Where to Stay in Naxos: Best Towns & Hotels

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Map of Naxos

Best Towns & Hotels

Naxos is a giant island (about 170 km’s in length), located between the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands in Aegean Sea.

Naxos is most well known for the archaeological remains in the island of Naxos. The island is also known as an artistic centre and a centre of crafts and arts.

The best cities to stay in Naxos are Naxos and Agios Gordios. You will find the best towns on Naxos to stay in are the towns of Kalithea, Pythagoreio and the town of Pollo. Here is a map showing you the best towns to stay in and hotels to stay in on the island of Naxos.

Naxos City

Naxos City is the largest urban center of the island of Naxos. It is also the main port of the island. Naxos town has a rich history as the capital of ancient Naxos. It is by far the most modern and developed of all the locations on the island.

Naxos city’s main attraction is its Medieval town center built in 1528. Inside the cobbled streets, you will find ancient well preserved mansions, restored churches and many other buildings of the mid-16th century. The center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

That’s not all, Naxos town has a water park, an open air theater and numerous other interesting attractions to explore.

Everything of interest of Naxos city is located within walking distance. The town is easily accessible and you can get by without a taxi or rental car, you may however opt to buy a parking spot on the side of the street for a reasonable price.

Where to Stay in Naxos City

Hotel of the Greek ClubNaxos, Greece.

This old town hotel has been around since 1940 and has a personality all of its own. It’s located in the very heart of Naxos City, and is just a stone’s throw from the city’s largest shopping center.

The Hotel of the Greek Club is a small-scale intimate hotel with a restaurant, colorful rooms, and spacious hotel’s garden which is open to the public.

The hotel has around 20 rooms, all of them in different shapes and styles, and many of them with a fantastic view over the bay of Naxos.

You can make your reservation on the Hotel’s official website and get the best rates on the island. Even without an Internet connection, you can make a reservation by using their phone line.

This ancient village hotel is famous for its beautiful restaurant and for its great location. It’s found on the corner of the main street of Naxos and the ancient harbor.

The beach of Naxos is only 100 meters from the hotel, and the Old Harbor is 200 meters away, which is a walk that takes only 10 minutes.

The Hotel of the Greek Club offers only 120 rooms, with simple yet comfortable decor and all of them in different shapes and styles.

Agia Anna

Naxos: Best Weather All Year Round

Agia Anna is the prime beach destination in Naxos. The aptly named Agia Anna is an expansion of the town of Mylos, itself named for a colony of nuns. The archaeological museum here contains relics from the ancient Minoan civilization, whose people left behind the vast majority of the island’s ancient finds. Agia Anna’s harbor allows for direct, year-round access to the Ionian Sea in the mainland, with sun-kissed beaches dotting either side of the harbor. Agia Anna is home to one of the island’s two exclusive port clubs, a large main square with the island’s main church and a small hippie population.

The lovely Agios Georgios, a port town on the west coast offering stunning and ever-changing landscapes, is home to the island’s largest harbor. You’ll find beachfront restaurants and all the commerce you need here. The municipal plaza is a popular setting for outdoor concerts and events. This side of the island is joined by a causeway to the neighboring Amorgos, an island with a more wind-swept and arid landscape.

Where to Stay in Agia Anna

The closest town to Naxos from where you land is Agia Anna.

If you’re a luxury traveler and want a respite from the hustle of the larger capital, a stay at a hotel or boutique villa in the more sleepy seaside town of Agia Anna is your best choice.

Agia Anna is a centrally located paradise town that many tourists visit when they decide to go on an island getaway. It’s a little smaller town that still boasts a large beach and several sandy coves along the coast. If you’re looking for a bit of tranquility with the amenities of a large city, Agia Anna is the ideal choice.

One of the best things about Agia Anna is that you can also get yourself to the capital in as little as 30 minutes.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios, literally meaning Holy Father, is a picturesque town that is situated at the foot of picturesque Mount Chortiatis, in close proximity to the 18th century Lord Byron’s mansion, T.C. Kephissiva, where this great romantic poet married his wife.

