.

The Liana Mykonos Hotel with its exclusive design, very close to the beach, will make you forget that you’re actually in the island. In addition, you can also try the hotel’s restaurant, which will offer you excellent Greek food and drinks.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is a series of small beaches that stretch for a few miles along the west coast of the island. This sparsely populated beach is a great mix of natural and civilized. The rocky cliffs in some areas are home to impressive views, while other areas offer shallower waters and a sandy beach.

The town has plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants thanks to tourism. So, if you want to enjoy the local scene, there are plenty of places to do so.

Because Elia Beach is a series of beaches stretching along a coast, the beaches here are typically smaller and quieter than at other beaches on the island. So the beaches here are ideal if you don’t want to worry about lots of people.

The town has many great side-trips in the surrounding hills, including walking paths, waterfalls, and other sites of geological and historical interest.

This small town has the scenery of the coast mixed with the charm of a little village. The town itself is home to a number of restaurants, bars, cafes, and lodging options.

The beach itself, while pretty, is not really ideal for swimming, but offers great views and some great rock hiking.

Travelers Should Consider:

Where to Stay in Elia Beach

(Laganas Beach)

When you stay in Elia Beach, you’ll be able to rock a laid-back vacation with many spots to hang out on the beach. If you want to live the island lifestyle, you’ll love this perfectly chilled-out beach town.

The beach itself is beautiful, making it a great place to relax. However, you will still be easily able to travel to most of the more popular spots on island because there are several buses that will take you there and back (this is also a great way to explore as much of the island as possible).

Elia Beach is also perfect for people who are looking for something a bit more low key to do. There are many shops that sell great products at reasonable prices and there’s even a hotel with an old-school swimming pool that’s perfect for those easy-going beach days.

Where to Stay in Krios

For those looking for a similar style of relaxing holiday, Krios has everything you could want on the beach front of the island of Mykonos.


The town of Tourlos has just about everything you need for a relaxing vacation on a beautiful island. It’s a great launching point to a wave of other Mykonos towns, so if you’re looking to do a little island hopping, it’s a great place to stay!

Tourlos Town Highlights

There are plenty of things to do in Tourlos, even when you’re not taking part in any of the many activities offered. A quick trip to the local grocery store can be just as fulfilling as any activity!

There are several cafes to look over the ocean as well as plenty of restaurant options. We see lots of tourists gathering for drinks and food in the bars on the beach in Tourlos.

The taverns of Tourlos have some of the best food on Mykonos. Greek taverns are known for grilling the best kebabs and gyros available anywhere. You won’t have to wander far to find the best places to eat in Tourlos.

Red, also known as Rethymno Town.

The town of Rethymnon is right in the center of the island, making it easy to explore the other towns of the island without needing to take a ferry.

Where to Stay in Tourlos

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach Hotel is situated in the center of Mykonos town. Its property was built in the 1960s and it has an elegant and traditional atmosphere. This hotel is the most charming hotel in Mykonos.

It has only 25 rooms, but those all have private terraces with sea views. The rooms are elegantly decorated in modern, yet traditional ways and with a high-quality bedding.

Super Paradise Beach Hotel boasts all the modern amenities and services that you might need. It features a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool. The hotel is also home to the fresh water bar in Mykonos. This fresh water bar offers the best in refreshments and the most delicious juices.

Super Paradise Beach Hotel is the perfect place for those who are looking for a small, one-of-a-kind hotel atmosphere. They are not looking for the largest hotel accommodations. Instead, the hotel is situated in the center of Mykonos town, within walking distance of the beach, restaurants, and shopping.

For those looking for a relaxing hotel stay for a short or non-holiday in the Greek islands, then Hotel Super Paradise Beach is the perfect choice.

Where to Stay in Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach is a small beachside town on the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades, Greece.

Its main attraction is its long sandy beaches, which are perfect for swimming during the day and surfing in the evening, particularly for beginners.

The beach is lined with numerous restaurants and tavernas, making it the perfect place to chill out as well.

Recent Review: (8.9/10)

Hotel Accommodation Available

The Hotel Agios Stephanos offers rooms at a fair price for the excellent location of the hotel in Super Paradise.

The hotel has many breathtaking terraces with comfortable loungers and tables and a beautiful pool area. The friendly staff will help you plan your day on the island while you enjoy your room and the beautiful view.

Recent Review: (8.9/10)


This 2 bedroom cottage with outdoor jacuzzi and kitchen is the perfect base to explore the island. It’s situated in the quiet hippy village of Kalafatis, 2 km from Mykonos town centre. Rates: from 330 euro per night for 2 people

Some of Mykonos’ superb restaurants are found around Kalafatis, and it’s one of the places where you can enjoy a delicious Mykonos island meal while taking in the view of the Aegean waters!

