Where to Stay in Naples: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

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Map of the best places to stay in Naples

Hotels in Naples are everywhere and in every price range. You can choose among a variety of resort areas, from a luxurious condo near the beach to a boutique hotel in a historic art district. A popular and centrally located resort is Naples Royal Towers, which provides direct access to the beach community on the Gulf of Mexico.

A pricier option is Fairmont Naples Grande Island, a separate resort hotel just a few blocks from the Royal Towers, which is closer to the city.

In addition to hotels within Naples, you can also choose among beachfront accommodations along with Florida’s “Long Beach” or “Coastal Drive” barrier island towns that include Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island. You can also kick back and enjoy life at a condo or beach house.

Another popular neighborhood is Little Italy/Citrus Hill, with its waterfront location and charming boutiques. Enjoy a vibrant tour of colorful shops, restaurants and live music. Dine in one of the historic downtown Victorian-style homes, or head to Bayfront Park for beautiful views and waterfront dining.

Historical Center

This area of Naples is home to the historical center. It is a great place to be to get a glimpse of what Naples was like in the 17th and 18th century. Many of the streets and buildings have been restored to the way they looked back in those days.

What’s here?

Places of interest:

  • Royal Palace
  • Palazzo Reale
  • Capodimonte Museum
  • Rocco Forte Forum
  • Church of Pio Monte
  • Church of Santa Lucia
  • Church of Santa Teresa
  • Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore
  • Church of San Salvatore
  • Kuri of San Domenico Maggiore
  • Borgo Marinaro
  • Vomero
  • Vomero Hill

Like you can see in the picture, the Vomero is also called Vomera or the American village by the locals. It’s a beautiful area that’s home to many wonderful restaurants and cute shops.

If you’re not staying in the historical center area, but want a night or two working Venice before or after you visit, consider staying at one of the many lovely hotels in Vomero.

Where to Stay in Centro Storico

There are numerous accommodation options in Centro Storico, the historical area of Naples. >If you arrive in the early evening, it’s a good idea to head over to the Centro Chiaie area near Piazza Carita, which is great for sightseeing.

Accommodation near Piazza Carita

The nearest to Centro Chiaie is the Hotel Ruggero (0108 21 61 61), right in the heart of the city. It is a small hotel, which has air conditioning, and is typically very quiet. The room fit three people comfortably.

This hotel is run by a single family, but it used to be a family home, so it has a nice atmosphere. The rooms were nice and clean and the staff was helpful. We felt comfortable from the moment we got there and enjoyed our hotel stay.

The price was good and the location was pretty good; all in all, a great place to stay.

If Centro Chiaie is too far away, the Hotel Quisisana (000 420 291) is another good option. This hotel is run by a foundation that has been responsible for giving work to many Neapolitan artists over the years.

In the old location the hotel used to be someone’s apartment; the building is still home to many artists.

Quartieri Spagnoli

Away from the hustle and bustle of central Naples, in the residential area Quartieri Spagnoli, you can relax in il Goggles Hostel. Guests can take a dip in the communal pool or enjoy the rooftop lounge featuring outdoor furniture and a hot tub. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi, and they also have private parking for guests.

Located nearby are one of the city’s biggest landmarks, the Chiesa del Gesu, and the Galleria Umberto I where you can enjoy some of the best shopping on the continent.

Next to the hotel is an area known as “the spot” where major Italian football matches are broadcast live on giant screens; this popular sports bar area also features an open-air restaurant.

If you’re craving a club scene, you’ll find a huge selection of bars and clubs near the hotel … and still with in walking distance from it.

Where to Stay in Quartieri Spagnoli

Naples Best Neighborhoods

The Quartieri Spagnoli is the most magnetic and seductive neighborhood in Naples. It is full of vibrant colors and vibrant, friendly people. It is not just a place to stay and eat, it is a place to live. In this neighborhood, you can walk the streets at night and enjoy the local rhythms.

The streets are wide and the sidewalks are cobblestone. Shops and cafes line these streets.

This is the heartbeat of Naples and where restaurants, charming churches, and historical houses meet to make one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Bars, pubs and restaurants are everywhere. You will have no problem finding the perfect place to eat and drink. The streets are so packed, in fact, that you would be hard pressed to find something open, and that’s if you could even find a place to park.

Because of its European influence, you’ll find a wide variety of people at every corner. Every roof and balcony throughout the Quartieri Spagnoli is covered with flowers. It makes the neighborhood look like a flower garden.

Strolling around the Spagnoli can take hours, as you will likely find a place to eat or drink at every corner.

You could plan a whole day of visiting the soccer game, the beach, and every cafe and restaurant in the neighborhood. This is Naples!


Chiaia is a peninsula area on the coast of Naples and one of the more upscale neighborhoods in the city. It offers plenty of dining options, as well as shopping, art and culture, and of course, the beach. As mentioned, hotels could be found here, but if you’ve come to Naples for the food and nightlife you should probably stay away from hotels as they are generally not the most exciting.

Hotel Cesari

Located in a neo-Renaissance building on the historic heart of Chiaia, this 4-star hotel offers both a restaurant and cafe which are great places to relax and people watch.

Hotel Palazzo Franco

Although small in size, Palazzo Franco offers an interesting location and excellent service.