Positioned near the picturesque village of Agia Triada, Agios Prokopios is a cozy tourist town.

You will find a variety of hotels and pension options in Agios Prokopios designed to accommodate your budget and needs. The most prestigious hotels to stay in, whether you are looking for a place to combine business and pleasure, are the “The Hellenic Hotel” and “The Nauplion Palace.”

Agios Prokopios is the ideal place for a quick holiday that will not be forgotten. The island of Naxos is a place that offers a wide variety of activities to partake in. There is a bus service that operates from Agios Prokopios to the villages of Psiloritis and Lapantania, for those who want to sample some of the activities on offer in this spectacular region.

Where to Stay in Agios Prokopios

  • Hotel Nea
  • Beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. Located in the center of the island. 5 stars
  • Great breakfast, spectacular peacocks. 3 stars
  • Nice lobby, good breakfast. 2 stars
  • Naxos Palace
  • First class bar, resturant, service, rooms. 5 stars
  • Nice bar, restaurant, pool, lobby, service. 3 stars
  • Home Hotel
  • Basic, clean, with a good breakfast. 2.5 stars

Plaka Beach

Plaka is the main historical center of Naxos Island. It has a picturesque ancient harbor lined with Venetian style low and sheltered cottages. At the foot of this harbor lovers hide away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island.

In the center of Plaka there are many cafes that offer great views of the sea. Next to the port is a small harbor that is home to many small boats and water taxis. Across the street is the old town of Plaka, site of the ancient city as well as the Byzantine Museum.

The ancient ruins at the Olympic stadium are the most impressive of all the archaeological sites on Naxos. The precise arches and other remains that can be seen are the work of many different builders.

Naxos town is located in the center of the island and remains of ancient buildings cover the city street. The Mylos Square, is the heart of the Naxos town and the most beautiful part of the city. A lower Venetian point, it is the perfect place to rest and refresh.

Where to Stay in Plaka Beach

Naxos Town.

Plaka Beach is a tiny and quiet town of Naxos Island. It is located in a panoramic position at the west of the island. It is one of the most popular areas of Naxos, a place of excellent accommodation, shops, cafes and cafes, while there are no bars, nightclubs.

Plaka Beach is a small tourist town located at the north of the island of Naxos.

It combines the best of the urban center, sea, and nature. The beautiful and antique old houses of Chora and the fishery harbor of Agios Georgios are located at the east of the village.

It is located in a unique and optimal position for respite and relaxation. The tranquility of the city and the cleanliness and freshness of the sand and the sea and the water make it a perfect destination for those seeking a slow pace and relaxing vacations, following a healthy lifestyle, taking care of your body and stressing less.

The sea is phenomenal – crystal clear and inviting. The warm and delightful temperature of the water and the sand that feels buttery soft makes Plaka beach the place to go to relax away on a Naxos beach.

Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla is a village with a population of 150 and is the most popular entrance to the National Park of Santorini. There are a number of hotels in Mikri Vigla, but the village is also the preferred choice of accommodation for people who would like to stay away from the busy capital of Naxos.

The closest town to Naxos is the larger village of Tholos where you can find accommodation that better suits your needs and budget.

If you want Naxos beach and the tranquility of the national park, Mikri Vigla is the best option.

Naxos Town – Stay Out

Although close to the capital of Naxos, the town itself is not considered a tourist attraction. Naxos town has tourist amenities, but for the most part, the town is commercial with little to offer to the average tourist.

There are a number of places that tourists can visit to have a good time in Naxos. Megalochori beach, the best beaches in Naxos, is only minutes away by car and Naxos Town Center also has a number of shops, cafes and restaurants.

However, because of the crowd that gathers in the center, it is better to stay away from it at night if you want to eat in peace.

Where to Stay in Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla is a small hill town within the Naxos municipality, with a population of some 5,000 in over 7,500 acres. It is about six miles (10 km) northwest of the island capital, Naxos Town, and is the capital of the Thyamida district on the island. Like many of the other towns and villages on the island, it has many tourists who come to enjoy the beaches and old Venetian buildings.