Anandapoleio Beach

This village is famous for hosting a large food market each Thursday, where you’ll find the best fish, vegetables and fruit … the freshest of the freshest before they make their way to the cottages and restaurants of the nearby resort of Delos. There are also plenty of other outdoor restaurants and tavernas which serve delicious fish dishes and freshly shucked oysters.

Where to Stay in Kalafatis

Manakis Hotel

The Manakis Hotel is a two-minute walk from the beach in Kalafatis. Built in the 1940s by carpet-baggers, it has recently undergone a multimillion-dollar renovation. The basic rooms (Kathisma or Skylou are the most reasonable options) have simple white linens and highland pine furniture that has been magnificently adorned with seashells.

Complimentary water, juices, and umbrellas are provided in the lobby. In the mornings, pastries from Gorgo, a nearby bakery, wind up on your door.

A fine, though shabby, dining room, serving traditional Greek dishes, is the place to go in season for five-course lunches. Room service is also impressive. You should consider booking one of the cozy room-within-a-room suites with private terrace, the most inviting of which (in the shape of a ship’s hull) is the one with the famous copper tub and delightful self-serve cosmetics bar.

Kalo Livadi

A charming place and as soon as you leave the village by foot you are at the magical bay of Kalamos surrounded by small islands. In this village, there is another bay which is close to the village (Livadi), different complex beaches, shops, restaurants and very clean. Obviously the complex of Kalamos is very clean and the seawater there is very clean as well. This is where you find nice hotels and small hotels of Mykonos. The rooms are small but you don’t pay for the room because you have a wonderful view from there, so all the effort goes to the sea. If you sleep there you have a nice sound of waves falling on the shore. If you want to do some relaxation they have some doctors in the area who specialize in beauty treatments. In Kalo Livadi, you can find accommodation for the night but the prices can be higher.

I would suggest that if you are looking for something cheap and a small hotel which is well positioned in the center of Mykonos then I would suggest Kalamos Village area, in a very peaceful position.

Kalamos is a bay on the west coast of Mykonos, in the Municipality of Faliraki. It is surrounded by small islands, one of the most important of which is Kalamos.

Where to Stay in Kalo Livadi

There are many good hotels in Kalo Livadi, the small village that is just south of Agios Thomas beach. We have listed some of our favorite hotels in the area.

The Blue Breeze Hotel is located just 15 minutes walk from the beach of Kalo Livadi. Make your reservations at their website.

This hotel is set on a hillside near to the village of Kalo Livadi and Agios Thomas and has panoramic views of the Aegean and Agistri.

Hotel Blue Sea is also in the village of Kalo Livadi. It is right around the corner from Agios Thomas beach.

Opened in 2009, this hotel is a great choice for opulent rooms with an unparalleled location. Its 60 rooms are spacious with splendid views of the Aegean. Some rooms have balconies.

Just a few kilometers away from the beach, The Star Hotel is located in Kokkinariou, a quiet village in the north of Mykonos. It is 15 minutes drive away from the town of Mykonos.

It has various rooms to choose from with air-conditioning. The rooms are colour-coded to correspond with their character.

Ano Mera

The small village of Ano Mera (literally “1 Roads” – a joke based on its long name) is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a taste of the past life of Mykonos island. The atmosphere here is so very different from anything in the tourist towns of Mykonos, with a main street lined with beautiful Venetian houses.

The beaches around Ano Mera are also wonderful. Try to use one of the beaches in town, as there are only three that actually have enough sand to be usable, and the ones around town are protected by rocky ledges.

Where to Stay in Ano Mera

On the southern part of the island is the resort town of Ano Mera. This is the place you’d most likely have a plan to get back and forth from the airport, and it’s the only place between the airport and the south.

The only place to stay here is Hotel Mnemisis, which is right in the middle of Ano Mera. There are no other hotels on the island this far south, but there is a lot of stuff to do and see in this central location.

The beach is actually not the best beach on the island, but it’s close to everything you need for the day.

There is a small beach bar next to the hotel with chairs and umbrellas, and the water is a nice place to swim and snorkel in the Aegean. The town has some great little fish taverns, a handful of good places to eat, and a small convenience store that carries boat ticket vending machines, food, and beer.

To get to Ano Mera town from the south, you can hire a taxi to pick you up or you can take a shuttle service that takes you from the port to the south beach.


As an island in the Cyclades, Mykonos is very popular among tourists. It’s easy to get to from other islands and Ionia and attracts a number of visitors and tourists daily. Most of the hotels and resorts on the island belong to the Cycladic Hotel Association.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Panormos, Mykonos, look to one of these five hotels.

