Zlatni Rat in Bol – Croatia’s Most Beautiful Beach

Martina Rosado
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The Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, a small town on the coast of Croatia, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The name, which translates to “Golden Ram”, aptly captures the perfect golden hue of the sand.

In the summer months, the beach is shortened by the high annual tourist rate of 2 million people, but you can always head to nearby Plitvice Lakes National Park which holds the record for world’s largest number of waterfalls.

The only disadvantages to spending a day at Zlatini Rat are the sandy paths that make the walk to the water difficult for wheelchairs and the need to share the water with hundreds of sea otters.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, an inselberg-studded wonderland kept in pristine condition by the surrounding mountainous landscape, contains a staggering 16 glimmering lakes with waterfalls in dozens of different shapes and sizes.

Since receiving UNESCO World Natural Heritage status in 1979, the Plitvice Lakes have become a nature lover’s paradise.

So don’t just hit the beach in Croatia; experience its natural wonders too.