Hotel Flavio

The Hotel Flavio often flies under the radar and is a great option if you want a unique experience. Offering rooms and apartment suites, Flavio is a bit of a secret gem in the heart of the city.

Where to Stay in Chiaia


Where to Stay in Posillipo

The Posillipo district of Naples is regarded as one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas of the city. In the summer the area is just flooded with tourists, who flock here to enjoy lush parks and beaches and a stunning view of the bay.

The only rivals to Naples’ historic center in terms of the number of landmarks are Rome and Venice, so it’s no wonder that the area is a popular tourist destination.

Especially popular with foreigners are their several forts ringing the peninsula, overlooking the sea. Some of them date back to the Roman period, while others were used by the Spanish during their rule.

A prime activity for tourists is the nightly lighting of the hill in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. In addition to the surrounding churches, the historic quarter also features a cathedral and the forum of the Roman city.

A fascinating aspect of the historic quarter is the network of streets, paths, and alleyways that have survived for centuries, along with their colorful names, which are sometimes influenced by emigration in Italy.

Among the most popular attractions of the area are the sanatorium of Santa Lucia, the tomb of San Domenico Maggiore Church (which is also the patron saint of the new neighborhood), and other churches such as San Ponziano and San Sebastiano outside the walls of the peninsula.

Around Central Station

If you are staying in the heart of the city, the best neighborhood to stay at is around the Naples Central Station.

This area is the hub for the city’s life and shops, restaurants, and a colorful historic district. In this area you will find the historical Italian neighborhood of Centro Storico, Piazza Plebiscito, the central opera house, and the Castel a Mare.

In the area you will find the famous Ketty Under the Blues and Via Medina with its many boutiques and fancy eatery goodness.

The touristic areas of Pineta and Santa Lucia are also close by.

Amenities include the beach and three large parks.

Where to Stay around Central Station

When staying in Naples, central station is the location to stay if you are interested in visiting much of Naples. The area is home to many of Naples’ most famous landmarks, including Sophie’s, Papa Gayo’s, and Whole Foods Market. The area is mainly comprised of apartments and hotels. Most tourist attractions are within walking distance and many amenities, banking, shopping and food courts are located within the area.


Vomero is a great neighborhood to stay in if you’re visiting Naples. It is located a few miles away from the city center and offers an amazing view.

While it is the quietest neighborhood in Naples because of its seclusion from the city center, there are some great restaurants and cafes to visit even if you just feel like enjoying the view of the bay.

The University of Naples Federico II is also located within this area, which is a great way to spend part of your day sight-seeing,.

Vomero is a great walking neighborhood because most of it is flat and makes for an easy stroll through the neighborhood.

If you would prefer to have a car to access all of the neighborhoods amenities, you can find a few nice apartments to stay in at the nearby area known as Marina Del Cantone.

Where to Stay in Vomero


The best neighborhoods in Naples are located a little bit off of the main city and is mostly quiet. This is probably one of the best neighborhoods for location if you are looking for a place that is not near the hustle and bustle of the city center. Overall it is a great choice if you are looking for an intimate time with the typical old world country feel.

The attractions in Vomero are few but high quality. There are a few hotels offering a great stay while visiting. Most of these hotels can be accessed from restaurants and diners that offer great meals and ingredients to create new ones. The best walkable restaurants in Vomero are those in Piazza Galvani and Furore. The atmosphere in these restaurants is great for people looking to socialize and make new friends or just enjoy the food and atmosphere.

The Vomero neighborhood is home to a few other great, locally owned and operated Italian restaurants. Vomero restaurants also have a great selection of wine. You can enjoy the local delicacies as well as those dishes you have never had the chance to try before. Accessible from Via Chiaia and Via Matteotti is the Grazie restaurant. The best restaurants in Vomero will give you a taste of the traditional, yet still modern Italian cuisine.

Port of Naples

Port of Naples is the best neighborhood for most people. If your hotel rooms are accessible by boat, you should consider staying here. We have stayed in the Port of Naples many times, and it is a great place for several reasons.

The breeze from the Gulf of Mexico is constant.

It’s the most convenient neighborhood for everything. The beach is a five-minute walk from your hotel, and there are dozens of great restaurants, shopping, and bars within walking distance.

You’ll spend most of your time outside of your hotel. It’s not the tiniest neighborhood but it is a great place to stay. Many of the walls along the streets have murals painted on them.

Where to Stay around Port of Naples

The Port of Naples is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Naples. Established in 1996, Port of Naples is a popular residential area for people from Naples, Naples Shores, and Immokalee.

While it is not a very creative name and the area is not the prettiest in town, as far as suburban areas go, it has its fair share of space and is relatively affordable for families and people living on a budget.

Featuring high clearance docks, this area is commonly used by shallow water sailors as well as the deep water fisherman. The big draw to this area is the outstanding marina.

There is also a fishing charter industry, which means that there are many waterside restaurants and bars.

Spend some time here early in the morning to get the best experience of the local fishermen in their water transport. Even if you don’t fish, it’s an interesting walk through the marina where you can see the work of the fishermen to bring in the catch.

The biggest disadvantage of this area is that there are not a whole lot of places to stay, if that’s what you’re looking for. There are some hotels and motels in the area, but this is certainly not the kind of place that you can fall in love with the first time you drive through.