Vlychos – The town’s main attraction is the traditional Vlychos, which is a large and beautiful central square with either a large Catholic church or big town hall, a number of old houses and some shops and restaurants.

Posioneri – The nearest beach is the Anavatos (Full of swimmers), which is to the east and is ideal for families with kids. The main road through the village, Palio Port, is the main breeding ground for fruit bats.

Mikri Vigla is also a major Tourist Resort, especially during the summer months.It is the base for those wanting to experience Naxos’s light aircraft flights while on holiday. It offers unique views of the island, especially the interior valleys.

Kastraki Beach

Kastraki Beach is a small beach on the northern coast of the island of Naxos, Greece. It is located approximately 5 km from the town of Naxos and 20 km from the town of Volissos.

It serves as a popular gateway to Mylopotas, which lies at the southern edge of the island of Naxos. It is commonly used as a beach resort for relaxation and sunbathing. Swimming is also popular amongst tourists and inhabitants of the island.

There is some infrastructure (docks, cafes, restaurants, etc) near the beach. Rented motorboats or kayaks can also be found for hire.

Where to Stay in Kastraki Beach


Kastraki beach, with its bright and sunny clear water, is located on the northwestern part of Naxos. Specifically, the village of Kastraki lies to the east of the island’s capital, Naxos town.

It is a beach that is popular by day and especially in the tourist season. The blue waters and the pleasant climate are great incentives for many visitors and the unique atmosphere of the area makes it a valuable destination. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos and the entire Cyclades.

The beach is on the northwest coast of the island of Naxos, which has a length of 5 kilometers and a width of 2.5 kilometers.

It is also a beach with a lot of history and tradition. For this reason, the villagers of Kastraki are very proud of their village and its history.

For those who are tired after long walks along the sandy beach of Kastraki looking for the perfect place, you may choose to stay at one of the many hotels or inns that are located in the area.

The most comfortable and modern facilities available have also contributed to the rapid development of the area and its rapid growth in tourism.

The position of the facility makes it an ideal starting point from which to see the great sights of the area and visit the traditional villages of Naxos.

Stelida Beach

Town property 34, rooms, € 40.

These rooms are ideal for those travelling by car. The hotel offers all rooms with private bathrooms. For more authentic accommodation, all of these rooms have balconies with sea views. Beaches and seafood are readily available.

The best things to see and do in this beauty spot are: the Magic Pine, a pine tree that has been struck by lightning and is wreathed in its own cloud, the port of Megalo Vouno, the small bay and the hill with the Olive Tree and the underwater cave “The Cardinal” which is worth diving in.

It is linked to the sea by a small shipyard and other holiday-makers arrive by sea. The town is thus well supported as the tourist facilities allow the customer, with some local shops, private houses and hotel ’s providing accommodation, shops, banks, shops and other services.

Where to Stay in Stelida Beach

Towns: The most popular beach resorts.

Do you want to stay right on the beach? You can find that place in Stelida in Lambi, Stelida Beach, Stelida Aspronisi, Vathi Mos, Stelida Avlaki and Agia Efthymia.

Where to Stay in Porto Katsiki (Gastra), The best hotels and villas using HD satellite images and live camera views.

Porto Katsiki is a quaint resort well suited as accommodation for a relaxing holiday, but also for those who love nature and like active holidays, to visit its nearby beaches and beaches.

Where to Stay in Vathi

Vathi is a coastal village settlement in the area of Naxos with all the necessary services for the needs of the modern traveler. Many of the hotels rooms and apartments have a wonderful sea view. Some of the most well known hotels are The Karavostasi, Vathi Beach and Golden Beach.

Where to Stay in Agia Efthymia

Agia Efthyma is a small, beautiful, peaceful town, hidden in a small bay, with a privileged location. It is known for its wonderful beaches and is surrounded by a lush forest, are ideal for lovers of the outdoors. The streets are lined with prosperous color, filled with shops selling local products, for local residents and visitors.