Ocean Blue Panormos

Right in the center of Panormos, the Ocean Blue Panormos is right near the port where you can watch the yachts go by. There’s a restaurant and a pool with deck chairs.

It’s the perfect place if you want to see and be seen.

Meltropiklini Panormos

As the name suggests, this hotel has some great views. Its rooftop terrace has a spectacular view and a pool with a great view. This is a fitting fit for a five-star hotel and a great hotel in Panormos, Mykonos.

Where to Stay in Panormos

The main town on the island is Mykonos and is famous for its nightlife and magnificent beaches. As you head out to explore the peninsula and other areas, you’re likely to come back to Mykonos for your meals or rest. The town can be quite noisy in high season though. A quieter alternative is the neighbouring town Panormos which is less commercial but with stunning views. It’s the perfect place to stay a couple of days.

Where to Stay in Sougia

For the peninsula and the quieter side of the island, a nice little boutique hotel is worth a look. Both Odeon Hotel and Aparthotel Galini Melidoni promise a quiet stay and are located in historic Sougia.

Where to Stay in Mandraki

Another option worth a look is to stay in Mandraki. The small village has incredible views of the coastline and is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The holiday village Madamari Ilissia is a charming hotel with comfortable, clean rooms, a swimming pool, and excellent views.

Where to Stay in Chora

If you want the town with the tavernas, Chora is the one to visit. Waterfront hotel Atlantis boasts an excellent view and a great pool. A quieter alternative is Hotel Piri Reis, a little further along the waterfront but with a bigger pool.


Paragaon Monolithos, or “Monolithos Square” is one the most picturesque districts of Mykonos. Its name is a reference to photographs which capture the Monolithos church in the most beautiful scenes – the church is a perfect backdrop for many of the photos.

Just off the main street here you will find two of the best bars on Mykonos. “Wild Game” is an underground bar with a reputation for its great music and friendly staff. The other bar, “White Room,” is the most famous one in Greece for its perfect weather, great location and “jam” atmosphere.

At the end of the road, you will find The Old Academy on the main street of Mykonos, “Dimitriou Rigas Street”. In the past it was used as a warehouse and a stable. Now it is a hotel and a host for many of the nightlife events in the city.

Where to Stay in Paraga

The Region of Mykonos

Paraga, Mykonos is is a small island that has just a handful of hotels that are spread out over the island. The town itself is very quaint but also very close to Mykonos town which is just a short boat ride away. The town is full of taverns, cafés, restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops that are great for the locals and you will find many visitors shopping in the market.

If you are on a budget then the town is not for you. Most hotels will set you back over 100 euro per night. However if you really want to experience the little town then you want to stay in Paraga.

The choice of hotels really depends on your budget and expectations. The two recommended hotels are in Paraga, Mykonos, and although not 5 star it is recommended for the locality and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Best places to Eat in Paraga: Paraga, Region of Mykonos

The best restaurants in the area are all within walking distance of your hotels or public transport or a short boat ride from Mykonos town. The best restaurants in Paraga are the Tasca, which has a great selection of Greek and international cuisine, the Loukoumades Café with great cappuccinos and the Chez Kerry which has a fusion of Greek and French cuisine.

Agios Sostis

This town is 35 minutes by boat from the port of Syros. It is a peaceful, adorable little coastal village with 500 year old houses and a really nice atmosphere.

San Giannis

San Giannis is a small fishing village of 30 houses on the southern slopes of Mount Abramos. At the top of the hill, several of these houses have become a hotel, restaurants, shops and a taverna, all under one roof.

In San Giannis, you can enjoy the charm of a traditional Greek-Cypriot village in an area of outstanding natural beauty with a view of the Aegean Sea, the island of Syros, and the islands of Antiparos to the east and Poros to the north. It’s a great place for hiking and nature lovers!


Hapsari means “airport” and has its own airport, but I don’t think that’s the reason people end up staying in this town. Hapsari has many, many good hotels and is a great place to stop for the night on the boat from Athens to Mykonos or to spend the night if you are sailing to the islands.

Where to Stay in Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is a small seaside town in the far southwestern corner of the island. It has excellent beaches and a peaceful vibe. There are a variety of places to stay, from hostels to hotels and even villas. Rooms and apartments can be found throughout the season, though it’s best to make reservations in high season.

There are also plenty of restaurants with a wide array of choicest of dishes, but it’s best to book ahead since it’s a small place. The town of Velos is a short walk from the center. There is a butcher in the center and the town’s main square, 87527, is quite lively. There is a bus stop in front the hotels and another in the center of town.

Agios Sostis is very popular with backpackers and many hostels are located here, if you’re looking for a more social stay in Mykonos. Hotel rooms are available for as little as 100-130€ a night. If you’re looking for a quiet spot while you explore the island, Agios Sostis is a great spot.